Was it quite as cold when I left you?

Was the sun your lover or mine?

Sometimes I can't think straight

I can't think straight all the time

I could feel a cold draft

That came from you

I must have given it to you

In poetry less is more

But I can't stop typing broad words

Long lines

I've too much to say

No time

I hate the way I can't see the keyboard anymore

My eyes are so slit that only vague shapes and memory are getting me through

I hate to be the one to say this but I love you

I hate to be the one to cry over you

I know you hate that

So hurry, push me away

I miss the cold

I miss missing hope

I miss mirrors and smoke

A kiss is too much to bear

I can't bear it


Tell me to hurry


Was it always this warm?

Did I always want to touch you?

You'll be gone in a year or so

So why does this feel like my last chance?

I'm sorry if I'm pressuring you

I'm the biggest fool of all, really

I speak in paper tongues

Tongues you'll never see

I try to touch you with my eyes

I wonder how you lips feel on mineā€¦

But I'll never know

I get nothing done

All the time

Your piano is driving me mad

I want to see you play

In the gray of the rain

Cold ?

You don't say

But yes,