I loved you so much
but it turned to hate
You're sorry?
well, its just a little too late

Happy memories
are only a sour stain
left on my heart
causing all this pain

I see your smile now
the one that began it all
the only difference is
into it I no longer fall

I gave you my heart
every single broken piece
and you put it back together
for a while, at least

You said i was beautiful
my laugh made you smile
you shared feelings with me
that you hadn't felt for a while

I called you my Angel
you were amazing, yet Humble
you brought me back to my feet
after that last stumble

But you became someone else
not the same person I loved
and your love for me
you suddenly got rid of

Sometimes I see your smile and think
maybe there's some love for you that did last
but then I remember everything
And I must let it go, it is in the past