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A Light Forgotten:

Setting and Characters: (All Japanese Translations are provided by Rabukurafuto. They are much appreciated).


The story is set in the war-torn land of Astraeia (アストレア Asutorea), a continent that is home to five kingdoms of note. They are as follows.

The Holy State of Archerd (聖州アーチャード (せいしゅうアーチャード) Seishuu Aachaado): a fairly small theocratic state occupying the furthest East reaches of Astraeia. It is run by the Pope of the Holy Semiran Church, Bardrick Teo. It's capital is the Holy City of Bogdona. It's mostly desert climate, with only costal areas and those along the powerful Brigantia River being fertile. The population is very devout. There is a large gap between classes, most of the citizenry being rather poor despite the overall affluence of the state. It has very strong ties with Maytland and is currently at war with Corliss.

Cities/towns/locations of importance:

Bogdona (ボグドナ Bogudona): The holy capital. Second most populous city in Astraeia. A very beautiful city that is home to the higher ups in the Semiran faith, including the pope.

The Papal Palace (教皇宮殿 (きょうこうきゅうでん) Kyoukou Kyuuden): Home to the pope. A lavish palace, considered a very holy place.

Cathedral Melozza (メロッツァ大聖堂 (メロッツァだいせいどう) Merottsa Daiseidou): A cathedral built in honor of Melozza, the "angel of music"

Thayne (セイン Sein): city in South Archerd. Home to Cathedral Melozza.

Caerwyn Cathedral (カールウィン大聖堂 (カールウィンだいせいどう) Kaaruwin Daiseidou): A cathedral built in the honor of Caerwyn, the "angel of love"

Caradog (カラドッグ Karadoggu): city in East Archerd. Home to Caerwyn Cathedral.

The Basilica of Athanasius (アタナシウス聖堂 (アタナシウスせいどう) Atanashiusu Seidou): The greatest church in all of Astraeia; construction is said to have started shortly after the fall of the Ancients. It rests at the heart of Bogdona.

Fontane (フォンターネ Fontaane): A moderate sized town in southwest Archerd.

The Empire of Maytland (メイトランド帝国 Meitorando Teigoku): The largest of the kingdoms of Astraeia, it covers the majority of the west of the continent. It is ruled by Empress Berengaria, an intelligent, doll-like child. It's capital is the impenetrable fortress city of Bellarmine. It's almost completely flat in terrain, and very fertile. Known far and wide for its fearsome army of magically inclined soldiers. A fairly affluent nation, there is nevertheless still a large gap between the commoners and the nobility. Allied with Archerd. At war with Corliss.

Cities/towns/locations of importance:

Bellarmine (ベラマイン Beramain): Capital of Maytland. The fourth most populous city in Astraeia. It is surrounded by thick fortress walls. The city is built around the imperial palace. With the focus on defense, even entering and leaving the city can be hard at times.

Irvyn (アーバイン Aabain): a small farming village in the North/central part of Maytland. It was one of many villages totally destroyed in a calamity that occurred 14 years ago. It's since been rebuilt. As it's roots were upheaved back then, it is inhabited primarily by younger people now. It's a quiet, peaceful village. It's greatest treasure being the "legendary" maiden who works the local tavern.

Colton (コルトン Koruton): a village slightly larger than Irvyn, located nearby.

Ackerlea (アッカーレア Akkaarea): The largest city in the North/Central region of Mayland. Holds the home of viscount Ashton as well as the regional military office.

Norwyn (ノルウィン Noruwin): A mid-sized city in North Maytland. 14 years prior to the story it was wiped off the map; the epicenter of the Heaven's Purge Miracle which became known as the Norwyn Calamity.

Culley (カリー Karii): a small farming town in South from which Felim hails. The war has displaced the residence.

The Kingdom of Corliss (コーリス王国 (コーリスおうこく) Kourisu Oukoku): The second largest kingdom of Astraeia, it occupies the Southern reaches of the continent, up into the center. It is ruled by the handsome and charismatic but brutal and iron-fisted King Arcellius. The beautiful city of Ceinwen is the capital. Terrain wise, the upper half is flat and green like Maytland. Further south it becomes more rocky and forested and then opens up into the unscalable Garnock Mountains. King Arcellius instigated war with Archerd and Maytland in declaring the Semiran religion false and making the practicing of it in Corliss a punishable crime. At the same time he has begun mass research into the Relics, peculiar artifacts left behind by the doomed Ancient Astraeians, which are regarded by the church as cursed.

Cities/towns/locations of importance:

Ceinwen (セインウェン Seinwen): The capital of Corliss and the third largest city in Astraeia. A very beautiful city built on the south eastern coast. Holds the royal castle and the elaborate homes of many nobles.

Royston (ロイストン Roisuton): A mid-sized city in west Corliss. Mayor Swinburne is the elected official in charge of the city. It is in the domain of Baron Fisk. A fairly average city of means.

Norward (ノーワード Nouwaado): A city in far East Corliss. A large farming community with a very healthy marketplace.

Cairne (ケイアーン Keiaan): A small village in the far southern reaches of Telford's March.

The Garnock Mountains (ガーノック山脈 (ガーノックさんみゃく) Gaanokkusanmyaku): Some of the highest mountains in Astraeia. Phoenixes are said to nest at their peaks.

Royal University of Corliss (王立コーリス大学 (おうりつコーリスだいがく) Ouritsu Kourisu Daigaku): A large school located in Ceinwen. Said to be the best school in the world. Only for the elite of the elite.

The Kingdom of Rainier (レイニア王国 (レイニアおうこく) Reinia Oukoku): A fairly sizable kingdom to the north. A mercantile kingdom relying on trade with it's neighbors, it has not taken sides in the war. It is ruled by the aged warrior King Everad, though being a constitutional monarchy, his control is minimal, most policy being dictated by an elected parliament. The capital is the massive trade city of Hallberg. It has a very large coast, and is thoroughly varied in terms of terrain, having forests and mountains all rich with resources. It is not hard to make money in Rainier, so division of wealth is more even then anywhere else. However, crime is very rampant. Pirates, thieves, smugglers and con-artists sometimes seem to outnumber honest men and women. it's rough, but an ideal environment for adventures.

Cities/towns/locations of importance:

Hallberg (ハルベルク Haruberuku): the capital of Rainier and the most populous city in Astraeia. A very busy trade hub with never a quiet moment. Crime is fairly rampant. Holds both the royal castle and the parliament.

Monsters' Nest (怪物の巣 (かいぶつのす) Kaibutsu no Su): a large forest covering a good part of Vernell. Full of dangerous beasts. Ruled over by a demon. Usually avoided.

Hanley's Pub (ハンリーの居酒屋 (ハンリーのいざかや) Hanrii no Izakaya): A popular hangout for adventurers in Hallberg, owned by Calder Hanley.

Tarrent (タレント Tarento): a bustling port town in West Rainier; filled with pirates.

Big Fish Tavern (ビッグ・フィッシュタヴァーン Biggu Fisshu Tavaan): A tavern in Tarrent with sexy waitresses, According to Eirwen Fenix, their oyster stew is "like heaven".

Harkan Island (ハーカン島 (ハーカンとう) Haakantou): A island on which a dangerous ruin is located. Pirate Captain Eoghan Newall chose it as the location to hide his greatest treasures.

Montayle (モンテイル Monteiru): A small town situated about halfway between Hallberg and Tarrent.

The Kingdom of Vernell (ヴァーネル王国 (ヴァーネルおうこく) Vaaneru Oukoku): A large kingdom occupying the North east part of the continent, going down deep into the center. It's covered in forests, the northern half of the kingdom is very barren and mountainous, the far reaches of it being covered in snow year round. As such it's a sparsely populated kingdom; though third largest in terms of land, it has by far the least people. It is also easily the poorest nation, the gap between rich and poor being small if only because no one is particularly rich. It is ruled over by the fair and beautiful Queen Sybella and her council of trusted advisors. The capital is the city of Chermona, the only real defined city in the kingdom. Many years ago, it was the heart of the Ancient Astraeian civilization, but after their demise, the lands have been deemed by the Church as cursed. Almost no one lived in the region for centuries, fearful of the curse. Eventually the land began to be reclaimed, in part by foreigners who came to it from faraway lands. The land still lacks resources and is particularly brutal. It has chosen to stay out of the conflict. That said, Corliss has a definite interest in the kingdom, as it contains more Ruins then any other region.

Cities/towns/locations of importance:

Chermona (チャーモナ Chaamona): the capital of Vernell. A decent sized, if somewhat sleepy city in the South. Holds the royal palace.

Blagden (ブラグデン Buraguden): a virtual ghost town in north Vernell. Known only for its nearby ruins, Blagden's Hell.

Blagden's Hell (ブラグデン地獄 (ブラグデンじごく) Buraguden Jigoku): formally known as the Blagden Ruins (ブラグデン遺跡 (ブラグデンいせき) Buraguden Iseki). A 100 level spire descending deep underground. Filled with vicious monsters. No adventurer has reached the bottom. Less than five have made it out alive after walking in. Famed as the most dangerous place in all of Astraeia.

Faramond (ファラモン Faramon): A town of some note in central Vernell. Profits off the nearby Ruin.

Faramond Ruins (ファラモン遺跡 (ファラモンいせき) Faramon Iseki): a massive labyrinth. As Ruins go, it's one of the favorites of adventurers. It holds a plethora of challenges, but it's not as demanding as some, and it's still full of treasures. No one has completely mapped it out yet due to it's size.

Albinet (アルビネ Arubine): a small, poor town on the Rainier border, nestled in some mountains. It snows most of the year. There is no church, but there is a small inn.

Mt. Eirwen (アイアーウェン山 (アイアーウェンさん) Aiaawensan): A mid-sized mountain in South Vernell, on the border with Archerd. Though its far south of the snow lands of Vernell, the abundance of ice pixies has the mountain conspicuously snow covered year round.

Unknown/other locations:

Agnethe (アグネッテ Agunette): The village Diyanira claims to be from. She says it no longer exists.

Marsden's Workshop (マースデンの工房 (マースデンのこうぼう)

Maasuden no Koubou): A mage's workshop on an isolated island in the very middle of the ocean, It is in the middle of a mid-sea ridge the waters about which are quite dangerous. It was the destination of Volker Osman on his year long voyage with the Tempest Pirates.

The Western Continent(西大陸 (せいたいりく) Seitairiku): a continent to the west of Astraeia. Slightly smaller than Astraeia. The people there are less civilized, lacking any sort of real technology. Many different names are used for the continent.

The Eastern Continent (東大陸 (とうたいりく) Toutairiku): Far to the east, further from Astraeia than the Western continent. Thought to be larger than Astraeia. Better organized than the West with more military force, and abundant in natural resources.

The Kingdom of Rannick (ラニック王国 (ラニックおうこく) Ranikku Oukoku): the kingdom against which the Great Holy War was fought, ruled over by Demons. Eventually destroyed, its cities obliterated by Athanasius' Heaven's Purge.

Lumari: One of the names for the Western Continent. Also the name of a tribe that lives there.

Key terms:

Ancients (古代種 (こだいしゅ) Kodaishu): A very advanced people who occupied Astraeia over a thousand years prior to the story. They were wiped out entirely by some unknown catastrophe. According to the Church, they were destroyed by God as punishment for overstepping their bounds with their decadence.

The Divine Church of Semira (セミラ神教会 (セミラしんきょうかい) Semira Shinkyoukai): The sole notable organized religion that has survived for any length of time in Astraeia. Ran by the Pope. Founded in Worship of the Divine Prophetess and miracle worker Semira, said to have been an incarnation of God, who warned the Ancients of their ignorance and offered them wisdom of how to escape their fate. When instead of listening, the Ancients executed Semira, according the Church, God decided to eradicate them. The few who had listened to Semira were spared death, and collected the word she spoke into two books, the Holy Scripture and the Divine Word, before coming together to build a new civilization.

The Holy Scripture (聖典 (せいてん) Seiten): The Holy Book that forms the basis of the Church of Semira. It is based on the lessons taught by the prophetess Semira to her followers.

Divine Word (神言 (しんげん) Shingen): A collection of verses, claimed by the church to be originally gifted to man by Semira, that serve as incantations. If read with a Catalyst in hand, various "Miracles" can be achieved. This includes commonly but is not limited to powerful light based attacks, healing, and various types of shields. All non-Marked humans can use Divine Word with a proper Catalyst, though some have more potency with it then others. It is more difficult to master then the similar Magic, though it's more advanced miracles are more powerful then the more advanced spells.

Miracle,s (奇跡 (きせき) Kiseki): supernatural affects achieved through Divine Word. Very similar to magic. See Miracle list for details of individual miracles.

Catalyst (触媒 (しょくばい) Shokubai): An artifact imbued with light by an Angel. It is needed for humans to perform Miracles. The strength of the Catalyst depends on the strength of the Angel.

Relics (遺物 (いぶつ) Ibutsu): Artifacts left by the Ancients. Devices well beyond the capabilities of humankind at their current level of technology. Some can even allow normal humans to harness Magic. Working Relics are hard to find outside of the Ruins.

Ruins (遺跡 (いせき) Iseki): Destroyed Ancient structures. Typically house Relics. Said to be cursed by the Church. Attract the attention of less god fearing adventures and the Corlissian Military.

Replicas (複製品 (ふくせいひん) Fukuseihin): Modern reconstructions of Ancient technology. Very rare, and typically when successfully made not a strong as the original Relics. king Arcelius of Corliss is determined to make them more commonplace.

Magic (魔法 (まほう) Mahou): the ability to manipulate things in ways they cannot naturally be manipulated. This includes the elements, the human body and even monsters. It can only be used by Demons, monsters and Marked humans. Magic is split into three types; attack, defense and support. A magician specializes in one type intrinsically, though learning spells of the other type is possible. Magic is further split into six elements: Fire, Earth, Darkness, Thunder, Wind and Water/Ice. A spell caster is incline toward one element, which is called their primary element; they can use two others, which are their secondary elements. For more info, see the Spell list.

Spell Primers (魔力プライマー (まりょくプライマー) Maryoku Puraimaa): chants in monster tongue said before spells by expert spell casters. Greatly increase the power of spells.

Baumer's Disease (バーマー病 (バーマーびょう) Baamaabyou): A dreaded disease with no cure. The body weakens and soon leaves one bedridden. The internal organs quickly fail. Death follows quickly. Most die in less than a week from contracting the disease. How it spreads is unknown. It is not contagious. Cases seem almost random. it's named after one of the first doctors who researched it. It's very name strikes fear in the hearts of even the strongest of men.

Legendary Class Weapons (伝説級武器 (でんせつきゅうぶき) Densetsukyuu Buki): 12 weapons famed within the adventurer crowd. Their value is priceless. A skilled adventurer will recognize any of them on sight.

Fenris Fang (フェンリスファング Fenrisu Fangu): A Legendary class weapon. A small white dagger. It's made from Snow Dragon fang and reinforced with rare metals and materials and then indued with powerful ice magic. Reputably created by a peerless magician.

Domain (ドメイン Domein): A territory of land over which a demon has dominance. The majority of monsters in this territory have pledged themselves to the demon, allowing themselves to be controlled.

Mage Killers (魔道士殺し (まどうしごろし) Madoushigoroshi): A specific type of monster that specializes in combatting magic users, usually by blocking and/or draining their magic power.

The War of Dragons (ドラゴン戦争 (ドラゴンせんそう) Doragon Sensou): A war between Corliss and Maytland twenty years prior to the story. A half successful power grab by a greedy Maytland that greatly reshaped their they took heavy losses, Corliss eventually managed to fight Maytland off until a peace was drawn up.

The Norwyn Calamity (ノルウィン災害 (ノルウィンさいがい) Noruwei Saigai): A disaster 14 years prior to the story. Explained away as being a series of horrible fires, in truth it was the result of Wren Pandra being pushed beyond a breaking point, unintentionally unleashing the miracle Heaven's Purge. Several hundreds were killed as Norwyn and the surrounding areas were reduced to nothing.

Project Rose (ローズ計画 (ローズけいかく) Rouzu Keikaku): A classified, failed Corliss military project. Said to pertain to human experimentation. It's failure is said to be the reason Arcelius ultimately set his eyes on Arnou for the Everand Randale job.

The Replica Project (レプリカ計画 (レプリカけいかく) Repurika Keikaku): A Corliss military research initiative to develop replicas. Results so far have been less than satisfactory.

Project Revivify(リヴィヴィファイ計画 (リヴィヴィファイけいかく) Rivivifai Keikaku): A Corliss military research project to restore the armored giants of the ancients to working order. It has so far proved a failure.

Augmenters (オーギュメンター Ougyumentaa): a type of relic that can be used by non-marks to simulate magic. Prolonged use is rather physically taxing. More complex means of attacks beyond burst attacks typically aren't possible, nor are defensive spells.

White Phoenix (ホワイトフィーニックス号 (ホワイトフィーニックスごう) Howaito Fiinikkusugou): The large, sturdy pirate ship of the Tempest Pirates. Named after the object of its captain's affection.

Newall's Gold (ニューウェルの宝 (ニューウェルのたから) Nyuuweru no Takara): The legendary treasure hidden by pirate captain Eoghan Newall at Harkan Island. No one knows exactly how much it is.

Combination Magic (配合魔法 (はいごうまほう) Haigou Mahou): A rare form of magic that can only be used by very accomplished mages. Two or three elements are combined to create a greater effect. Regarded as one of the three so called Master Arts.

Angel Slavery (天使奴隷(てんしどれい) Tenshi Dorei): a despicable underground trade. Wealthy individuals with power complexes, who relish the thought of owning a more powerful life form, offer obscene rewards for infant angels obtained usually by women who entertain male angels. When the infant angels reach maturity, if they haven't already been killed or killed themselves they will usually kill their "master" and escape. Only when the masters have proper safeguards in place does the captivity last. Catalysts are sometimes made by slave angels to turn a profit. The most famous angel slave is Mahalia, who lasted just under 100 years in captivity. The practice is highly illegal and a grievous sin. Anyone caught involved in it shall be put to death by the church.

Athansius Catalysts (アタナシウスの触媒

(アタナシウスのしょくばい) Anashiusu no Shokubai): The most powerful of all catalysts, made by the legendary angel Athanasius himself. He will make on every 400 years and never before that. Thus, only five exist. One is passed from Semiran pope to Semiran pope. One has been lost. One is housed in a museum of invaluable artifacts in Bellarmine. The other two pass hands constantly, anyone who goes after them usually ending up dead before long.

Enlightened Era (EE) (昭代 (しょうだい) Shoudai): the current era of the Astraeian calendar, started by the pope Arcelio the Great. The current year is 1369 EE.

Dark Era (DE) (暗代 (あんだい) Andai): the era lasting essentially from the fall of the Ancients until the end of the Great Holy War. A time marked by great chaos and little technological or artistic development as well as constant fighting.

Ancient Era (AE) (古代 (こだい) Kodai): the era in which the Ancients lived. No one really knows how far back it goes, but it ends with the fall of the Ancients 2113 years before the story.

Book of the Purge (消去の書 (しょうきょのしょ) Shoukyo no Sho): A book of the Holy Scriptures added by Arcelio the Great over 700 years after the rest of the Scriptures are written. A direct reflection on The Great Holy War, it condemns demons and the marked.

The Great Holy War (大聖戦 (だいせいせん) Daiseisen) : a war lasting over 200 years, from 505-712 DE. it was between Archerd and a now non-existant kingdom called Rannick which went against the Church by starting it's own religion. It was ended by the efforts of a young Pope Arcelio and the Angel Athanasius.

Moon Dancer: The first ship of the Tempest crew. Small and old, it was disbanded pretty readily after their maiden voyage.

Master Arts: A term used by mages to refer to three particular applications of magic: Combination, tranformation and enchantment.

Enchantment Magic: One of the so called master arts. In using it a mage can force a magical spell's effect to become permanent within in some artifact.

Enchantment Artifact: an item or perhaps even place or being that has had enchantment magic used on them.

Transformation Magic: the rarest of the so called master arts. In using it a mage can alter the actual physical make up of something either inorganic or organic.

Golems: statues which have been animated and in some cases even created with magic. In most cases they are short lived, but with enchantment magic they can last forever until destroyed. They are not actually alive.

Red Victoria: The pirate ship of the Bloody Serpent Crew.

Necromancy Arts: A collection of spells involving manipulation of dead bodies and souls. By their nature, most of the arts are enchantment or transformation spells, so mages who can perform them and wish to are very rare. The spells are banned by all human societies in Astraeia

The Song of Hope: An opera penned and composed by Klaus Waltham, detailing the story of a young girl finding romance on the battlefield of the Great Holy War. The Grand Opera Company and the angel Melozza agree that this should be the biggest show they've ever had.


Adventurers (冒険者 (ぼうけんしゃ) Boukensha): more an occupation than a group, though there is some order among them that puts Gwayne Garron as the de facto leader. Individuals located mainly in Rainier who ignore conflicts like the war in favor of chasing treasures and Relics, slaying monsters, and taking on other assorted jobs. Among adventurers, there are fighters, Relic users, mages and priests and combinations of the four.

Maytland Magic Knights (メイトランド魔法騎士 (メイトランドまほうきし) Meitorando Mahou Kishi): The powerful army of Maytland. It if made up solely of Marked humans. Babies possessing the mark are seized by the government. They are raised in a military run facility for the sole purpose of being disposable soldiers. Their strength is to be feared.

The Ninth Squad (九番隊 (きゅうばんたい) Kyuubantai): One of ten squads of greatly varying sizes within the Magic Knights. Headed by Captain Leandra Noland. Has a somewhat unsavory reputation due to the overly destructive Cathan Muierdach and has thus been kept out of active duty in the war.

Archerd Paladin Corps (アーチャード聖騎士軍団 (アーチャードせいきしぐんだん) Aachaado Seikishi Gundan): The knights of the Church. All of them are ordained priests as well as skilled fighters. Small in number, but a force to be reckoned with.

Corliss Assassination Squad (コーリス暗殺分隊 (コーリスあんさつぶんたい) Kourisu Ansatsu Buntai): Commanded by Hewett Proctor. A small group of soldiers within the Corliss military who specialize in assassinations and espionage.

Corliss Royal Guard (コーリス王室の近衛兵 (コーリスおうしつのこのえへい) Kourisu Oushitsu no Konoehei): A small group of elite soldiers hand picked by Arcelius to act as his personal defense unit. They are said to be chosen from the very best warriors in the land. Aloisia Hendrik, often said to be the strongest woman in all of Astraeia, is their leader.

Corliss Research & Development (コーリス研究開発 (コーリスけんきゅうかいはつ) Kourisu Kenkyuukaihatsu): Commanded by child genius Teagin Medora. A group of research scientists who's chief concerns are repairing and maintaining existing Relics, and overseeing the Replica project, through which Replicas are being made.

Corliss Army (コーリス陸軍 (コーリスりくぐん) Kourisu Rikugun): Commanded by Cleve Erksine. The proper force of Corliss. Soldiers largely armed with Relics and some Replicas. Quite formidable.

Corliss Grand Council (コーリス大評議会 (コーリスだいひょうぎかい) Kourisu Daihyougikai): The inner circle of Arcelius. Includes the heads of the four wings of the Corliss military and his mysterious chief military advisor, Beliar.

The Tempest Pirates (テンペスト海賊団 (テンペストかいぞくだん) Tenpesuto Kaizokudan): A widely known, widely feared pirate crew serving under pirate idol, Rhodanthe Tempest, the so called queen of the seas.

The Bloody Serpents (Bloody Serpents: ブラッディサーパンツ海賊団

(ブラッディサーパンツかいぞくだん) Buraddi Saapantsu

Kaizokudan): A ruthless and widely feared pirate crew lead by Conant Tandy.

Maytland Imperial Navy (メイトランド帝国海軍 (メイトランドていこくかいぐん) Meitorando Teikoku Kaigun): It's own body under the Maytland crown, mostly separate from the Magic Knights, though Marks are sometimes used to fill out their numbers. In peace times, the Navy is active on exploratory voyages, interested in Maytland's overseas interests.

The Chapel Wind Pirates: The crew of Captain Rickard Louvel. Once the largest and most widespread of all pirate crews. Split up upn the captain's death.

Archerd Grand Opera Company: The most lavish and well regarded opera company in all of Astraeia. Even in war times, their shows create massive buzz. The opera house is located in Bogdona, but the company mainly operates out of Thayne. It is backed by the Angel of Music, Melozza, and unbeknownst to the public, all profits go to fund her schemes against the Archerd establishment.

Spell List:

Blood Slicer (ブラッドスライサー Buraddo Suraisaa) - Attack type, Dark element, S Rank: A very powerful attack spell. Can only be used when the spell-caster is bleeding profusely.

Restore (リストア Risutoa) - Support type, Dark element, C Rank: A spell which forcefully closes wounds by crudely applying magical energy.

Fire (ファイア Faia) - Attack type, Fire element, F Rank: the most basic fire element spell. Produces a small fire.

Water (ウォーター Woutaa) - Attack type, Water element, F Rank: the most basic water element spell. Produces a small amount of water.

Pure Inferno (ピュアインフェルノ Pyua Inferuno ) - Attack type, Fire element, B Rank: a large pillar of super hot flame erupts quickly from the ground before the caster then dissipates.

Conceal (コンシール Konshiiru) - support type, Dark element, C Rank: grants temporary invisibility to whoever it is casted upon.

Summon Familiar (サモンファミリアー Samon Famiriaa) - support type, element depends on caster, ARank: summons a familiar. The familiar depends on the caster.

Wind Carry (ウインドキャリー Uindo Kyarii ) - support type, Wind element, D Rank: creates a strong upward breeze that breaks the fall of who it's casted upon, carrying them to a safe landing.

Icicle Blade (アイシクルブレード Aishikuru Bureedo) - support type, Ice element, B Rank: creates a large ice sword out of object held by the caster.

Hell Pillar (ヘルピラー Heru Piraa) - Attack type, Fire element, S Rank: A pillar similar to Pure Inferno is fired by the caster. It will follow its target until it hits something.

Shield of Flame (シールドオブフレイム Shiirudo obu Fureimu) - Defense type, Fire element, A Rank: creates a large flaming shields. Shield dissipates as time passes or it absorbs attacks.

Lightning of Judgement (ライトニングオブジャッジメント Raitoningu obu Jajjimento) - attack type, Thunder element, S Rank: an intense lightning strike rains down repeatedly upon a target, smiting it completely if undefended.

Dark Arrow (ダークアロー Daaku Arou) - attack type, Dark element, B Rank: turns the user into an invisible blade, granting them a protected quick attack.

Dark Barrier (ダークバリア Daaku Baria) - defense type, Dark element, A Rank: user is momentarily shrouded in dark energy, making them immune to anything for a few seconds.

Shadow Transport (シャドートランスポート Shadou Toransupouto) - support type, Dark element, S Rank: user is reduced to dark element. They can then transfer themselves instantly to anywhere within a certain radius (dependent on their magical energy). Having been to this location prior is a requirement.

Sound Amplify (サウンドアンプリファイ Saundo Anpurifai )- support type, wind element, C Rank: increases the sound of ones voice several fold for a limited time.

Rain of Fire (レインオブファイア Rein obu Faia)- attack type, fire element, C Rank: a wide area fire attack spell that causes fir to rain down from the sky. Damage is greatest on the outsides of its circular range. Powerful, but unwieldy. Used mostly for intimidation, as actually hitting a specific target with it is a matter of luck.

Wind Forge (ウインドフォージ Uindo Fouji) - support type, wind element, B rank: adds a wind effect to a weapon for a few attacks which can add projectile push back or add shear speed to an attack depending on how the wielder uses it.

Clothing Change (クロージングチェンジ Kuroujingu Chenji)- support type, earth element, A rank: An advanced support spell that reduces fabric to earth energy and then reshapes it into a familiar shape. Clothing to be used in such a fashion must be cataloged by the caster using a secondary spell.

Illusionary Form (イルージョナリーフォーム Iruujonarii Foumu) - support type, dark element, B rank: A dark spell that warps space around the target and makes them be seen in a different way. Prolonged use takes up a lot of magical power an weakens the caster.

Glacial Spire (グレイシャルスパイア Gureisharu Supaia) - attack type, ice element, B rank: a quick but powerful ice attack. An icy spike is summoned below the target, impaling it.

Tempest Cleaver (テンペストクリバー Tenpesuto Kuribaa) - attack type, wind element, A rank: a single hit wind attack that forms a blade of wind that can slice through almost anything with ease

Wind Step (ウインドステップ Uindo Suteppu) - support type, wind element, C rank: a useful wind support spell that gives the target a single burst of incredible speed. Invaluable for setting up quick attacks.

Absolute Freeze (アブソリュートフリーズ Abusoryuuto Furiizu) - attack type, ice element, A rank: a spell that freezes the opponent solid. it takes an incredible amount of magic power and concentration to perform perfectly.

Flame Forge (フレイムフォージ Fureimu Fouji) - support type, wind element, B rank: adds a fire effect to a weapon for a few attacks which can add projectile flames or sustained fire to an attack depending on how the wielder uses it.

Ice Shell (アイスシェル Aisu Sheru) - defense type, ice element, A rank: encases the user in icy battle armor, upping their defenses.

Explosion Flare (エクスプロッションフレア Ekusupurosshon Furea) - attack type, fire element, A rank: creates a sudden massive fiery explosion. Intense, but single hit.

Flame Image (フレイムイマージュ Fureimu Imaaju) - defense type, fire element, A rank: caster is replaced by a double comprised of flames. He is then transferred a short distance away.

Frozen Shield (フローズンシールド Furouzun Shiirudo) - defense type, ice element, C rank: creates a handheld ice shield. Can be used as a ram.

Silencer (サイレンサー Sairensaa) - support type, wind element, B rank: temporary stops sound from leaving a specific target area.

Blizzard Force (ブリザードフォース Burizaado Fousu) - attack type, ice element, B Rank: A prolonged blast of concentrated sub-zero wind is fired at the enemy.

Lightning Forge (ライトニングフォージ Raitoningu Fouji) - support type, lightning element, B rank: adds a lightning effect to a weapon for a few attacks which can add lightning strikes or lightning energy to an attack depending on how the wielder uses it.

Dark Forge (ダークフォージ Daaku Fouji) - support type, dark element, B rank: adds a dark effect to a weapon for a few attacks which can make the weapon invisible or add dark energy to an attack depending on how the wielder uses it.

Frozen Shelter (フローズンシェルター Furouzun Sherutaa) - defense type, ice element, B rank: erects a thick ice dome over the target, protecting them but limiting their movement.

Arrow of Darkness (アローオブダークネス Arou obu Daakunesu) - attack type, dark element, A rank: dark energy is concentrated into a single projectile shot. Penetrates armor to only attack living flesh.

Flare Burst (フレアバースト Furea Baasuto) - attack type, fire element,C rank: a short burst of fire is unleashed all around the caster. Bad range, but quick and decent power.

Arrow of Wind (アローオブウインド Arou obu Uindo) - attack type, wind element, A rank: wind energy is concentrated into a single projectile shot. has a strong push back effect.

Earthen Wedge (アーセンウェッジ Aasen Wejji) - defense type, earth element, B rank: a wall of earth is erected between the caster and the target.

Storage Rift (ストレージリフト Sutoreeji Rifuto) - support type, dark element, C rank: can be used to reduce material items to dark energy so as they can be called upon at a later time.

Great Avalanche (グレートアヴァランチ Gureeto Avaranchi) - attack type, earth element, A rank: massive chunks of earth are transported from somewhere nearby to above the targets head. gravity is then allowed to take over.

Electric Cannon 9エレクトリックキャノン Erekutorikku Kyanon) - attack type, lightning element, S rank: a supercharged prolonged beam of electric energy is fired by the caster. It can be moved and aimed and lasts for several minutes.

Earth Doll Replacement (アースドールリプレイスメント Aasu Douru Ripureisumento) - defense type, earth element, S rank: The caster switches places with a previously prepared earthen doll. A skilled mage will make a realistic doll which looks as much like them as possible. The doll can be remotely controlled until it is destroyed.

Earth Forge (アースフォージ Aasu Fouji ) - support type, earth element, B rank: adds a earth effect to a weapon for a few attacks which can make the weapon heavier (for added force) and/or add extra sharpness to an attack (for penetrating blows) depending on how the wielder uses it.

Curse of Petrification (カースオブペトリフィケ-ション Kaasu obu Petorifikeeshon ) - support type, earth element, S rank: Curse magic usable only by demons. Transforms human flesh to a stone like matter. The target is not actually killed.

Thunder Crash (サンダークラッシュ Sandaa Kurasshu )- attack type, thunder element, A ran: a single powerful thunder strike is summoned over the head of the target.

Gates of Displacement (ゲイツオブディスプレイスメント Geitsu obu Disupureisumento ) - support type, dark element, S rank: a spell that opens a gate to take in an incoming projectile attack. The caster can then open a second gate where they please. The attack continues from this spot.

Lightning Enhance (ライトニングエンハンス Raitoningu Enhansu) - support type, thunder element, A rank: A spell which imbues the target with thunder energy, increasing speed, power and other abilities.

Image Replicate (イメージレプリケート Imeeji Repurikeeto) - support type, dark element, B ran: creates images of the caster. More images can be cast with more magic power used.

Arrow of Lightning (アローオブライトニング Arou obu Raitoningu) - attack type, thunder element, A rank: lightning energy is concentrated into a single projectile shot. it is majorly destructive.

Earth Pillar (アースピラー Aasu Piraa) - support type, earth element, B rank: the earth directly beneath the casters feet is raised as far as the user's magic energy will allow. Good for reaching high places, but the caster should make sure s/he has a way down.

Soften (ソフテン Sofuten) - support type, earth element, D rank: a basic earth spell, that softens rock and earth structures, allowing them to return back to the ground. Used mainly to cancel wall spells like Earthen Wedge. Other spells are generally used if you want to create a hole or some mud to trap your enemy.

Dispel (ディスペル Disuperu) - support type, dark element, D rank: a basic dark spell, that dispels any sort of effect brought upon by another dark spell.

Ultimate Cyclone Slasher (アルティメットサイクロンスラッシャー Arutimetto Saikuron Surasshaa) - Attack type, combination element (thunder/water/wind), S rank: an immensely powerful attack spell unique to Rhodanthe Tempest. Three types of magical energy are compressed into a blade. This blade can slice through most anything. It also has a strong blow back effect.

Spacial Sound Projection (スペーシャルサウンドプロジェクション Supeesharu Saundo Purojekushon) - support type, dark element, A rank: A spell which creates a disc which acts as a rift in space through which sound may be projected to anywhere else in the world. Ideal for communicating with someone far away.

Rock Spear (ロックスピア Rokku Supia) - attack type, earth element, B rank: Almost the exact same as earth pillar, except with harder rock and a point on the end. Meant to impale a target. Good for a quick attack, but as it hits only a single point it's relatively easy to avoid.

Hell Cleaver (ヘルクリバー Heru Kuribaa )- attack type, fire element, A rank: an amped up version of flame forge which causes massive flames to come out of a weapon. Unlike flame forge, it can only be used on one's own weapon.

Downpour (ダウンポア Daunpoa ) - support type, water element, D rank: a weather effect spell. Causes moderately heavy rain to occur for a short time.

Shadow Cage (シャドーケージ Shadou Keeji ) - defense type, dark element, A rank: creates a barrier all around a set space. Virtually nothing can get through.

Monster Summons (モンスターサモン Monsutaa Samon )- support type, element is the same as caster, S rank: a demon only spell. The master demon is able to instantly summon any monster which has pledged itself to the demon.

Mighty Rock Blade (マイティロックブレード Maiti Rokku Bureedo ) - attack type, earth, B rank: a heavy blunt sword of rock is formed for the user to wield as they wish. The caster should ensure they are able to actually lift the resulting sword before attempting to master the spell.

Dark Catapult (ダークカタパルト Daaku Kataparuto ) - support type, dark element, A rank: A spell which can only be used on an ally and not on oneself. Transports the ally instantly to before the enemy. They are given a few seconds of still time to do as they please.

Rockfall (ロックフォール Rokkufouru) - attack type, earth element, C rank: a quick attack spell which makes a number of different sized rocks fall over the head of the target for a few moments.

Magma Lancer (マグマランサー Maguma Ransaa )- attack type, combination type (Earth/Fire), A rank: spears of lava pierce the target from all directions. Pierces and burns. Hard to defend against.

Dark Chains (ダークチェインズ Daaku Cheinzu ) - defense type, dark element, B rank: chains of darkness restrain the target. They are difficult to break.

Blast Torrent (ブラストトレント Burasuto Torento) - attack type, dark element, A rank: a powerful attack spell. A dark cloud is formed out of which innumerable shots of dark energy are fired like bullets. The shear number can break most any defense.

Dark Barrier (ダークバリア Daaku Baria) - defense type, dark element, C rank: a basic dark defense spell. Erects a simple barrier of dark energy. Can be done quickly to buffer an attack.

Flash Stun - defense type, lightning element, C rank: a simple curst of bright light is formed. This can be used effectively to blind opponents.

Hawk Eye - support type, wind element, B rank: a spell which heightens someone's sight several times.

Fireball - attack type, fire element, B rank: created a mid sized fire projectile that is launched forcefully at an enemy.

Miracle List:

Ultimate heal (アルティメットヒール Aurtimetto Hiiru) - A Rank: quickly heals even grievous wounds.

Memory Cleanse (メモリクレンズ Memori Kurenzu) - B Rank: completely removes selected memories from all within the target circle. Intended to remove trauma from the memory of the troubled.

Heal (ヒール Hiiru) - D Rank: the most basic of miracles. Restores wounds

Sleep (スリープ Suriipu) - D Rank: allows the person it's casted on to find a peaceful sleep.

Pain Disperse (ペインジスパース Pein Jisupaasu) - C Rank: nulls all pain momentarily but does not heal the cause.

Light Barrier (ライトバリヤ Raito Bariya) - A Rank: a barrier if formed by the reader that only he may disperse. Nothing can get through. Keeping up several instances at once is draining.

Divine Wave (ディヴァインウェーブ Divain Weebu) - S Rank: pure destructive holy light surges out of the reader, sweeping over all around. Hard to tame, but one of the most powerful offensive Miracles.

Heaven's Gift (ヘヴンズギフト Hevunzu Gifuto) - A rank: fills the target with heavenly strength, greatly increasing all their parameters for a set amount of time.

God's Wrath (ゴッズラース Gozzu Raasu) - A rank: a heavenly fist slams into the target, causing a single hit of massive damage.

Sacred Stun (セイクリッドスタン Seikuriddo Sutan) - C rank: brings the target to a sudden momentary halt. Does no damage.

Heaven Purge (ヘヴンパージ Hevun Paaji) - SSS Rank: lost legendary Divine Word. An explosion of raw unstoppable holy light that destroys all it touches, leaving nothing. It's range is massive; proportional to the raw power of the user.

Holy Shot (ホーリーショット Hourii Shotto) - C Rank: A simple blast of divine light. A basic attack miracle.

Godly Saber (ゴッドリーセイバー Goddorii Seibaa) - S Rank: massive sword of pure light is formed. An incredibly devastating attack.

Angelic Wing (アンジェリックウイング Anjerikku Uingu) - A Rank: the caster grows wings composed of light. Can be used for short bursts of high speed flight. Requires very large amounts of spiritual energy.

Rain of Life (レインオブライフ Rein obu Raifu) - B rank: healing energy rains down over a wide area, restoring energy and healing minor wounds.

Healing Barrier (ヒーリングバリア Hiiringu Baria) - B rank: an area based healing spell like rain of life. It can heal more than that spell, but takes longer. It's area is also not quite as wide, healing only those in a small circle.

Evil Purge - A rank: a spell which rips apart undead bodies, reducing them to ash. Vital for battling necromancers.


Humans (人間 (にんげん) Ningen): Normal human beings. They can read divine word, but cannot harness magic without the aid of relics. Typically average in terms of abilities, though it varies. They are varied in appearance, with many hair colors possible, as well as a variety of skin tones.

The Marked (烙印者 (らくいんじゃ) Rakuinja)/Cursed (呪われた者 (のろわれたもの) Norowareta Mono)/Chosen (選ばれし者 (えらばれしもの) Erabareshi Mono): Humans born with a star shaped mark somewhere on their bodies. These humans cannot read the Divine Word and are instead able to naturally use magic. The church identifies magic and the Mark with Demons and calls the Marked Cursed. They are treated differently from kingdom to kingdom. In Maytland, when a Marked child is born, they are taken from their families. They are raised with other Marks to become soldiers. The Maytland army is comprised exclusively of Marks, all of whom are raised this way. They are looked down upon as disposable non-humans there simply to fight Maytland's wars. In Archerd, the Marks who are born are typically simply shipped off to Maytland. Sometimes however they are just killed upon birth. In Vernell, having the Mark is seen by the majority as being a good thing. Marks are allowed to be full members of society and often reach the highest positions. I some circles they are called the Chosen there. In Rainier, it's also a generally positive thing. Rainieran adventurers understand the strength of magic, and typically like to have it on hand, so Marks are sought after for practical purposes. In Corliss, where humans using relics are capable of magic regularly, the Mark is deemed irrelevant. Roughly 15% of humans are born Marked.

Demons (魔族 (まぞく) Mazoku): winged Humanoid creatures with an affinity for monsters and great skill at Magic. More powerful then Marks. Cannot read, and have a weakness against Divine Word. Said to be from another world, only a handful exist in Astraeia, most living among and ruling over monster tribes. They can reproduce with humans, but the chance of another demon being born is less then 5%. If a non-demon human is born from such a coupling, it is always Marked. Some can disguise themselves as human.

Angels (天使 (てんし) Tenshi): beings strikingly similar to demons but with a few key differences, they have an affinity for Divine Word and cannot command monsters. Their wings are also more similar to bird wings, while the demons wings are more like a bat. Revered as servants of god as humans, some have come to live among them and exploit this. Only a handful exist in Astraeia, most are enshrined and pampered inside the more luxurious of churches, used by priests to produce Catalysts. Said to originally be from another world. Like demons, they can reproduce with humans. Again, only 5% of the time will another Angel be born. But if a human is born it will never be Marked, and in fact will have a great affinity for the Divine Word. Some can disguise themselves as human

Monsters (怪物 (かいぶつ) Kaibutsu): The broad term for any number of semi-intelligent to intelligent creatures populating the continent. Many varieties exist, some of which are somewhat advanced. They are widely hunted and despised by humans everywhere, even the more humanoid or intelligent of varieties. Rainier and Vernell have the most monsters, but they exist in all regions.

The Undead: monsters created from human remains through the use of Necromancy Arts. Intelligence, mobility and behavior depend on the strength, complexity and nature of the spell used to create them. As Necromancy is a rare, very hard to perfect art, undead are exceedingly rare.


Land dragon (ランドドラゴン Rando Doragon): massive wingless dragon with hard poisoned fangs, razor sharp talons and fire breath. Particularly ravenous. Even the best adventurers struggle with them.

Hell beast (ヘルビースト Heru Biisuto): fierce four legged beasts about the size of a man. Have very large horns protruding from their head and jaws full of hundreds of sharp fangs. Hunt in packs.

Snow Dragon (スノードラゴン Sunou Doragon): a pure white feather-winged dragon with a smooth, sleek appearance. Grow to be gigantic and have lifespans of over 500 years. Posses ice breath. Have gigantic, razor sharp fangs. Only live in furthest north snow caps of Vernell. To be avoided at all cost.

Cerberus (ケルベロス Keruberosu): A large, ravenous dog with three heads. Can breathe fire.

Beast Vines (ビーストバイン Biisuto Bain): plant monsters. Small but found in groups. Have sharp teeth.

Element eaters (エレメントイーター Eremento Iitaa): Mage killers. come in fire, ice, dark, thunder, wind and earth varieties. Large with big fang filled mouths, corrosive saliva, and multi tentacled arms. The tentacles are rubbery and hard to break free of. They enter a mage's mouth and drain them of magic power. Only when they are fully drained, is the mage thrown whole into their mouths. They automatically collect all magic power of their element within the atmosphere. Rare beasts, never found in packs.

Giant Tusked Bear (ジャイアントタスクトベアー Jaianto Tasukuto Beaa): a vicious twelve foot tall bear with gigantic tusks. Though the name doesn't indicate it, it also has rather massive claws.

Armored Gigas Worm (アーマードギガスワーム Aamaado Gigasu Waamu): an enormous breed of burrowing worm monster. It has razor sharp teeth and skin like heavy armor. Surprisingly smart and fast for worms. Likes to cover its prey in sprays of its foul digestive fluids prior to eating them. Usually hunt in pairs. Luckily quite rare, though running into one can spell game over for even seasoned adventurers.

Forest imps (フォレストインプ Foresuto Inpu): weak humanoid monsters bearing crude weapons. Attack in hoards.

Razor-toothed Forest Troll (レザートゥースドフォレストトロール Rezaa Tuusudo Foresuto Torouru): a large humanoid monster with countless sharp teeth. Very hard skin. Slow and stupid, but wickedly powerful

Lesser Blue Fire Dragon (レッサーブルーファイアドラゴン Ressaa Buruu Faia Doragon): a smaller dragon with a long, serpentine body. Armor like blue scales cover it. It breathes blasts of fire larger than it's body. Quite swift.

Giant Blade Hawk (ジャイアントブレードホーク Jaianto Bureedo Houku): a massive bird with a sharp, sword like beak and sharp talons. Despite these, it mostly chooses to attack by beating out sharp, cutting wind gusts with its massive wings.

Razor-jawed Sea Beast (レイザージョードシービースト Reizaa Joudo

Shii Biisuto): A massive sea monster the size of a ship. Has five rows of razor sharp teeth in its jaw. it's tail is powerful, as are its four fins.

Morvyn (モアヴィン Moavin): a massive fur covered giant with oversized arms, a large tail and horns upon its head. They are native to the snowy wilds of Vernell. Slow and stupid, but immensely powerful.

Toxic Sand Devil (トキシックサンドデビル Tokushikku Sando Debiru): a giant lizard with armor like scales. It's the color of sand and can easily blend in to the sand dunes of its home, the Archerd desert. Fierce and deadly, it's greatest weapons are its massive fangs and the venom it can spray from its mouth, which is very deadly.

Gem Scorpion (ジェムスコーピオン Jemu Sukoupion): a very small, very fast mage killer type monster. It has the ability to cloak itself and become completely transparent. As a mage killer, its absorbs magics of the elemental types, or in other words all but dark type spells.

Greater Blue Fire Dragon (グレーターブルーファイアドラゴン Gureetaa Buruu Faia Doragon): the antithesis of its cousin the lesser blue fire dragon. It is a massive winged beast that stands on all fours and mows things over with its powerful tail. Slow and ponderous, but immensely powerful. It's wings are powerful enough to support it for short bursts of flight.

Giant Spiny Desert Lizard (ジャイアントスパイニーデザートリザード Jaianto Supainii Dezaato Rizaado): a close cousin to the toxic sand devil. Unlike that beast, it lacks any sort of venom. it is also bigger, but because its scales are thinner and less heavy, faster. Fairly harmless, it is often tamed and used as a beast of burden.

Ice Pixie (アイスピクシー Aisu Pikushii): tiny creatures with iridescent bodies. They use enchanting magic to ensnare human and other animals and monsters susceptible to cold into the unnaturally cold areas created by their hives. They eat whatever they ensnare once it dies from the elements.

Phoenix (フェニックス Fenikkusu): a firebird with considerable power which inhabit the Garnock Mountains. Famed for its ability to reincarnate itself upon death.

Tyrant Lizard: A gigantic reptile with a long tail, a large head and small arms. Ferocious and swifter than it appears, but relatively dim.

Vampire: A human corpse which has been reanimated using Necromancy Arts. Unlike some varieties of undead, it retains some of its human intelligence, but its brain is clouded by its never sated desire for fresh blood. Quick, brutal, and hard to kill. Even worse, if the starting human body was marked, it may still be able to use its magic.



Name: Eirwen Fenix (エイルウェン・フィーニックス Eiruwen Fiinikkusu)

Japanese Voice: Ayako Kawasumi (Saber in Fate/Stay Night, Chikane Himemiya in Kannazuki no Miko, Reina in Queen's Blade)

English Voice: Monica Rial (Jo in Burst Angel, Miria in Claymore, Kirika Yuumura in Noir)

Race: Marked

Magic Type: Attack- Ice (Fire, Dark).

Home: Rainier

Age: 22

Gender: female

Appearance: Dressed in a long, thick black coat. she has short, spiky silver hair over which she wears a wide brimmed, black hat. A long red scarf is draped around her neck. Light armor is under her cloak. She has pale skin and golden eyes. Her breasts are mid sized and not very noticeable through her cloak and armor, leading many to mistake her as a man. Wears a fencing sword at her side. Average height. Wears dark red gloves and boots.

Likes: reading, adventuring, nature, meat dishes

Dislikes: the Church, Corliss, death, insects, overly sweet foods

Personality: Quiet and hard to approach. Solemn and taciturn, saying little. Cynical and skeptical. Concerned mostly with herself. Spiteful toward the world. Has a slight playfulness to her at times.

Occupation: Adventurer.

Abilities: A first class magician with a plethora of magic knowledge. Has a fine strategic mind and is decent with a sword.

Story: A famed adventurer who apprenticed under a recently deceased, famous magician. Has inherited her master's quest for immortality. Beyond that, her past is marred in mystery.

Name: Wren Pandra (レン・パンドラ Ren Pandora)

Japanese Voice: Minako Kotobuki (Tsumugi Kotobuki in K-On!, Sen Tokugawa in Hyakkan Ryouran: Samurai Girls, Mitsuko Kongou in To aru Kagaku no Railgun)

English Voice: Karen Strassman (Kallen Kozuki in Code Geass, Rider in Fate/Stay Night, Miyuki Takara in Lucky Star)

Race: Angel

Home: Maytland

Age: 27

Gender: female

Appearance: Dresses in an unassuming dress, typically a green one, long and plain. Her hair is very long and pitch black. Her skin has a bronze color and her eyes are a stunning green. She has an ideal womanly figure with very large breasts.

Likes: dreaming, helping others, animals, baked goods

Dislikes: bad people, herself, Winter, green vegetables

Personality: outwardly friendly, compassionate and amiable. Regretful. Self-defeating. Selfless. Hesitant.

Occupation: Waitress.

Abilities: superior strength; flight; mastery of Divine Word; Catalyst making

Story: A girl with a very dark, tragic past shrouded in mystery. She's come to the small town of Irvyn where she works at the local tavern as a waitress. Though there is clearly something more to her than appears, she seems perfectly happy just being a nobody waitress.

Name: Arnou Grosvenour (アルノー・グロウヴナー Arunou Gurouvanaa)

Japanese Voice: Yuu Kobayashi (Mariya Shidou in Maria Holic, Kaere Kimura in Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei, Setsuna Sakurazaki in Negima.)

English Voice: Laura Bailey (Platinum the Trinity in BlazBlue: Continuum Shift, Schrödinger in Hellsing Ultimate, Lust in Fullmetal Alchemist)

Race: Human

Home: Corliss

Age: 17

Gender: male

Appearance: Dresses in a Corlissian military uniform (brown pants and jacket over an armored vest with a cloth hat and long boots and gloves) when in public and almost always women's clothes while on mission (his favorite outfits feature alluring cuts, short skirts, low cut blouses (breast forms are used on occasion) and fancy heeled shoes. He has incredibly long blonde hair. His skin is a soft white and his eyes are a pure blue. Short, thin and naturally feminine. Keeps a number of Relics on his being at all time.

Likes: sex, Relics, killing, art, deserts

Dislikes:corruption, children, sad things, bitter foods.

Personality: sexual, coquettish. Aggressive, violent. Sadistic, cold. Ruminative.

Occupation: Assassin, soldier, mechanic.

Abilities: The top Corlissian assassin. Uses seduction to make his marks, cross dressing to flawlessly seduce any man. He speaks little of his complicated past.

Supporting characters:

Name: Queen Sybella Wardine (シベラ・ウォーダイン女王 (シベラ・ウォーダインじょおう) Shibera Woudain Jo'ou)

Japanese Voice: Aya Endou (Felicia Heidman in Sora no Woto, Miyuki Takara in Lucky Star, Yuuki Minami in Kanamemo)

English Voice: Bridget Hoffman (Yukari Takara in Lucky Star, Ryoko Asakura in The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya, Nia Teppelin (adult) in Gurren Lagann)

Race: Marked

Magic Type: unknown.

Home: Vernell

Age: 29

Gender: female

Appearance: A beautiful woman dressed in a fine, yet fairly simple white robe. Her hair is golden and flows to the ground, having never been cut. She has a full, womanly body and a serious yet kindexpression. Her skin is a mid tan color.

Likes: music, peace, simple food

Dislikes: Corliss, Archerd, Maytland, Rainier, conflict, extravagance

Personality: solemn, sweet. Depressive, yet hopeful things can turn around. Occasionally playful.

Occupation: Queen of Vernell

Abilities: incredible skill at magic.

Story: The Queen of Vernell and also head of their ruling council. Her father was the previous king. She's only been queen for a year. Though there is no discrimination against Marks in Vernell, she is the first Queen or King to ever bear the Mark. Some speculate her mark is the reason Vernell is taking a neutral stance, even as Corlians continue to enter Vernell and loot their many ruins for relics, all the while denouncing the religion that Vernell has come to adopt; they believe the queen can no sooner forgive the way Archerd and Maytland treat marks, and thus has decided to hold Vernell out of the war. In truth Sybella fears for her kingdom, which has neither the manpower or resources to fight a full scale war. Fair and beloved by most that come to know her, she has not completely won over her subjects.

Name: King Everand Randale (エヴェランド・ランデイル王 (エヴェランド・ランデイルおう) Everando Randeiru Ou)

Japanese Voice: Kenji Nomura (Largo Potter in Valkyria Chronicles (anime), Iron Tager in BlazBlue, Yammy Llargo in Bleach)

English Voice: Christopher Sabat (Alex Louis Armstrong in Fullmetal Alchmeist, Chevalier D'Autrich in Kiddy Grade, Vegeta in Dragon Ball Z)

Race: human

Home: Rainier

Age: 53

Gender: male

Appearance: A large muscular man with a full beard. Wears a golden crown over his mostly bald head and expensive robes. His hair and beard are bright red and his eyes are blue. He has a strong expression.

Likes: women, alcohol, shows of strength, meat

Dislikes: complicated matters, small serving portions

Personality: An exuberant and lively man. Strong willed but dim. courageous and affable but altogether simple.

Occupation: King of Rainier

Abilities: He is an unmatched warrior with incredible physical strength.

Story: The king of Rainier. As Rainier is a constitutional monarchy, he hold little actual power. As a prince, he travelled the continent on numerous adventures, making his name as a champion of strength and conviction. He is well loved by his people as a result. As king, he doesnt' actually do much. He resents this somewhat, preferring he could continue to explore the land and challenge himself against monsters, his advisors have to keep him constantly entertained with food, drink and the finest women. As a devout follower of the church and one who equates neutrality to cowardice, he has urged to join the fight against Corliss, but the parliament has gone against this wisdom, believing it most wise to maintain trade relations with both sides.

Name: Pope Bardrick Teo (バルトリック・テオ教皇 (バルトリック・テオきょうこう) Barudorikku Teo Kyoukou)

Japanese Voice: Shouzou Iizuka (Barragan Luisenbarn in Bleach, Nappa in Dragon Ball Z, Keiichi Ikari in Paranoia Agent)

English Voice: Terrence Stone (Grand Maestro Mohs in Tales of the Abyss, Morita in Eureka Seven, Tenerbrae in Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World)

Race: human

Home: Archerd

Age: 64

Gender: male

Appearance: A short, rotund old man with a bald head. He has a very full gray mustache. He wears white robes and a decorated priest's hat. Has cold, black eyes.

Likes: God, control, expensive foods.

Dislikes: Corliss, monsters, marks, the poor, peasant food.

Personality: A haughty and obnoxious man in private, in public he acts benevolent and kind. Ultimately he is simple and god fearing. Has a temper, but is not incapable of love, even if he is sometimes lost as to how best show it.

Occupation: The Pope of the Holy Semiran Church

Abilities: Master of the Divine Word.

Story: The current Pope of the Semiran Church. Something of a power monger. he is overall a simple man though, and a firm believer in the holy doctrine. He upholds the order of the Church to the letter and is violent toward those who question it. He is committed to destroy Corliss outright.

Name: King Arcelius Dargan (アルケリウス・ダーガン王 (アルケリウス・ダーガンおう) Arukeriusu Daagan Ou)

Japanese Voice: Ryoutarou Okiayu (Alucard in Castlevania, Byakuya Kuchiki in Bleach, Bruce Windbloom in My-Otome 0 Sifr)

English Voice: Troy Baker (Schneizel el Britannia in Code Geass, Jin Kariya in Bleach, Abel Nightroad in Trinity Blood)

Race: Human

Home: Corliss

Age: 32

Gender: male

Appearance: A very handsome man with long black hair and a pale complexion. His eyes are a deep green. He dresses elaborate noble's robes, typically black in color, but wears no crown.

Likes: artistic endeavors, relics, beautiful people.

Dislikes: The church, ugly people, classless people, simple food

Personality: A man of great charisma. Strong speaking and upright. Classy and eloquent.

Occupation: The king of Corliss

Abilities: N/A

Story: The King of Corliss. He won immense popularity throughout the kingdom quickly after taking the thronw. Then roughly three year ago, he declared the practicing of the Samiran religion illegal, a crime punishable by fine and imprisonment, and even death if persisted. As his rule became more iron fisted, his popularity did wane, but still many of his fans listened to his mesmerizing words and explanations of sham religion trying to control their lives and decided to fight alongside him, even as he pushed them into a full scale war.

Name: Queen Berengaria Traherne (ベレンガリア・トラハーン女王 (ベレンガリア・トラハーンじょおう) Berengaria Torahaan Jo'ou)

Japanese Voice: Aoi Yuuki (Noel Kannagi in Sora no Woto, Mina Tepes in Dance in the Vampire Bund, Juubei Yagyuu in Hyakka Ryouran: Samurai Girls)

English Voice: Rebecca Forstadt (Kanata Izumi in Lucky Star, Nunnally li Brittania in Code Geass, Iris in Outlaw Star)

Race: Human

Home: Maytland

Age: 13

Gender: female

Appearance: A beautiful, porcelain skinned child with dead eyes. Her hair is long and white. She wears an expensive, elaborate dress and jeweled tiara.

Likes: sweets.

Dislikes: blood, being touched, spicy foods.

Personality: Cold and expressionless. Solemn. Direct. Seemingly uncaring. Moments of intense breakdown. Very intelligent.

Occupation: The young Queen of Maytland

Abilities: none

Story: A tragedy occurred in her youth which ripped her apart emotionally. Her father, the previous king stressed himself over her falling condition, and soon died. She became the new queen. She rules directly, without the aid of an advisor (though the High Priest attempts to advise regardless), much to the surprise of her subjects. But she has proven herself to be a wise ruler and has her people's trust and respect. Many of them love her for her cute doll-like looks.

Name: Gwayne Garron (グエイン・ガロン Guein Garon)

Japanese Voice: Jouji Nakata (Van Grants in Tales of the Abyss, Kirei Kotomine in Fate/Stay Night, Alucard in Hellsing)

English Voice: Scott McNeil (Ali Al-Saachez in Gundam 00, Verrocchio in Black Lagoon, Hohenheim of Light in Fullmetal Alchemist)

Race: Human

Home: Rainier

Age: 33

Gender: male

Appearance: A tan man with long messy brown hair and black eyes. He wears an eyepatch over his left eye and has a finely cropped beard and mustache. Dresses in light armor and a cape, and wears a large blade at his back and a gun type relic at his side.

Likes: women, dominance, alcohol, money,

Dislikes: annoying people, children, nobles, high class food.

Personality: A cruel, imposing man with violent tendencies. Greedy, exploitative and prideful, but cunning. Looks down on women as merely sexual objects.

Occupation: underground ring leader

Abilities: peerless fighter. Knowledgeable of relics.

Story: The "King of the Rainier Underground". A man of strong influence in Rainier, who has gained the respect of adventurers, pirates and thieves alike on his strength alone. Controls a network of thieves and adventurers. In all honesty, having bought out much of the parliament, he has more powerful over the Kingdom of Rainier than the King. He calls acquaintance Eirwen Fenix the one woman he can respect as an equal.

Name: Fawne Hewney (ファウン・ヒューニー Faun Hyuunii)

Japanese Voice: Fumiko Orikasa (Shirley Fenette in Code Geass, Rukia Kuchiki in Bleach, Seras Victoria in Hellsing)

English Voice: Lara Jill Miller (Misao Kusakabe in Lucky Star, Makoto Nanaya in BlazBlue, Scheris Adjani in s-CRY-ed)

Race: Mark

Magic Type: Support- Dark (Wind, Earth).

Home: Corliss (originally Archerd)

Age: 16

Gender: female

Appearance: A young girl with spiky black hair. Tanned skin and hazel eyes. Slight, flexible athletic body. Dresses in fairly simple clothes so as not to stand out.

Likes: Arnou, relics, Corliss, animals, pasta.

Dislikes: the Church, the war, loneliness, really sweet foods.

Personality: A cheery tomboy. Harsh at times, but loving and warm deep down. A bit clingy, though she tries to downplay this aspect of her.

Occupation: Assassin, soldier

Abilities: Magic. Knowledge of relics.

Story: Born in a small Archerd border town, her parents resisted the law and kept her despite her being born marked. Eventually her status was discovered by the Church. Her parents refused to give her up and were killed for it while she escaped. She found refuge in Corliss and was given a chance to live an ordinary life there. She chose of her own volition to enter the Corlissian military when she was young in hopes of going against the Church which had shown her such injustice. She was assigned the role of Arnou's partner. She is in love with him, though he hardly looks at her. She does her best to support him regardless.

Name: Una Grainger (ウナ・グレンジャー Una Gurenjaa)

Japanese Voice: Aki Toyosaki (Yui Hirasawa in K-On!, Tomo Yamanobe in Seikon no Qwaser, Kazari Uiharu in To aru Kagaku no Railgun)

English Voice: Stephanie Sheh (Mikuru Asahina in The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya, Orihime Inoue in Bleach, Hinata Hyuuga in Naruto)

Race: Human

Home: Maytland

Age: 24

Gender: female

Appearance: A very beautiful girl with long red hair. Has a cheerful expression and brown eyes. Very large busted and curvy.

Likes: her family, her home, her friends, cooking, pumpkins.

Dislikes: bad people, war, perverts, really bitter stuff.

Personality: An air headed simpleton with a big heart full of lots of love. Warm and good natured. Forgiving.

Occupation: Waitress

Abilities: none

Story: The wife of a farmer in the small village of Irvyn, with whom she has a five year old daughter and a three year old son. To bring more money into the family, she works as a waitress at the local tavern alongside Wren who she considers a precious friend while her mother watches over the children. Her beauty is renowned in the region, and is said to bring many men to the tavern. She remains oblivious to her minor fame.

Name: Greeley Ashton (グリーリー・アシュトン Guriirii Ashuton)

Japanese Voice: Nobuo Tobita (Clovis la Britannia in Code Geass, The Major in Hellsing Ultimate, Sinistra in Kiddy Grade)

English Voice: Grant George (Vyers in Disgaea, Gilgamesh in Fate/Stay Night, Izuru Kira in Bleach)

Race: human

Home: Maytland

Age: 44

Gender: male

Appearance: a tall man with mid length black hair and a long mustache. Has brown eyes and tan skin. Dressed in fancy noble clothes, with a hat.

Likes: beautiful women, his wealth, getting what he wants.

Dislikes: disrespectful people, commoners, people who stand in his way.

Personality: A haughty womanizer who looks down on others. A cruel man who considers himself to be someone great. In truth, he's obnoxious and really rather stupid.

Occupation: A wealthy Maytland Viscount.

Abilities: none

Story: A life long member of the Maytland nobility. Extraordinarily wealthy. His one joy in life is enjoying the company of beautiful women from throughout the land. When he sets his sights on one that he admires, he becomes determined to have her regardless of whatever it takes.

Name: Volker Osman (フォルカー・オスマン Forukaa Osuman)

Japanese Voice: Norio Wakamoto (Charles zi Britannia in Code Geass, Onsokumaru in Ninin ga Shinobuden, Alexander Anderson in Hellsing Ultimate)

English Voice: Jamieson Price (Kirei Kotomine in Fate/Stay Night, Iron Tager in BlazBlue, Lordgenome in Gurren Lagann)

Race: Marked

Magic Type: Defense- Earth (Thunder, Wind).

Home: Vernell

Age: 53 (at death)

Gender: male

Appearance: A man dressed in a long red coat and hat, with armor underneath the cloak. Wears a heavy sword at his side. Has short gray hair and green eyes. Clean shaven. Looked at least 15 years younger than he was.

Likes: learning new magic, taking on quests, fame, alcohol.

Dislikes: cowards, idiots, tomatoes.

Personality: Incredibly wise, but somewhat brash. Direct. Showy. More kind then he first appears. Somewhat perverted.

Occupation: Magician and adventurer.

Abilities: unmatched magician and expert sword fighter.

Story: A legend of his time. Born in a sleepy village in north Vernell. he started adventuring in his youth and quickly learned a number of powerful spells. He had learned his three spell primers (something most magicians are never able to memorize) by 15. By twenty he was already hailed as a peerless magician. At 24 his legend grew when he broke the record for traversing and returning from Blagden's Hell by over twenty floors, spending over four months in the dungeon. When he was 48 years old he found a 14 year old female child in the middle of a snow storm. He took Eirwen Fenix in as his apprentice. For five years, he trained her in the ways of an adventurer. At 53, three years before the start of the story, he contracted Baumer's disease and died. While alive, his ultimate goal that he worked toward, that he strived for, was a path to eternal life.

Name: Albern Zadoc (アルバーン・ザドック Arubaan Zadokku)

Japanese Voice: Kiyoyuki Yanada (Andreas Darlton in Code Geass, Ginji Matsuzaki in Black Lagoon)

English Voice: Ed Blaylock (Fuhrer King Bradley in Fullmetal Alchemist, Quint in Kiddy Grade)

Race: Human

Home: Corliss

Age: 41 (at death)

Gender: male

Appearance: A distinguished looking gentleman. Black hair, kept short. Short cropped facial hair. Brown eyes. Tanned skin. Well built.

Likes: pretty young girls, the excitement of the battlefield, being seen as someone distinguished, wine.

Dislikes: tyranny, strife, haughty nobles, onion.

Personality: a noble, direct man. Likes to be seen as a friend of the people. Has strong sexual desires. Somewhat masochistic.

Occupation: Confidant to the Corliss Crown.

Abilities: able sword fighter.

Story: Originally a common man, he joined the military and climbed the ranks through years of valorous service. He reached the rank of general. He became a friend of King Hywel and was awarded a noble title of Count, though he chooses not to be referred to as such. He stayed on a confidant to the throne even after the King's passing. He distrusts the new king and his manner of thinking and tried to orchestrate a rebellion. He was assassinated by Arnou Grosveneur on order of King Arcellius.

Name: Diyanira (ディヤニラ Diyaniira) (Nira (ニラ Nira))

Japanese Voice: Eri Kitamura (Saya Takagi in Highschool of the Dead, Alleyne in Queen's Blade, Yui in Angel Beats).

English Voice: Wendee Lee (Faye Valentine in Cowboy Bebop, Haruhi Suzumiya in The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya, Yoruichi Shihouin in Bleach)

Race: Demon

Magic Type: Attack- Thunder (Fire, Dark).

Home: Vernell

Age: unknown

Gender: female

Appearance: An intensely beautiful woman. Her large bust is amplified by the very low cut gothic style dress she wears. Her skin is a soft brown in color and her hair is a silver-gray and rather long. She has red eyes and pointed ears. Her wings are large and pitch black, shaped like the wings of a bat.

Likes: amusing people and things, fighting, pleasure, trying new things.

Dislikes: boring people, holding back, vegetables.

Personality: A very playful and occasionally silly tease. She's smarter and more devious than she appears at first glance. When she gets serious, thing around her tend to die.

Occupation: none

Abilities: Incredible fighting strength, magic, monster domination and control.

Story: The Demon inhabiting the deepest depths of the Blagden ruins in Vernell. Reputably ancient, though no one knows her exact age. It's because of her that the Blagden ruins are considered the most dangerous for adventures to venture into, few parties have returned from expeditions, no matter how well armed or experienced they may be.

Name: Burchard Grainger (バーチャード・グレンジャー Baachaado Gurenjaa)

Japanese Voice: Toshiyuki Morikawa (Isshin Kurosaki in Bleach, Heishiro Mitsurugi in Soul Calibur, Mitsuomi Takayanagi in Tenjho Tenge)

English Voice: Kim Strauss (Sajin Komamura in Bleach, Ibiki Morino in Naruto, Dewey Novak in Eureka Seven)

Race: human

Home: Maytland

Age: 35

Gender: male

Appearance: A burly, bear like man with short black hair and full beard. Has strong brown eyes.

Likes: his wife and family, his farm, helping others, bacon.

Dislikes: his mother-in-law's nagging, droughts, greedy nobles, vinegar.

Personality: A man of strength and character. Firm, upright and honest. Believes in lending a helping hand.

Occupation: farmer

Abilities: quite strong from years of hard work.

Story: Una's husband. Originally he was a hired hand brought in by Una's mother, Holley, after the death of Una's father. He kept the family farm running. Eventually he became smitten with the young Una. When she was 16 and he 27 they were wed. Three years later daughter Lillie was born.Burchard has become an ultimately respected figure in Irvyn from all his work helping the village.

Name: Leandra Noland (レアンドラ・ノーランド Reandora Nourando)

Japanese Voice: Yuuko Kaida (Hildegard von Krone in Soul Calibur, Risty in Queen's Blade, Ryomo Shimei in Ikki Tousen)

English Voice: Mary Elizabeth McGlynn (Cornelia li Britannia in Code Geass, Kurenai Yuhi in Naruto, Motoko Kusanagi in Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex)

Race: marked

Magic Type: Support- Wind (Fire, Ice).

Home: Maytland (formerly Archerd)

Age: 24

Gender: female

Appearance: An attractive woman typically dressed fully in battle armor, save with no helmet. Has long red hair and hazel eyes. She above average sized breasts, and a generally superb figure, kept perfectly trim, with some musculature. Her skin is fairly tan. Wears a large sword at her side.

Likes: winning, helping people, cute things, tea

Dislikes: sad memories, following orders she doesn't agree with, bad dreams, spicy food.

Personality: A strong willed and noble woman. Dedicated to Maytland. Kind but sorrowful.

Occupation: A captain of the Maytland magic knights.

Abilities: top class sword fighter and magician.

Story: Born in Archerd, like many more fortunate Marked children, she was sold to the Maytland military. She was raised to fight for Maytland as a soldier. She embraced this purpose, even as part of her resented it. Her natural skill was great and she soon reached the rank of captain. She doesn't agree with everything her side stands for, but she remains stern on the battlefield.

Name: Nevin Coyle (ネビン・コイル Nebin Koiru)

Japanese Voice: Megumi Ogata (Ayato Naoi in Angel Beats, Shinji Ikari in Neon Genesis Evangelion)

English Voice: Greg Ayres (Negi Springfield in Mahou Sensei Negima, Kyouhei Tachibana in Burst Angel, Kaworu Nagisa in Neon Genesis Evangelion)

Race: marked

Magic Type: Attack- Fire (Earth, Thunder).

Home: Maytland

Age: 15

Gender: male

Appearance: a thin and effeminate young man with mid length smooth black hair and brown eyes. Dresses in light body armor. Wears a light rapier at his side.

Likes: the battlefield, being praised, heavy foods.

Dislikes: failure, loneliness.

Personality: A very straightforward and solemn boy. Follows orders unquestionably as he knows nothing else. Seeks acceptance of others.

Occupation: Magic knight

Abilities: magical expertise.

Story: A young member of the magic knights. Like the others, he was taken from his family after birth and raised by the military academy system. He doesn't understand what a normal life is, nor does he desire to know. Being praised by his superiors is his only desire. Currently serving under Captain Noland.

Name: Cathan Muiredach (カサン・ムイレダッハ Kasan Muiredahha )

Japanese Voice: Nobuyuki Hiyama (Ikkaku Madarame in Bleach, Kohta Hirano in Highschool of the Dead, Viral in Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann)

English Voice: David Vincent (Grimmjow Jaegerjaquez in Bleach, Jin Kisaragi in BlazBlue, Assassin in Fate/Stay Night)

Race: marked

Magic Type: Defense- Wind (Ice, Fire).

Home: Maytland

Age: 22

Gender: male

Appearance: a tall, sturdy built man with short blonde hair dressed in full black armor complete with tri-horned helmet. Clean shaven. Has brown eyes. Carries a large battle axe.

Likes: killing, being feared, spicy foods

Dislikes: boredom, children, sweet foods

Personality: a sadistic man who enjoys the kill. He doesn't particularly care who it is he kills so long as he has victims, so he's content to stay with the Magic knights. Easily provoked.

Occupation: Magic knight

Abilities: powerful fighter, some magic skill.

Story: A member of the magic knights. Like the others, he was taken from his family after birth and raised by the military academy system. He became addicted to the acts of violence he was forced to commit. It is now his only pleasure. He has become a feared man within the knights. Currently serving under Captain Noland.

Name: Hewett Proctor (ヒュウェット・プロクター Hyuwetto Purokutaa)

Japanese Voice: Shinichiro Miki (Kisuke Urahara in Bleach, Assassin in Fate/Stay Night, Roy Mustang in Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood)

English Voice: Dave Wittenberg (Gino Weinberg in Code Geass, Solomon in Blood+, Kakashi Hatake in Naruto)

Race: Marked

Magic Type: Attack- Dark (Thunder, Wind).

Home: Corliss

Age: 29

Gender: male

Appearance: has mid-length dull blonde hair and green eyes. Youthful and cheery in appearance. Wears frilly noble clothes and small glasses. Pale skin; tall, thin, lacking in any noticeable musculature.

Likes: reading, conversation, fresh fruit.

Dislikes: being reminded of his age, not having a love life, confrontation, dairy products.

Personality: A mild-mannered man with a cheerful disposition. Playful in a good natured sort of way. Friendly and hard to provoke. Though sometimes a very threatening air can be felt from him.

Occupation: Head of the Corliss Assassination Squad

Abilities: expertise in magic and relic usage.

Story: A top rated assassin who deceived many a target with his unassuming looks. Eventually he retired from active assassinations and took the position as head of the Assassination Squad instead, though rarely he'll still take a job himself. As unassuming as he may look, his success rate is 100 percent.

Name: Veronika Nikolai (ヴェロニカ・ニコライ Veronika Nikorai)

Japanese Voice: Kana Ueda (Rachel Alucard in BlazBlue, Rin Tohsaka in Fate/Stay Night, Kinon Bachika in Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann)

English Voice: Mela Lee (Rachel Alucard in BlazBlue, Rin Tohsaka in Fate/Stay Night, Hiyori Saraguki in Bleach)

Race: human

Home: Corliss

Age: 18

Gender: female

Appearance: Short and small. looks about 12 despite her age. Uses this to her advantage, dressing in summery children's dresses. Has long red hair typically worn in twin tails. Blue eyes. Soft pale skin.

Likes: killing, sex, her sister, the color red, cakes and candies.

Dislikes: being on her own, men, vegetables.

Personality: A brutal sociopath. She delights in killing. Deeply sexual, in a depraved sort of way. Her sister is her only soft spot. When "acting" she behaves in a "cutesy" fashion, completely innocent.

Occupation: Assassin.

Abilities: practical knowledge of relics. assassination skills.

Story: The older of the Nikolai twins, the number two assassination team in Corliss. The more aggressive and violent and thus loud of the two. Their origin isn't well documented, but they've been members of the military for four years now.

Name: Berenice Nikolai (ベレニケ・ニコライ Berenike Nikorai)

Japanese Voice: Kana Ueda (Rachel Alucard in BlazBlue, Rin Tohsaka in Fate/Stay Night, Kinon Bachika in Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann)

English Voice: Mela Lee (Rachel Alucard in BlazBlue, Rin Tohsaka in Fate/Stay Night, Hiyori Saraguki in Bleach)

Race: human

Home: Corliss

Age: 18

Gender: female

Appearance: Short and small. looks about 12 despite her age. Uses this to her advantage, dressing in a Gothic Lolita dresses. Has somewhat short red hair with a ribbon worn in it Blue eyes. Soft pale skin.

Likes: playing with Relics, sex, her sister, sleeping, meat.

Dislikes: having her sleep disrupted, hot weather, milk.

Personality: A quiet sociopath. Has a detachment from her own humanity. Deeply sexual, in a clingy way. Deeply attached to her sister. Almost never speaks normally. When on mission, she takes on a more typical child personality, or at least her approximation of one.

Occupation: Assassin.

Abilities: practical knowledge of relics. assassination skills.

Story: The younger of the Nikolai twins, the number two assassination team in Corliss. The more outspoken, cold and quiet one. Their origin isn't well documented, but they've been members of the military for four years now.

Name: Adalia Grosvenour (アダリア・グロウヴナー Adaria Gurouvanaa)

Japanese Voice: Ai Satou (Sachiko Yagami and other assorted "mother" roles)

English Voice: Barbara Goodson (Yoko Kayabuki in Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex, Chiyo in Naruto, various "mother/older woman" roles)

Race: human

Home: Corliss

Age: 48

Gender: female

Appearance: a thin, aged woman with a weary appearance. Long brown hair worn in a ponytail. Tired blue eyes.

Likes: God, her son, flowers, rice.

Dislikes: disappointing her son, worrying, violence, intense flavors.

Personality: A kind woman. Insecure. Clumsy. Very honest and direct. Tends to worry a lot.

Occupation: none.

Abilities: none

Story: Arnou's mother. After the death of his father, she moved to Corliss from Vernell to live with him. A devout follower of the Semiran faith, she is unable to let go of it, and struggles constantly to hide it. She strives not to be a burden on her son.

Name: Felim Dermott (フェリム・ダーモット Ferimu Daamotto)

Japanese Voice: Yuichi Nakamura (Tomoya Okazaki in Clannad, Gray Fullbuster in Fairy Tail, Akira Kaburagi in Dance in the Vampire Bund)

English Voice: Johnny Young Bosch (Ichigo Kurosaki in Bleach, Itsuki Koizumi in The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya, Guy Cecil in Tales of the Abyss)

Race: Human

Home: Maytland

Age: 20

Gender: male

Appearance: A young man dressed in the robes of a priest. He is handsome if ordinary, with short black hair, green eyes and lightly tanned skin.

Likes: helping others, God, peace, stew.

Dislikes: war, poverty, people who won't help others, shellfish.

Personality: A superbly righteous, if hopelessly naive and somewhat simply young man with a strong work ethic and an unending desire to do good and help those less fortunate than he. Optimistic and ultimately faithful.

Occupation: Semiran Priest.

Abilities: Skilled at Divine word.

Story: A young man from a small, poor village in Maytland. In the face of hardship, he came to respect the local church which supported his village and kept it together. He decided early on to become a priest of the Semiran Church and as a priest work to do good in the world. Working hard toward his goal, he was successful. He now journeys throughout Astraeia trying to help all those in need.

Name: Aricelly Oron (アリセリー・オロン Ariserii Oron)

Japanese Voice: Kana Hanazawa (Kanade Tachibana in Anegel Beats!, Kusano in Sekirei, Kuroneko in Ore no Imouto ga Konna ni Kawaii Wake ga Nai)

English Voice: Cherami Leigh (Yoshika Miyafuji in Strike Witches, Elicia Hughes in Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood, Setsuna Sakurazaki in Negima?)

Race: marked

Magic Type: unknown

Home: Vernell

Age: 11

Gender: female

Appearance: a bright eyed child with darkly tanned skin and long, shaggy black hair. Small and short. Her eyes are deep green.

Likes: attention, friendship, warmth, eating.

Dislikes: death, being alone, not eating.

Personality: A clingy child. Somewhat sharp, and occasionally clever. Mostly just attention-seeking. Lively.

Occupation: none

Abilities: none

Story: A from a dirt poor family living in Vernell who has seen a lot of loss as a result of Baumer's disease.

Name: Markus Craddock (マルクス・クラドック Marukusu Kuradokku)

Japanese Voice: Shinpachi Tsuji (Makarov in Fairy Tail, Pakkun in Naruto, Taizou Kirihara in Code Geass)

English Voice: Steve Kramer (Third Hokage in Naruto, Barragan Luisenbarn in Bleach, Shigekuni Nandaba in FLCL)

Race: human

Home: Maytland

Age: 58

Gender: male

Appearance: a bearded, balding old man. Fairly short. Walks with a fine cane which also happens to be his Catalyst.

Likes: God, helping others, second chances, his village, bell peppers

Dislikes: children who won't listen, aging, sour things

Personality: A rather direct, wise old man. Not afraid to beat lessons into people or go to extremes to make a point. Kind and brave.

Occupation: Irvyn's sole priest.

Abilities: Advanced knowledge of Divine Word

Story: the Priest in charge of the Irvyn Church. Found Wren Pandra six years ago and has looked after her since. He is the one villager who has always known she was an Angel. He has been guiding her in trying to collect her life and make it into something positive.

Name: Aloisia Hendrik (アロイシア・ヘンドリック Aroishia Hendorikku)

Japanese Voice: Sayaka Ohara (Erza Scarlet in Fairy Tail, Selvaria Bles in Valkyria Chronicles, Milly Ashford in Code Geass)

English Voice: Julie Ann Taylor (Hildegard von Krone in Soul Calibur, Tsubaki Yayoi in BalzBlue, Milly Ashford in Code Geass)

Race: human

Home: Corliss

Age: 27

Gender: female

Appearance: a wonderfully beautiful blonde woman with an alluring figure. Dresses in heavy spiked black armor that is cut to show off said figure, or more specifically her chest, of which she is secretly quite proud. She wears her sword, a massive great sword almost the size of a small person, on her back. She wears a horned circlet and an eyepatch. Her eyes are hazel.

Likes: interesting people, cute things, Teagin Medora, dragon meat

Dislikes: Unreasonable people, being tricked, spicy foods.

Personality: A very serious female warrior with a perfect guard constantly up. Very alert. Also quite reasonable and intelligent. Deeply affected by cute things, which is the hardest thing for her to suppress; this has manifested in a not so slight secret crush on Teagin.

Occupation: Head of the Corliss Royal Guard

Abilities: unmatched warrior

Story: Born in Corliss. She was once an adventurer of great fame. After shamefully losing a fight she picked with Gwayne Garron for dominance, she gave it up and returned to Corliss where she entered the military. She climbed the ranks at a staggering pace. After Arcelius became king, she was almost immediately named the head of his personal guard.

Name: Teagin Medora (ティジン・メドラ Tijin Medora)

Japanese Voice: Yuki Matsuoka (Tsuruya in The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumia, Orihime Inoue in Bleach, Ayumu "Osaka" Kasuga in Azumanga Daioh)

English Voice: Hynden Walch (Nia Teppelin (young) in Gurren Lagann, Talim in Soul Calibur, Yutaka Kobayakawa in Lucky Star)

Race: human

Home: Corliss

Age: 14

Gender: female

Appearance: a very cute young girl with purple hair worn in two massive twin tails that stick out quite a ways. Wears thick glasses. Has big brown eyes. Dressed in robes several sized too large for her.

Likes: machines, handsome older men, Cleve Erksine, spicy foods

Dislikes: magic, stupid people, conventional weapons, pastry

Personality: Speaks eloquently. Eccentric. Can become quite energetic and excitable. Likes much older men, her current main crush being Cleve Erksine.

Occupation: Head of Corliss Research & Development

Abilities: genius intellect, master at using relics.

Story: a cute child genius who made waves in Corliss a couple years before Arcellius took power for being the first to successfully recreate a Relic. Remembering the story, he sought her out and recruited her. She loved her job now.

Name: Cleve Erksine (クリーヴ・アークシン Kuriivu Aakushin)

Japanese Voice: Fumihiko Tachiki (Kratos Aurion in Tales of Symphonia, Ricardo in El Cazador de la Bruja, Gendo Ikari in Neon Genesis Evangelion)

English Voice: Richard Epcar (Zangetsu in Bleach, Batou in Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex, Tadao Hiiragi in Lucky Star)

Race: marked

Magic Type: Defense- thunder (earth, ice).

Home: Corliss

Age: 38

Gender: male

Appearance: a handsome man with mid length light brown hair and a finely trimmed beard. Tall and fairly muscular. Dresses in an armored cloak. Had blue eyes.

Likes: serving his king, busty women, Aloisia Hendrik, sweet foods

Dislikes: assassins, Hewett Proctor, unmotivated people, the Church, overly rich foods

Personality: a very stern and serious man never afraid to voice an opinion. Noble and idealistic. He has a sizable secret crush on Aloisia Hendrik.

Occupation: Commander of the Corliss Army.

Abilities: combat specialist skilled with swords, magic and Relic based combat.

Story: A career soldier who served under King Hywell before Arcelius. Gained a reputation as one of the most skilled and ruthless soldiers Corliss had. Arcelius put the army in his hands.

Name: Orsala Lyons (オーサラ・ライオンズ Ousara Raionzu)

Japanese Voice: Satomi Arai (Sayoko Shinozaki in Code Geass, Bisca Mulan in Fairy Tail, Kuroko Shirai in To Aru Kagaku no Railgun)

English Voice: Kate Higgins (Saber in Fate/Stay Night, Subaru Kujo in Sakura Wars: So Long, My Love, Retsu Unohana in Bleach)

Race: human

Home: Rainier

Age: 24

Gender: female

Appearance: a pale skinned girl with wild eyes and long, unkempt black hair. Dresses in very little clothing. Has a small scar across her left eye. Her breasts are fairly large. Has a firm, athletic body.

Likes: hunting, nature, fish.

Dislikes: cruel people, big cities, things she doesn't understand

Personality: a wild woman who loves nature and shuns human society for the most part, but likes some people. Aggressive and easily distracted. Doesn't speak a lot.

Occupation: adventurer

Abilities: combat master

Story: Her past is a mystery. Rumors state she's actually a noble's daughter who abandoned a life of privilege for one amongst nature. Works as an adventurer to help sustain herself. Not part of a team, but willing to team up with people she trusts.

Name: Zelenia Reid (ゼレニア・リード Zerenia Riido)

Japanese Voice: Asami Sanada (Kanako Miyamae in Maria Holic, Sawako Yamanaka in K-On!, Matoi Tsunetsuki in Sayonara Zetsubo Sensei)

English Voice: Kari Wahlgren (Kagami Hiiragi in Lucky Star, Haruko Haruhara in FLCL, Tsuruya in The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya)

Race: marked

Magic Type: Support - wind (earth, thunder)

Home: Rainier

Age: 19

Gender: female

Appearance: a pretty girl with a somewhat androgynous look. Tall with short red red hair. Thin; dresses in a heavy cloak. Her eyes are brown. Pale skin.

Likes: Elidi, fame, exciting things, unusual foods.

Dislikes: Eirwen, rude people, slime monsters, boring things

Personality: a showy woman with a lot of bombast. Conceited and fame coveting, but not a bad person.

Occupation: adventurer

Abilities: skilled mage

Story: Born in Vernell. Grew up idolizing the famed mage Volker Osman. Seeks to follow his path. Moved to Rainier and became an adventurer. Met her lover Elidi in her first party. Eventually, the two dropped from the party and work together. She's envious of Eirwen Fenix, who was Osman's student.

Name: Elidi Gorman (エリディー・ゴーマン Eridii Gouman)

Japanese Voice: Yukari Fukui (Nia Teppelin in Gurren Lagann, Shizuka Marikawa in Highschool of the Dead, Oerba Dia Vanille in Final Fantasy XIII)

English Voice: Cristina Valenzuela (Anri Yoshino in Sakura Wars: So Long, My Love, Noel Vermillion in BlazBlue, Mio Akiyama in K-On!)

Race: human

Home: Rainier

Age: 17

Gender: female

Appearance: a very short, small cute girl. Her hair is long and deep blue. Her eyes are also blue. Has rather large breasts for her size. Always wears a smile on her face.

Likes: Zelenia, having fun, monsters, cheese

Dislikes: hurting people, war, bad smelling things/foods

Personality: a shy yet cheerful girl. Somewhat quiet but always smiling. A little clingy.

Occupation: adventurer

Abilities: sword skill.

Story: A shy young girl from Maytland. Despite her attitude, she has advanced physical strength, which she decided to put to use by becoming an adventurer. She met Zelenia and the two fell in love. They are partners in both life and adventuring. With Zelenia's support spells buffing her, she's a warrior truly hard to match.

Name: Vigdess Telford (ヴィグデス・テルフォード Vigudesu Terufoudo)

Japanese Voice: Junko Minagawa (Cornelia li Britannia in Code Geass, Rosie Stark in Valkyria Chronicles, Ayaka Yukihio in Negima)

English Voice: Kira Vincent-Davis (Elenore Baker in Madlax, Mio Sakamoto in Strike Witches, Najica Hiragi in Najica Blitz Tactics)

Race: marked

Magic Type: Defense - earth (thunder, dark)

Home: Corliss

Age: 31

Gender: female

Appearance: quite beautiful. Wears her long blonde hair up in a bun. Wears glasses. Dresses in a low cut noble suit. Has large breasts and pale skin.

Likes: kind, spirited people, peace, beauty, cleanliness, cinnamon

Dislikes: Arcelius Dargan, the nobility, war, bell peppers

Personality: not as strict as she first appears. direct, sincere and actually rather kind. ambitious and steel-willed.

Occupation: A Marchioness in Corliss

Abilities: unknown.

Story: Once a common girl, she somehow met the Marquess Telford and became his wife. Little beyond that is known. Being over twenty years his junior and beautiful, she is seen as a trophy wife by the nobility. Actually meeting her, few are left with that impression.

Name: Calder Hanley (カルダー・ハンリー Karudaa Hanrii)

Japanese Voice: Unshou Ishizuka (Jet Black in Cowboy Bebop, Sergei Smirnov in Mobile Suit Gundam 00, Krauss in Sora no Woto)

English Voice: Beau Billinglsea (Jet Black in Cowboy Bebop, Adra Lasbard in Star Ocean: Till the End of Time, Barret Wallace in Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children)

Race: human

Home: Rainier

Age: 56

Gender: male

Appearance:a large muscular man with a long brown beard. Bald at the top of his head.

Likes: conversation, laughter, drinking, potatoes

Dislikes: non-social people, troublemakers, citrus

Personality: a hardy, social man. Lives for being at the heart of conversation. Overall amiable.

Occupation: Bartender/owner at Hanley's pub; retired adventurer.

Abilities: combat expert.

Story: A retired adventurer in Rainier. Often fought along side Volker Osman at the height of his career. He settled down shortly after his son, Destan was born and started the pub. It's become his passion.

Name: Lowell Jagur (ローウェル・ジャガー Rouweru Jagaa)

Japanese Voice: Rikiya Koyama (Coyote Starrk in Bleach, Kitsuruga Emiya in Fate/Stay Night, Seki Ichinomiya in Arakawa Under the Bridge)

English Voice: David Lodge (kurtis in Disgaea, Kenpachi Zaraki in Bleach, Jiraiya in Naruto)

Race: human

Home: Rainier

Age: 41

Gender: male

Appearance:a tan, dark haired man with a rugged look. Has a large scar across his face. Short hair and dangerous eyes. Tall and well built.

Likes: drinking, gambling, relics, women

Dislikes: whining, children, knights, melon

Personality: a cold, serious man. Doesn't say much. Kind of laid back but gives off a dangerous air. Hard to get along with.

Occupation: adventurer

Abilities: master of the gun.

Story: A free agent adventurer in Rainier. Was once a part of Gwayne's adventurer party, he now belongs to no team and sort of acts as a gun for hire. Born in Archerd to a priest, the life didn't suit him so he turned his back on it at a young age and went to the freer Rainier where he met Gwayne. They quickly became on of the more feared adventurer teams in all of Astraeia.

Name: Calantha Primrose (カランサ・プリムローズ Karansa Purimurouzu)

Japanese Voice: Ryoko Ono (Mirajane in Fairy Tail, Iliya Arkadia in Sora no Woto)

English Voice: Sherry Lynn (Sakura Matou in Fate/Stay Night, Peppita Rosseti in Star Ocean: Till the End of Time, young Faye Valentine in Cowboy Bebop)

Race: human

Home: Rainier

Age: 25

Gender: debatable

Appearance: appears to be a very beautiful woman, with wavy light brown hair and soft green eyes. Dresses in cute clothing.

Likes: men, women, flowers, making people squirm, sweets

Dislikes: ugly people, being ignored, oily foods

Personality: a fun loving flirt. Loves to show off. Sexual and energetic. kind of lazy.

Occupation: adventurer

Abilities: divine word skill, gun skill.

Story: Technically male, but consistently dresses as and refers to herself as a woman. Was once a priest in Archerd, but began to question the Church as well as her self. Eventually left. Ended up in Rainier and picked up cross dressing, at first only as a hobby, though it rapidly spiraled into a full time thing. has become a sought after adventurer, though she belongs to no team.

Name: Wystan Kraig (ウィスタン・クレイグ Wisutan Kureigu)

Japanese Voice: Tetsuya Kakihara (Natsu Dragneel in Fairy Tail, Simon in Gurren Lagann, Jin Kisaraki in BlazBlue)

English Voice: Sam Riegel (Shirou Emiya in Fate/Stay Night, Minoru Shiraishi in Lucky Star, Viral in Gurren Lagann)

Race: human

Home: Rainier

Age: 18

Gender: male

Appearance: a strong, fairly muscular young man with mid length red hair. Dresses in armor and wields a large spear. Tall. Tan skin.

Likes: pretty girls, Calantha, fighting, socializing, good stories, meat.

Dislikes: magic, bandits, swift moving monsters, leafy vegetables.

Personality: a strong, hearty youth with a taste for adventure. A social person. Weak to pretty girls; swoons in their presence and becomes shy.

Occupation: adventurer

Abilities: skilled fighter.

Story: A young man from Corliss. Not liking the direction Arcelius lead the country, he left to become an adventurer. Still something of an amateur. At Hanley's Pub his eye was caught by Calantha Primrose and he quickly become smitten with her. He does not know the truth about her.

Name: Jyles Derry (ジャイルズ・デリー Jairuzu Derii)

Japanese Voice: Motomu Kiyokawa (Valkenhayn Hellsing in BlazBlue, Walter Dornez in Hellsing, Kouzou Fuyutsuki in Neon Genesis Evangelion)

English Voice: Doug Stone (Valkenhayn Hellsing in BlazBlue, Dayakka Littner in Gurren Lagann, one of the Van in Cowboy Bebop)

Race: marked

Magic Type: attack - ice (fire, wind)

Home: Rainier

Age: 50

Gender: male

Appearance: a short man. THin. Clean shaven, and bald on the top of his head. Wears very clean, immaculate clothes.

Likes: young ladies, puzzles, children, oranges

Dislikes: being dragged around, doctors, pasta

Personality: a gentlemanly man. Mostly kind. Complains a lot. Makes use of his age to get out of things, acting even older than he is.

Occupation: (semi-)retired adventurer, teacher

Abilities: master of magic

Story: Once part of the legendary adventurer party Gwayne and Lowell belonged to. The mage of the group. A masterful mage, his name became renowned. He had a one sided rivalry Volker Osman. The death of Osman shook him up. After it, he retired from active adventuring and took up a job as a teacher. He'll occasionally take up a job when Gwayne asks him of it now, but he'll always complain. Born in the heart of Rainier, he's lived there his entire life.

Name: Destan Hanley (デスタン・ハンリー Desutan Hanrii)

Japanese Voice: Daisuke Kishio (Loke in Fairy Tail, Luppi in Bleach)

English Voice: Steve Staley (Fayt Leingod in Star Ocean: Till the End of Time, Shuhei Hisagi in Bleach, Shiki Tohno in Tsukhime)

Race: marked

Magic Type: defense - wind (earth, ice)

Home: Rainier

Age: 19

Gender: male

Appearance: a handsome young man with long brown hair. Has green eyes. Thin and clean shaven. Dresses in simple clothes.

Likes: music, magic, animals, fish.

Dislikes: people who take things too serious, people with no musical taste, mushrooms.

Personality: a very laid back, relaxed young man, most content with his guitar in hand. Cool and easy going. A little taken aback by the large number of female fans he seems to accrue.

Occupation: adventurer; musician

Abilities: magic skill, musical talent.

Story: The son of Calder Hanley. A talented adventurer in her own life. Adventuring is more a means to fund his true passion though, which is music. Has become popular with girls in Hallberg.

Name: Rochelle Halle (ロシェル・ハレ Rosheru Hare)

Japanese Voice: Tomoko Kaneda (Nelliel Tu Odelschwanck in Bleach, Chiyo Mihama in Azumanga Daioh, Laetitia in Madlax)

English Voice: Luci Christian (Margaret Burton in Madlax, Erica Hartmann in Strike Witches, Yukari Tanizaki in Asumanga Daioh)

Race: human

Home: Rainier

Age: 26

Gender: female

Appearance: a beautiful blonde woman with massive breasts. Dresses revealingly. Hair is long and flowing. Eyes are deep and blue. Soft, white skin.

Likes: hugs, good people, Gwayne, cakes.

Dislikes: mean people, insects, icky things, scary looking foods.

Personality:maximum airhead; devoid of intelligence. Friendly. Like human contact. Oblivious to when she's being maid fun of or objectified.

Occupation: none

Abilities: none

Story: Gwayne Garron's long time girlfriend. What he believes a woman should be. Famous for both her breasts and her lack of brains.

Name: Rune Darnall (ルーン・ダーナル Ruun Daanaru)

Japanese Voice: Takehito Koyasu (Pesche Guatiche in Bleach, Sister in Arakawa Under the Bridge, Jade Curtis in Tales of the Abyss)

English Voice: Tony Oliver (Bang Shishigami in BlazBlue, Soujirou Izumi in Lucky Star, adult Simon in Gurren Lagann)

Race: human

Home: Rainier

Age: 37

Gender: male

Appearance: a man in a worn out long coat and a very wide brimmed hat. Has long, black hair. Wears a black mask over his eyes and white fingerless gloves that are kept spotless.

Likes: information, underage girls, attention, music, liquors.

Dislikes: being ignore, being laughed at, violence, chicken.

Personality: a showy and flamboyant man obsessed with maintaining an air of mystery. Can become irritated as no one seems to take him seriously. Slips randomly into and out of referring to himself in third person as the Glorious Troubadour.

Occupation: information merchant

Abilities: unsurpassed in gathering information.

Story: nothing about his past is really known. A strange man living in Rainier who sells the information he gathers to the highest bidder. Connected into the underground. hard to get along with, but often useful.

Name: Gaultier Raynes (ゴーティエ・レインズ Goutie Reinzu)

Japanese Voice: Hideo Ishikawa (Auron in Final Fantasy X, Jushiro Ukitake in Bleach, Hideki Ide in Death Note)

English Voice: Kirk Thornton (Kiritsugu Emiya in Fate/Stay Night, Jade Curtiss in Tales of the Abyss, Jin in Samurai Champloo)

Race: marked

Magic Type: Support - dark (ice, thunder)

Home: Maytland

Age: 43

Gender: male

Appearance: a thin man with long gray/black hair and a full mustache. Dresses in light armor and wears a long sword. Tan and distinguished looking.

Likes: weaponry, military strategy, reading, fresh fish.

Dislikes: High Priest Delron, children, sweet things.

Personality: A stern, strict man. A natural leader. Will fight for what he feels is right.

Occupation: Chief Commander of the Maytland Magic Knights.

Abilities: military knowledge, combat/magic ability, leadership skill.

Story: A hardened warrior and hero of the War of Dragons. His sharp mind has seen him work up the ranks to the top of the Magic Knights.

Name: Claire Orane (クレール・オラーヌ Kureeru Oraanu)

Japanese Voice: Mai Aizawa (Ayeno Minegishi in Lucky Star, Natsumi Murakami in Negima, Rie Nishina in Clannad)

English Voice: Hilary Haag (Chloe in Noir, Chihiro in Azumanga Daioh, Teletha Testerossa in Full Metal Panic)

Race: human

Home: Maytland

Age: 27

Gender: female

Appearance: an attractive blonde noble woman Dresses fancily in the latest noble styles. Wears her hair fairly short. Has a nice figure. Skin is tanned.

Likes: the queen, fancy clothes, the perks of nobility, caviar.

Dislikes: High Priest Delron, unrefined people, people who speak ill of the queen, heavy foods.

Personality: a soft spoken woman. Generally kind if a little caught up in image. Obsessed with representing the queen as best as she can.

Occupation: Personal attendant to Queen Berengaria Traherne.

Abilities: none

Story: a lady of the nobility. Selected by the queen personally to be her attendant at a young age. The two are rather close. The queen trusts Claire completely.

Name: Belvedere Delron (ベルヴェデーレ・デルロン Beruvedeere Deruron)

Japanese Voice: Junichi Suwabe (Fried Justine in Fairy Tail, Grimmjow Jeagerjaques in Bleach, Archer in Fate/Stay Night)

English Voice: Doug Erholtz (Terumi Yuuki in BlazBlue, Gin Ichimaru in Bleach, Shinji Matou in Fate/Stay Night)

Race: Human

Home: Maytland

Age: 36

Gender: male

Appearance: A far skinned man, elegant, handsome man, with a youthful appearance. Has long blonde hair and blue eyes. Wears elaborate priests robes and bears a cruel expression.

Likes: music, violence, fine wine.

Dislikes: Angels, idealists, fools, anything he deems ordinary.

Personality: A harsh man of elegant tastes. Somewhat unstable; relishes chaos. Looks down on common people and Angels.

Occupation: The High Priest of Maytland.

Abilities: master of the Divine Word.

Story: The son of an Angel and a human noble. Having natural skill with the Divine Word, he entered the church and rose quickly through it's ranks. Being the leader of the Church in Maytland, he answers only to the Pope now. He has the ear of both the pope and Maytland's queen.

Name: Charlotta Horatio Martynson (シャーロッタ・ホレイショ・マーティンソン Shaarotta Horeisho Maatinson)

Designed by: Toutaku

Japanese Voice: Megumi Toyoguchi (Paine in Final Fantasy X-2, Revy in Black Lagoon, Elena in Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children)

English Voice: Cindy Robinson (Marina Wulfstan in Valkyria Chronicles, Kukaku Shiba in Bleach, Legretta the Quick in Tales of the Abyss)

Race: Marked

Magic Type: Support - wind (dark, thunder)

Home: Maytland. Now travels the world without a home

Age: 19

Gender: Female

Appearance: Tall, about six foot.

Fairly muscled, but not uncurvy.

Black hair plaited down to her waist.

Brilliant green eyes.

Has a pierced eyebrow.

Rather large breasts

Wears knee high boots, very tight black leather trousers and a red corset that shows off her cleavage. Her mark is on her left breast, and she has tattoed a winged heart around it.

Often seen smoking.

Likes: Rare meat, the thrill of shooting things, her own sexyness

Dislikes: Vegatables, annoying punks, men who flirt with her

Personality: Psychotic at times, seductive, lazy, often rude. Bi. Prefers women.

Occupation: Bandit

Abilities: An amazing markswoman with her automatic rifle-type relic.

History: At the age of sixteen, seduced then killed her superior officer on a training mission and fled to find her own destiny. The scars of the hellish tratment she endured have left her lacking stability. Picked up shooting from a bandit who took her in.

Name: Cale Aimery (ケイル・エムリー Keiru Emurii)

Japanese Voice: Tetsu Inada (True Assassin in Fate/Stay Night, Sajin Komamura in Bleach, Brain in Fairy Tail)

English Voice: Keith Silverstein (Aaroniero Arruruerie (deep voice) in Bleach, Coyote Starrk in Bleach, Zasalamel in Soul Calibur)

Race: human

Home: Vernell

Age: unknown

Gender: male

Appearance: a man draped entirely in black. Only his horribly scarred face is typically visible.

Likes: money, work, his pipe.

Dislikes: being bothered, mushrooms.

Personality: a cold man of mystery. Quiet with a dangerous air. Known to be ruthless.

Occupation: bounty hunter/hired man

Abilities: mastery of many forms of combat

Story: a man of mystery. Famed as the best man who can be hired for a kill or whatever else one might want done. Hired by Greeley Ashton to track down and kill Wren Pandra.

Name: Beliar (ベリアル Beriaru)

Designed by: Rahkshi500

Japanese Voice: Norio Wakamoto (Charles zi Britannia in Code Geass, the Spirit King in Fairy Tail, Dracula in Castlevaina)

English Voice: Bob Joles (Genryuusai Shigekuni Yamamoto in Bleach)

Race: Demon

Home: Corliss

Age: 500

Gender: Male

Appearance: Beliar is a tall old man with surprisingly healthy physic, with a muscular fit body and very few wrinkles on his face. His hair, beard, and mustache are crimson, and his eyes are gold. Has black bat wings with rips and holes at the edges. He wears brown robes.

Likes: Power, hard working people, blood, weapons.

Dislikes: The Church, the Divine Word, lazy people.

Personality: Deceptive and manipulative. Elitist and amoral. Affably sarcastic and has strong fascination for machines and heavy industry.

Occupation: Leader of Corliss' war industries.

Abilities: Expert of magic, monster control, and incredible strength.

Story: A trusted acquaintance of King Arcelius, he holds fair control over anything within Corliss that contributes to the war. He works hard in developing new weapons and methods for Corliss to gain the advantage in the struggle. He holds a grudge against the Semiran Church for reasons unknown and desires nothing more than to see both it and its Divine Word destroyed.

Name: Abellona (アベロナ Aberona)

Japanese Voice: Atsuko Tanaka (Caster in Fate/Stay Night, Claudette in Queen's Blade, Motoko Kusanagi in Ghost in the Shell)

English Voice: Tara Platt (Hrist in Valkyrie Profile: Silmeria, Caster in Fate/Stay Night, Temari in Naruto)

Race: Demon

Magic Type: support- dark (fire, earth).

Home: Rainier

Age: roughly 350

Gender: female

Appearance: A very attractive woman with pale white skin and pitch black hair down to her feet. Dresses in a very low cut black dress and long boots and gloves. Has red eyes.

Likes: causing pain, sweet things, monsters

Dislikes: humans, boring things, annoyances

Personality: A cold and ruthless woman. Generally pathetic, but should her passion become ignited, she is hard to contain. Capable of sadistic brutality.

Occupation: Master of the Monsters' Nest.

Abilities: Incredible fighting strength, magic, monster domination and control.

Story: The Demon living at the heart of the Monsters' Nest. Detests humanity. Believing it beneath her, she didn't bother with it for centuries. Now, in accordance with other demons, she has decided to finally take action. She hopes to bring about humanities extinctions, so as a new kingdom of monsters can be built up.

Name: Rhodanthe Tempest (ローダンセ・テンペスト Roudanse Tenpesuto)

Japanese Voice: Yukana (Kazehana in Sekirei, Kaguya Nanbu in Super Robot Taisen OG Saga: Endless Frontier, Mashiro Blan de Windbloom in My-Otome)

English Voice: Trina Nishimura (Nadie in El Cazador de la Bruja, Francesca Lucchini in Strike Witches)

Race: marked

Magic Type: Attack- thunder (wind, water).

Home: Rainier

Age: 25

Gender: female

Appearance: a tall woman with a sexy body. Dresses in a low cut blouse and a heavy cape, with a large pirate hat. Her left arm is a prosthetic claw. Tanned skin. Mid length red hair, blue eyes. confident expression.

Likes: Eirwen, the ocean, sailing, treasure, crab

Dislikes: dragons, weaklings, over serious people, coconut

Personality: a hearty, vivacious woman. Bold and adventurous. Very carefree and occasionally aggressive. Is clingy and romantic when around Eirwen Fenix.

Occupation: pirate captain

Abilities: skilled sword fighter and magician, knowledgeable of relics.

Story: A renowned beautiful pirate captain, called the "Queen of the Seas". Born in Corliss. Was always fascinated by pirates and the ocean, so she ran away from home and stowed away on a pirate ship. Her bright attitude saw her soon accepted by the pirates, eventually she was named a captain. She is beloved by her crew. Her arm was taken in a fight with a dragon. She's had a vendetta against them ever since. She fell in love with Eirwen while on a year long voyage with her and her master.

Name: Rufus Lestat (ルーファス・レスタト Ruufasu Resutato)

Designed By: Toutaku

Japanese Voice: Tomokazu Sugita (Kyon in The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya, Hoshi in Arakawa Under the Bridge, Ragna the Bloodedge in BlazBlue)

English Voice: Steve Blum (Vincent Valentine in Final Fantasy: Advent Children, Spike Spiegel in Cowboy Bebop, Ulquiorra Cifer in Bleach)

Race: Formerly human. Isn't so sure anymore.

Home: He remembers playing as a child at the feet of a mountain. Currently, he resides in Rainier, but that might not last.

Age: He maintains to others that he is 25. His age is closer to ten times that. He can't say for sure, because he has honestly forgotten.

Gender: Male

Appearance: His hair is white, shoulder length and usually pulled back into a ponytail. Usually clean shaven. His eyes are steely grey, and he was born with his left pupil elongated like a cat's. He stands at an average height of about 5'8, and his body is fairly muscular. Very smooth face, with no signs of age at all.

Usually wears a deep blue hinese-style top, with a high collar and wide sleeves, black silk trousers, and sandals with steel plates on the underside. Red silk sash around his waist, with his sword kept tucked behind him.

Likes: Sour foods, challenging battles, eyeing up attractive people

Dislikes: The Monotiny of Life, sweet things, ugliness

Personality: Quiet, deep, sure of himself. He's fair, but ultimately indifferent to everything around him. Borderline egotistical, and a tad selfish.

Occupation: He earns money as a hired sword, but refuses tro fight in wars. He preferrs bodyguard duties, or even being the odd accomplace for bandits.

Abilities: He's had over two centuries of training with his hands and his swords. He has a deep dislike for magic and that which is linked with it, so he avoids even magically enhanced weapons.

History: When Rufus was in his twenties, a dark magician stole him from his home, and savagely turtured him in the hopes of discovering a magical method of enhancing a lifespan, and healing injuries. Rufus was ultimately a faliure, as any injury did him as much damage as a normal human. The magician took Rufus with him for twenty years, in which time he was almost always beaten to the point of deleriousness, but he hadn't aged a single day. One day, his tormentor let his guard down, and Rufus managed to strike the man down and win his freedom. He couldn't return home, as he had no idea where to go, and if he was wanted. In the end, he settled himself to a life of travelling.

Name: Melozza (メロッツァ Merottsa)

Designed By: Rabukurafuto

Japanese Voice: Kotono Mitsuishi (Boa Hancock in One Piece, Murrue Ramius in Mobile Suit Gundam SEED)

English Voice: Tricia Pierce (Cirucci Sanderwicci in Bleach, Shion in Kekkaishi)

Race: Angel

Home: Archerd

Age: 300

Gender: Female

Appearance: Melozza is tall, fair-skinned, and has blonde hair, and black eyes. Her hair is straight on top, but at the sides and back become very curly. Has white, feathery wings. She is very slim and large-breasted, with rosy-red cheeks. She wears a red robe with a gold vest.

Likes: Art, music, attractive people, influence.

Dislikes: Bad music, unattractive people, having no influence.

Personality: Melozza is vain, cynical, amoral, and ambitious. She has no problem manipulating Humans to get what she wants, and helps priests create Catalysts if she thinks they would aid her. Melozza is fond of being serviced by pretty girls and boys, telling them that as an Angel, everything she wants is the word of God. She cares only about herself, but she can be swayed by artists and musicians, the only people she truly would have any fondness for.

Occupation: Angel of music

Abilities: Divine Word, Miracles, Catalyst-making, music-playing

History: Melozza arrived in Archerd years ago and took up residence, where she was enshrined and had a church built in her honor. Melozza took advantage of this and arranged to have pretty girls and boys sent in to please her. She told parents that her touch would bless their children, and made Catalysts for priests to bribe them. Melozza wishes to influence a sizable portion of citizens to become her private army, and her Catalysts are made with this goal in mind.

Name: Caerwyn (カールウィン Kaaruwin)

Japanese Voice: Daisuke Namikawa (The Prince in Level E, Jellal in Fairy tail, Ulquiorra Cifer in Bleach)

English Voice: Yuri Lowenthall (Luke fon Fabre in Tales of the Abyss, Sasuke Uchiha in Naruto, Roger in Jeanne d'Arc)

Race: Angel

Home: Archerd

Age: 180

Gender: male

Appearance: Caerwyn is thin and pale with very long black hair and green eyes. He is said to be rather beautiful. Dresses in green robes.

Likes: love, socializing, attention, physical contact, sweet foods.

Dislikes: being disrespected, being ignored, bitter things

Personality: Caerwyn is very proud, rather talkative and eager for attention. Somewhat soft spoken. Makes use of his looks.

Occupation: Angel of love

Abilities: Divine Word, Miracles, Catalyst-making

History: An angel born nearly 200 years ago. Was enshrined in a cathedral in Archerd. Declared himself Angel of love and offered to bless the marriages of young lovers. This brought much attention to himself, which he thrived on. Self-centered, but not very ambitious.

Name: Athanasius (アタナシウス Atanashiusu)

Japanese Voice: n/a

English Voice:n/a

Race: Angel

Home: Archerd

Age: 2000+, according to rumors.

Gender: male

Appearance: somewhat inhuman looking in appearance. Has white hair, red eyes and pure white skin. His skin is oddly smooth looking. Dresses in white. Wings are significantly larger than other angels.

Personality: rarely shows any emotion of any sort. Has not been known to speak in centuries.

Occupation: Angel of life

Abilities: Divine Word, Miracles, Catalyst-making

History: Thought by some to be the original angel. An ancient creature of awesome power. Just being in his presence is more than most can bare due to the awesome power he holds. Catalysts produced by him are very rare and worth fortunes. Some consider him a living God.

Name: Xath Aeon (ザース・イオン Zaasu Ion)

Designed by: The mutant 0408

Japanese Voice: Hiroki Yasumoto (Utu in the Tower of Druaga, Elfman in Fairy Tail, Yasutora Sado in Bleach)

English Voice: Crispin Freeman (Itachi in Naruto, Kyon in The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya, Jeremiah Gottwald in Code Geass)

Race: Marked

Homeland: Rainer

Age: 17 could ne older he doesnt remember

Gender: Male

Appearance: Pale, tall and fairly muscular, red eyes and a long jet black ponytail that ends in the middle of his back. Wears red and black under an ancient travelling cloak. His mark is across his shoulder blades and loves any skull motif

Likes: Spicy foods, excitement from a successful steal (its how he lived) silent comoanionship,philosophy, star gazing

Dislikes: Stupid people, killing (but he will still do it, when necessary) mans corruption

Personality: Xath seldom speaks perferring his thoughts and actions to verbal communication. He has a lot of confidenve in his sword and magic but knows his limitations well. He follows a code and will always fulfill any promises no matter the coat. He does enjoy the companionship of others. When in the rigjt mood he will talk of his eliefs and his past. Easy to trust

Occupation: adventurer

Abilities: Adept with fire and wind based magic, Xath is a very able 2 handed swordsman (claymores) and is very adept with a trench knife (it never leaves his side). Also he is gifted in herbology and can treat almost any wound.

History: At a young age Xath was incredibly introverted. The only person he got along with was his younger bro who he constantly looked out for because he was bullied a lot. Xath woke one night to a strangled scream it was his step-father killing his bro. In a fit of rage he used magic for the first time burning his step-father and the house to ash. He ran until his legs gave out under him. He awoke amongst a party of adventurers who taught him his trade.

Name: Eluned Reve (エルンド・リーヴ Erundo Riivu)

Japanese Voice: Yoko Hikasa (Seraphim in Kore wa Zombie Desu ka?, Maya Kumashiro in Occult Academy, Mio Akiyama in K-On!)

English Voice: Michelle Ruff (Rukia Kuchiki in Bleach, Etna in Disgaea, Yoko Littner in Gurren Lagann)

Race: Marked

Magic Type: support- dark (water, earth).

Home: Corliss

Age: 24

Gender: female

Appearance: A pretty woman with mid-length black hair. Relatively tall with medium breasts. Has grey eyes. Dresses in the light armor of the Corliss Royal Guard.

Personality: Playful and rather sarcastic. Secretive. Dodgy and mysterious.

Occupation: Royal Guard?

Abilities: can use magic, other abilities unknown.

History: A supposed member of the Corliss Royal Guard who approaches Arnou Grosvenour and releases him from imprisonment. Though believed to be associated with Vigdess Telford, her true identity remains a mystery.

Name: Brendell Trine (ブレンデル・トライン Burenderu Torain)

Japanese Voice: Maaya Sakamoto (Alphard in Canaan, Lightning in Final Fantasy XIII, Nino in Arakawa Under the Bridge)

English Voice: Maryke Hendrikse (Revy in Black Lagoon, Wang Liu Mei in Gundam 00)

Race: human

Home: Rainier

Age: 38

Gender: female

Appearance: has fairly short blonde hair. Pale skin, blue eyes. Muscled, but not excessively so. Has very large breasts. Dresses in a tight vest and cut off shorts. Hefts a small cannon around.

Likes: wealth, the ocean, firearms, beer

Dislikes: weak people, adventurers, birds, cinnamon.

Personality: A woman of strong personality. Rough, violent, and a little sadistic. Bold and opinionated. Brash. Cares about her comrades above all else.

Occupation: Master Gunner of the Tempest Pirates.

Abilities: talented markswoman and master of guns.

Story: A daughter of Maytland nobility who was kidnapped by pirates at a young age. Ransom money never came and eventually she became accustomed to life at sea, becoming a pirate herself. It was soon discovered that she had a real talent for it; she became feared for her ruthlessness and skill with her handheld cannon and other guns. Was impressed by Rhodanthe's compassion and leadership skill; joined her crew around three years ago.

Name: Trent Redmond (トレント・レドモンド Torento Redomondo)

Japanese Voice: Kisho Taniyama (Stiyl Magnus in To Aru Majutsu no Index, Kittan Bachika in Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann, Koichi Shido in Highschool of the Dead)

English Voice: Vic Mignogna (Junpei Iori in Persona 3, Carrossea Doon in Madlax, Ikkaku Madarame in Bleach)

Race: human

Home: Rainier

Age: 24

Gender: male

Appearance: a man with mid length brown hair and a short beard. Brown eyes. Wears a bandanna on his head. Wears a very large gold bracelet on his arm and a curved sword at his side. A copy of the Holy scriptures with a hole drilled in it near the spine is worn on a necklace across his neck.

Likes: ships, the scriptures, socializing with his fellow pirates, shrimp

Dislikes: complaints, crying, heights, sardines.

Personality: a relaxed yet hard-edged, God fearing pirate. Will often quote scripture. A social person, who loves the sea.

Occupation: Priest of the Tempest Pirate

Abilities: sword skill, divine word.

Story: Born to a prostitute and a pirate. Fascinated by his father's world from the start, he followed his footsteps. After his crew struck a mercantile vessel, he found a bracelet with some strange properties. it turned out to be a rare catalyst and it resonating with him proved he had potential to aptly use the Divine Word. He harassed a priest for a copy of the scriptures and some basic Divine Word incantations. He learned some basic miracles and went from being a basic crewman to being something a lot more sought after, a healer. He saw the potential of Rhodanthe as a captain long before many of her other crew mates and was actually there when she first voyaged with Eirwen Fenix.

Name: Enoka Daminelli (エノカ・ダミネッリ Enoka Daminerri)

Designed by: SatanicGlobeArtichoke

Japanese Voice: Hitomi (Shinobu Honda in Shoujo Sect, Shoukou in Koihime Musou)

English Voice: Shelley Calene-Black (Canaan in Canaan, Mireille Bouquet in Noir)

Race: Marked

Magic Type: support- fire (wind, dark).

Home: Rainier

Age: 19

Gender: Female

Appearance: Stands at about 5'7" tall. Her body shape is somewhat toned but still undeniably curvy and feminine. Her breasts are large and she has a moderate tan. She wears a black bandana with a white skull and crossbones logo on it around her forehead, and has multiple small earrings on both ears. Her hair is just bit longer than shoulder length, straight, and pitch black. Her right eye is a striking green color; she wears a black eye patch over her left, which is blind. She wears very sparse clothing, usually consisting of a small, tight, deep blue tank top and light brown short shorts.

Likes: sailing, adventures, beauty, sweets

Dislikes: sex, people with rough personalities, despair, spicy foods

Personality: Very odd, asocial, and quiet. Intelligent, but unsure how to act around new people she meets. While she loves her fellow crew members and especially her captain, Rhodanthe, she has been unable to develop any physical relationships with anyone.

Occupation: Member of Rhodanthe Tempest's pirate crew.

Abilities: A powerful magician, physically strong and well trained in self-defense with a sword, but her unwillingness to kill is her greatest weakness. Works best when supporting her teammates.

History: The illegitimate child born to an unidentified female bandit in Rainier, Enoka was abandoned fairly early in her life. Alone and near death from starvation in the forests outside of the city, she unintentionally used her magic to burn down a significant portion of the nearby wilderness, in an attempt to stay warm. This caused her to be discovered and rescued by a fellow marked pirate, Gragahar Daminelli, a ruthless but powerful magician who willing took her in and mentored her on mastering her magical potentials. Impressed by her developing abilities, he took her with him on many adventures out on the high sea; unfortunately, he and his rugged crew caused much pain and death among innocents, something that Enoka could never learn to understand. She spent much of her childhood horribly depressed about the tragedies she helped cause and the abuse she endured caused by her mentor's sexual feelings towards her growing body. After being stabbed in the eye for threatening to leave him, Enoka successfully killed Gragahar, leaving his distraught crew in shambles. Once again alone, she took an oath to never kill another human being again. She spent about a year doing odd jobs around Rainier, living a somewhat acceptable lifestyle before she eventually found herself a spot on Rhodanthe's crew.

Name: Wallace "Wally" Ackerman (ウォーリー・アッカーマン Wourii Akkaaman)

Designed by: The mutant 0408

Japanese Voice: Show Hayami (Nicholas D. Wolfwood in Trigun, Sosuke Aizen in Bleach, Enrico Maxwell in Hellsing Ultimate)

English Voice: Greg Abbey (Tristan Taylor in Yu-Gi-Oh)

Race: Marked

Magic Type: attack- fire (electric, ice).

Homeland: Rainer



Appearance: Nearly seven feet tall, and wide as 2 men this man is BIG. He wears faded black shorts and cuts his flaming red hair in a short buzz. He has a black dragon tatoo running up his right arm and a barbed wire one down his left. He never wears shoes and wears an eyepatch over his fake left eye wich is actually an artifact that lets him see farther away.

Likes: The sea, the feel of the earth under his feet. A good bar brawl.

Dislikes: Sweet things, violent people, children.

Personality: A gruff salt of the earth type man. He always prefers to see things as they are rather than get his hopes up. He does however love talking with new people. Fiercly Loyal.

Occupation: Pirate/Sniper

Abilities: Wally is a master of his gun and his artifact left eye makes him even deadlier with it. He is a super offensive mage firing magic bullets of Fire Electricity and Ice.

History: Before becoming a pirate Wally was an adventurer using his gun skills to make a name for himself. Once he got in a fight with a pack of ferocious monsters and barely managed to escape with his life losing his left eye in the process. Figuring his adventuring career was over he became a common pirate; an artifact gifted to him by Volker Osman, however, restored in him his full talent for sniping.

Name: Halfrida Laurent (ハーフリダ・ローラン Haafurida Rouran)

Japanese Voice: Aya Hirano (Misa Amane in Death Note, Konata Izumi in Lucky Star, Lucy Heartfillia in Fairy Tail)

English Voice: Paula Tiso (Fuuka Yamagishi in Persona 3, Jihl Nabaat in Final Fantasy XIII, Jennifer in Disgaea: Hour of Darkness)

Race: human

Homeland: Coliss


Gender: female

Appearance: Has perfectly smooth, pale skin and long, flowing black hair. Her eyes are bright and green. She has a thin, petite figure and is somewhat short. She dresses in beautiful, yet not flamboyant clothes.

Likes: conversation, guns, animals (particularly dogs and horses), tea.

Dislikes: her brother, being alone, high places, fatty foods

Personality: polite, yet rather sharp. Somewhat of a tomboy, though only to an extent. She rather enjoys company. Wants change, but wonders if it should only be to an extent.

Occupation: Princess of Coliss.

Abilities: A prize winning markswoman.

History: Daughter of King Hywel by a servant of his at the time, Victoria Laurent. When Queen Aubrey learned of the affair, she had Halfrida and her mother banished from the castle. The king bestowed upon them a mansion in which to live and would visit frequently. Hywel would often take Halfrida on shooting excursions with him to bond, which was something she came to enjoy more than she'd usually admit. She dislikes her elder half-brother Arcelius.

Name: Conant Tandy (コナント・タンディ Konanto Tandi)

Japanese Voice: Kenta Miyake (Nrvnqsr Chaos in Tsukihime, Scar in Fullmetal Alchemist:Brotherhood, assorted roles in Black Lagoon)

English Voice: Paul St. Peter (Yammy Rialgo in Bleach, Duke Fabre in Tales of the Abyss, Nine-Tailed Fox in Naruto)

Race: human

Homeland: Rainer



Appearance: a large, muscular man with a bald head. Has a short red beard on his chin. His most immediate feature is a nasty scar which runs all the way down the right side of his cheek. He dresses in a pirate captain's hat and a large red cloak emblazoned with the bloody serpent emblem. He wears two swords and three guns on his person.

Likes: sailing, pillaging, young women, rum

Dislikes: people who do him wrong, pirates better regarded then him, law-abiders, stiff people, walnuts.

Personality: A harsh and violent pirate. Sadistic and brash. Forms grudges easily. Believes others to be conspiring against him. Not as dumb as he looks.

Occupation: Captain of the Bloody Serpents.

Abilities: Skilled in using both swords and guns. especially skilled in using multiple weapons at the same time.

History: Regarded as the most brutal captain of the most brutal crew on all the seas. Conant has been a pirate practically his entire life. Formed a grudge against fellow captain Rhodanthe Tempest over both her meteoric rise to fame and prominence and her taking of his top gunner, Brendell Trine from his crew.

Name: Mahalia (マヘリア Maheria)

Japanese Voice: Noriko Hidaka (Aphrodite in Suite Precure, Eucliwood Hellscythe in episode 8 of Kore wa Zombie Desu Ka?, Kikyo in Inuyasha)

English Voice: Tiffany Grant (Altena in Madlax, Asuka Langley Soryu in Neon Genesis Evangelion, Sai Jounouchi in Angelic Layer)

Race: Angel

Home: Maytland

Age: 98 at death

Gender: female

Appearance: a very beautiful woman with darkly tanned skin and silver hair. Her eyes are sad.

Personality: quiet, almost never speaking. sad, but never cries.

Occupation: Slave angel

Abilities: Divine Word, Miracles, Catalyst-making

History: One of the first slave angels. It is speculated that like other slave angels, she was born to a profiteering woman who had went to a male angel specifically with hopes of conceiving an angel child to sell on the black market. Unlike most slave angels, she remained in captivity for a considerable length of time, passing from owners. This, and the fact that many catalysts were made by her throughout her life, have made her case kind of famous in the Astraeia underworld. Her final master was Lord Delron of Maytland. She bore him several children, including Belvedere Delron and the angel who would come to be known as Wren Pandra. Inevitably, Delron killed her. This event triggered what is called the Norwyn Calamity.

Name: Devon Hayle (デヴォン・ヘイル Devon Heiru)

Japanese Voice: Yuuko Sanpei (Aleksander Nikolaevich Hell in Seikon no Qwaser, Renton Thurston in Eureka Seven)

English Voice: Cathy Weseluck (Near in Death Note, Revive Revival in Gundam 00, Garcia Lovelace in Black Lagoon)

Race: human

Home: Archerd

Age: 18

Gender: male

Appearance: a handsome young man with fairly short cut blonde hair. He dresses in the armor of the Paladin corps and carries a lance. His eyes are bright green. He has fair skin.

Likes: justice, helping others in need (especially women), romance stories, fair maidens, flowers, sweets

Dislikes: people who harm women, rude people, sad things, extremely bitter foods.

Personality: a chivalrous knight. Somewhat self absorbed and over concerned with his image. Excitable, and one to flirt, but generally upstanding and dependable.

Occupation: Knight in the Archerd Paladin corps.

Abilities: lance skill, divine word.

Story: A member of the Paladin Corps. The only son and heir of a noble family in Archerd. Privileged and talented. Has always been popular with women. Idolizes the chivalrous heroes of romance tales.

Name: Annwyll Logann (アンウィル・ロガン Anwiru Rogan)

Japanese Voice: Ai Nonaka (Kyoko Sakura in Puella Magi Madoka Magica, Kafuka Fuura in Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei, Konoka Konoe in Mahou Sensei Negima)

English Voice: Jessica Boone (Chiyo Mihama in Azumanga Daioh, Misaki Suzuhara in Angelic Layer, Rei Miyamoto in Highschool of the Dead)

Race: human

Home: Archerd

Age: 15

Gender: female

Appearance: a beautiful young girl. Has very long, glorious blonde hair and pure white skin. Fairly short and younger looking than she is. Dresses in glorious white and gold armor with a white cape. Carries a thin rapier.

Likes: God, angels, kindness, love, chocolate.

Dislikes: sinners, darkness, blood, monsters, demons, fish.

Personality: A dedicated girl with a strong heart. Brave and thoughtful. A bit reckless and trusting. Modest. Pious.

Occupation: priestess/paladin of Archerd.

Abilities: mastery of Divine word. Skilled with a sword.

Story: Found as an infant by and raised by the church. She shows an affinity for the Divine Word nearly on the level of Angels. By ten years of age, she already had the skills of a full fledged priestess. When the war started, at just 12, she asked for permission to join the Archerd Paladins. She picked up combat quickly and was soon named a paladin captain. She's regarded as a prodigy and is famed across Astraeia for her youth and beauty as much as her skill. A humble girl, her fame is meaningless to her. She only wishes to help people, punish God's enemies, and find the answers to the strange reoccurring nightmares she has.

Name: Arleigh Farrier (アーレイ・ファリア Aarei Faria)

Japanese Voice: Kouji Ishii (Dordonii Alessandro Del Socacchio in Bleach, Garterbelt in Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt, Kimura in Azumanga Daioh)

English Voice: Michael Sorich (Don Kanoji in Bleach, Tessai Tsukabishi in Bleach, Dondochakka Bilstin in Bleach)

Race: human

Home: Archerd (formerly Corliss)

Age: 57

Gender: male

Appearance: an older man, but still with a full head of dark, curly hair. Has an equally dark bushy mustache. Has a cranky expression. Never without his fancy pipe.

Likes: curvaceous women, tobacco, alcohol, helping people who need it, people of strong ideals.

Dislikes: ignorance, brashness, Arcelius Dargan, leafy vegetables.

Personality: an atypical priest. Very down to earth and invested in worldly things. Never hesitates to speak his mind. Ultimately, he is a very giving man who enjoys helping others. Quick to reprimand those younger than he.

Occupation: Archerd Bishop. Formerly High Priest of Corliss.

Abilities: divine word.

Story: A priest born and raised in Corliss. Grew quite popular for his down to earth, frankness in his sermons and his strong capacity to hep sort out people's troubles. Became high priest. In this capacity, he befriended King Hywell and became one of the insiders conspiring with him on his plan. When Arcelius took power, he was exiled from Corliss. He went to Archerd where he was named a Bishop.

Name: Karel Unwin (カレル・アンウィン Kareru Anwin)

Japanese Voice: Jun Fukuyama (Lelouch Lamperouge in Code Geass, Maximilian in Valkyria Chronicles, Yumichika Ayasegawa in Bleach)

English Voice: Derek Stephen Prince (Uryuu Ishida in Bleach, Lin/Shin in Cowboy Bebop, Shino Aburame in Naruto)

Race: human

Home: Archerd

Age: 27

Gender: male

Appearance: an attractive man with flowing red hair and pale skin. Dresses in immaculate priest robes.

Likes: Melozza, beauty, music, art, expensive cheeses.

Dislikes: ugliness, uncultured people, people who say bad things about Melozza, eggs.

Personality: an egotistical man, concerned with image and the arts. Unlike Belvedere Delron, he detests things being too chaotic and is perfectly happy with his current place in life.

Occupation: The Archpriest who serves Melozza at her cathedral.

Abilities: divine word.

Story: A priest born in Vernell who came to study in Archerd. Was hand picked by Melozza at a young age to be the priest of her cathedral after the previous one got to old and ugly. He is obsessed with living to serve his Master.

Name: Myrna Odell (マーナ・オデル Maana Oderu)

Japanese Voice: Rie Kugumiya (Kanzaki H. Aria in Hidan no Aria, Mika Kujin in Kanamemo, Nena Trinity in Gundam 00)

English Voice: Caitlin Glass (Eila Ilmatar Juutilainen in Strike Witches, Chisame Hasegawa in Negima, and Winry Rockbell in Fullmetal Alchemist)

Race: Marked

Magic Type: Attack - Dark (Wind, Earth)

Home: Archerd

Age: 21

Gender: female

Appearance: an exquisitely beautiful girl with long, black hair which she usually wears in twintails. Thin and relatively flat chested. Has alluring green eyes and is fairly tall.

Likes: Melozza, singing, music, sweets.

Dislikes: being ordered around, being overly praised, her chest size, gaining weight, leafy vegetables.

Personality: an aggressive, spirited girl who lives for music. Can be easily embarrassed and taken aback.

Occupation: A star opera singer

Abilities: singing talent. Skilled with magic.

Story: A young singer who caught the ear of Melozza while still a child. The angel helped her get the attention her voice deserved, eventually landing her starring roles in a number of operas. She is ultimately grateful to Melozza and lives her life in service to her. Is Marked, making her story more remarkable.

Name: Ruinam (ルイナーム Ruinaamu)

Designed by: Toutaku

Japanese Voice: Minori Chihara (Yuki Nagato in The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya, Minami Iwasaki in Lucky Star, Teresa Beria in Seikon no Qwaser)

English Voice: Michelle Ruff (Yuki Nagato in The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya, Minami Iwasaki in Lucky Star, Rukia Kuchiki in Bleach)

Race: artificially enhanced human

Home: She has never known the outside of her room (laboratory in Corliss)

Age: Thirteen

Gender: Female

Appearance: Petite, slender girl, with very wide violet eyes as if she is constantly surprised, with thick black hair tinted with acid greed in a bobcut.

She wears a tight leather bodysuit, white in colour, with a large hood. Her bodysuit is lined with a thin layer of chainmail, and ceramic plates. This renders her almost bulletproof.

Likes: The world around her, new things, quiet

Dislikes: Loud noises, new things, the things she finds out about the world around her

Personality: She's an emotional canvas. She's never experienced anything outside of the room she was born in, and is both astounded and terrified by what she's seeing. She has a very short attention span, and is far more likely to watch a butterfly than engage her target.

Occupation: Assassin

Abilities: She is physically much stronger than most, her reactions are sharpened, and she is adept at combat with many different kind of weapons.

History: Who she was is a mystery. Shortly after Arcellius took power the experiment Project Rose was started based on some Ancient documents he had read about human enhancement. A girl was supplied for the experiment and her mind was wiped clean.

Ruinam has never been spoken to, only spoken at. She has been trained to her limits and experimented upon for so long, she is now as unstable as they come.

However, she is not a violent person. She finds life beautiful, and seeing nature for the first time upsets her deeply, as she feels no connection toward something so gorgeous.

Name: Zaki

Japanese Voice:

English Voice: Liam O'Brien (Archer in Fate/Stay Night, Red XIII in Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children, Akihiko Sanada in Persona 3)

Race: human

Home: Western Continent (formerly)

Age: 33

Gender: male

Appearance: a man with deep black skin. Black hair is worn very long in a braid. He dresses in bronze armor. Has a muscular, athletic body. Carries two relics that have been modified into harpoon launchers.

Likes: life at sea, fishing, Astraeian culture.

Dislikes: his homeland, birds, "lawful" types, very rich foods.

Personality: a fairly quiet man who only speaks when he has something to say. Noble, unlike his captain; he will not kill someone unless he has a specific reason to. In love with the idea of freedom, he doesn't care for those who are bound to duty or ideology.

Occupation: First Mate of the Bloody Serpent crew.

Abilities: great combat/hunting skill.

Story: A man from the western continent. He snuck passaged to Astraeia when he was in his early 20's, wanting nothing more than to leave his dangerous homeland far behind. He found work on a pirate ship, at first only as a deck hand. A young Conant Tandy befriended him and expanded his duties years later when he took over as Captain, making Zaki his first mate. Zaki does not agree with all that Tandy represents, but he believes he holds a debt to the man for recognizing him where others wouldn't.

Name: Lyria Felrook

Designed by: The Mutan 0408

Japanese Voice: Aya Hirano (Haruhi Suzumiya in The melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya, Ekaterina Kurae in Seikon no Qwaser, Nanael in Queen's Blade)

English Voice: Tara Stron (Twilight Sparkle in My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, Rikku in Final Fantasy X, Raven in Teen Titans)

Race: Marked (Wind, Water, Darkness)

Home: Rainer

Age: 26

Gender: Female

Appearnce: Ly is a very short woman standing at just above 4 feet tall. She wears a flowing red robe with a tight fitting black clothes underneath. She has ice blue eyes and chestnut brown hair that she wears in a french braid down her back. Her body is very slim and athletic, with almost no curves to speak of.

Likes: Spicy food, cold beer, fun people

Dislikes: Rude People, Cheaters

Personality: Lyria is a very excitable person, and isn't afraid to speak whats on her mind. She is also incredibly loyal to her friends, and finds it easy to make them. Always liking fair combat and hating death, Ly thinks that using magic in combat is cheating.

Occupation: Adventurer

Abilites: Lyria is a master of unarmed combat. Combined with her naturally blinding speed, incredible combat instincts, and catlike reflexes, she can beat even the best magical swordsmen and gun men without magic. Although when pushed she is also adept in the art of magical combat using her powers to make copies and enhance her speed.

History: From a young age she showed such a great ability for combat that she was taken from her home by her sensei to train in the harsh wilds of Rainer. She was trained in the Monster's Nest for jungle combat, the deserts for desert combat. She even got 47 floors down Blagden's Hell before the rest of her party died and she took it upon herself to contact each members family so she fought her way back up alone. She has since worked Only on jobs that are the most challenging and is often away for months at a time. While on a training excursion to the Monster's Nest, she ran into the demon Abellona. She was under her petrification curse for ten years .

Name: Prince Thorbern Randale

Japanese Voice: Keiji Fujiwara (Village Chief in Arakawa Under the Bridge, Ali Al-Saachez in Gundam 00, Maes Hughes in Fullmetal Alchemist)

English Voice: Travis Willingham (Andreas Darlton in Code Geass, Relius Clover in BlazBlue, Roy Mustang in Fullmetal Alchemist)

Race: human

Home: Rainier


Gender: male

Appearance: A tall, large man with flowing red hair and a short beard. Dresses in expensive blue armor with a gold lining and a red cape.

Likes: food, challenges, battles, poultry

Dislikes: inflexible people, too much formality, sweet foods

Personality: A strong standing courageous man of bold opinions with a strong sense of justice. Much sharper than his father.

Occupation: Crown prince of Rainier

Abilities: A very able warrior.

Story: The Crown Prince of Rainier and son of King Everand. An accomplished warrior in his won right, his exploits remain in the shadow of the famed warrior king. Shortly after a journey to see thw world and its challenges, he encountered the demon Abellona and was petrified. His life was saved by Wren Pandra.

Name: Barrett Osman (バレット・オスマン神父 (バレット・オスマンしんぷ) Baretto Osuman Shinbu)

Japanese Voice: Fumihiko Tachiki (Kratos Aurion in Tales of Symphonia, Daisuke Kousaka in OreImo, Kenpachi Zaraki in Bleach)

English Voice: Michael McConnohie (Charles zi Britannia in Code Geass, Van Grants in Tales of the Abyss, Berserker in Fate/Stay Night)

Race: human

Home: Archerd

Age: 86

Gender: male

Appearance: a muscular bear of an old man. Pure white, mid length hair, and a long white beard. In battle, wears white and gold armor and a white cape. A massive sword is worn at his back. Otherwise he wears standard black priest robes.

Likes: justice, strength, fruit.

Dislikes: lies, indecisiveness, really hard foods.

Personality: a very strong and firm man. Full of energy for his age. Can be stern, compassionate and even playful depending on the mood.

Occupation: Paladin general

Abilities: skilled swordsman; divine word; general leadership.

Story: Volker's father. His son was born illegitimately to a woman of Vernell. Though he didn't stay with the woman, he saw it his solemn duty to help raise the boy and visited frequently. Harsher in those days, he was always cold with the boy. After Volker's death his worldveiew changed. A clear thinking man, though he is faithful, he does not blindly follow the church. His career has taken him to the top of the Archerd paladin corps, where, to the surprise of men only a fraction of his age, he still takes a combat role. Distrusted by the Pope.

Name: Mayu (魔乳 [マユ] Mayu)

Japanese Voice: Megumi Kojima (Lanhua in Mermaid Melody Pichi Pichi Pitch Pure, Toko Touma in Zombie Loan)

English Voice: Kaytha Coker (Munemune in Magical Shopping Arcade Abenobashi, Princess Gyokumen in Saiyuki)

Race: Human

Home: Somewhere from the east

Age: 21

Gender: Female

Appearance: A slender woman of average height. Her hair is black, short, and straight with a white cloth-covered bun on the back of her head. Her eyebrows are thin and her black eyes sharply slanted. Her full lips are always covered with red lipstick. She wears a pale green jeogori (long sleeve jacket that stops at the chest) tied with cream-colored goreum (ribbons for tying jeogori), but daringly wears a white baji (baggy trousers), leaving her stomach and the undersides of her breasts bare. Her bust size has been known to fluctuate from totally flat to larger than her own head (hence her name, which means "demonic breasts" in her native tongue).

Likes: Fashion, breast expansion, sex, perfume, mandu (steam dumpling)

Dislikes: Jeongol (meat stew), religious people

Personality: Vain, seductive, cunning, patient, flirting, amoral, ruthless

Occupation: Spy, assassin, dancer (cover story)

Abilities: Faster, stronger, and more durable than the average person which is claimed to be a mystical art. Can control the size of her breasts, either because of her mystical art or she ate something weird that gave her a bizarre power (accounts differ). She is a skilled chemist and specializes in poison.

History: A visitor from the Orient. She was hired by someone to seduce secrets out of people with the occasional killing on the side with her poisons. She has no morals at all and shall work for anyone who pays well.

Minor Characters:

Jon Schaeffer (ジョン・シェフェール Jon Shefeeru): The Irvyn tavern owner and bartender.

Aida Schaeffer (アイーダ・シェフェール Aiida Shefeeru): Schaeffer's wife. Cooks the food they serve at the tavern.

Loren Durwin (ローレン・デューイン Rouren Dyuuin): A young physician in Irvyn. New to the town. Is madly in love with Wren Pandra.

Herbert Swinburne (ハーバート・スウィンバーン Haabaato Suwinbaan): The mayor of Royston. A sharp if somewhat slimy man.

Morten Fisk (モートン・フィスク Mouten Fisuku): A Corlissian Baron. Likes to argue. Is opposed to King Arcellius on principal.

King Hywel Dargan (ハイウェル・ダーガン王 (ハイウェル・ダーガンおう)): The former king of Corliss. Arcellius' father. Died of Baumer's Disease five years prior to the story.

Davyn Grainger (ダヴィン・グレンジャー Davin Gurenjaa): Una's three year old son.

Lillie Grainger (リリー・グレンジャー Ririi Gurenjaa): Una's five year old daughter.

Holley Rowan (ホリー・ローワン): Una's beloved mama. A strong matronly woman.

Esbern Telford (エスベアン・テルフォード Esubean Terufoudo): A famed Corliss war hero in the War of Dragons. Noble of rank Marquess. His dead was covered up by his wife.

Marelda Kraine (マレルダ・クライン Mareruda Kurain): the head maid of the Telford home. Comes from a family of dedicated servants. Haughty and stern, and ultimately devoted to her Mistress.

Ferron Orvelle (フェロン・オービル Feron Oubiru): Quartermaster for the Tempest Pirates. A stern, gruff, veteran pirate.

Lord Blanford (ブランフォード卿 (ブランフォードきょう) Buranfoudo Kyou): A member of Rainier Parliament. His wife was kidnapped by Abellona's imps.

Lord Graydon (グレイドン卿 (グレイドンきょう) Gureidon Kyou): A member of Rainier Parliament. His daughter was kidnapped by Abellona and eventually killed.

Eoghan Newall (オーエン・ニューウェル Ouen Nyuuweru): A Legendary pirate captain from about 150 years before the story. Many have went after the hidden treasure he placed at Harkan Island, but none have returned with it.

Scarlett Sherill (スカーレット・シェリル Sukaaretto Sheriru): A bright, young crewman of the Tempest Pirate. She looks up to Rhodanthe as an idol.

Broderick Antoly (ブロデリック・アントーリ Buroderikku Antouri): A cut throat Rainier mercenary with no moral compass. Loves to fight.

Harman Mace (ハーマン・メイス): a former bandit from Vernell. Greedy and self-absorbed. Likes to think he's more knowledgeable than he is.

Queen Aubrey Dargan (オーブリー・ダーガン女王 (オーブリー・ダーガンじょおう) Ouburii Daagan Jo'ou): former queen of Corliss and Arcelius' mother. It is said that the Hywel had no love for her. She died years before her husband.

Victoria Laurent (ヴィクトリア・ローラン Vikutoria Rouran): a former servant of King Hywel. The two of them had an affair which resulted in a child, Halfrida. She was banished from the castle on order of the queen. She lived a privileged life with her daughter in a mansion provided by the king who she still loved until her sudden death.

Marsden the Hermit (隠者のマースデン (いんじゃのマースデン)

Inja no Maasuden): A famous mage from over 200 years past, who left Astraeia for the middle of the ocean. He researched immortality, among other things.

Pope Arcelio the Great (極上のアルセリーオ教皇

(ごくじょうのアルセリーオきょうこう) Gokujou no Aruseriio

Kyoukou): The most famous of Semiran popes. 1369 years before the start of the story, he not only changed the calendars (proclaiming the start of a new era) but also appended the Holy Scriptures. He is the personal idol of Belvedere Delron.

Florus Traherne (フロルス・トラハーン Furorusu Torahaan): Former king of Maytland. Father of Berengaria Traherne. A sickly man since birth, his health became very poor upon the death of his wife at childbirth with Berengaria. When that child was then stricken with a mysterious ailment in an incident six years before the story, his health took another dive and he inevitably succumbed to death. Only ruled for ten years. Was a kind ruler, who believed in peace.

Lucanus (ルカヌス Rukanusu): The angel of war, who blesses brave soldiers. One of two angels in Maytland with cathedrals.

Casmire (カスミア Kasumia): A demon. An acquaintance and co-conspirator of Beliar.

Alston Ethelwin (オルストン・エセルウィン Orusuton Eseruwin): A man found stranded on the ocean by the Tempest Pirates. Claims he's an entrepreneur and scholar from Maytland.

Dougal Bradley (ドゥーガル・ブラッドリー Duugaru Buraddorii): A young soldier of the Ninth Magic Knights. A bearded man armed with a spear. Has a bit of a temper.

Lewes Noa (ルイス・ノア Ruisu Noa): A young mage of the Ninth Magic Knights. A dedicated spell caster armed with a focusing staff. A rational man.

Lind Lupont (リンド・リュポン Rindo Ryupon): a young female soldier of the Ninth Magic Knights. Fights with an automatic crossbow. Looks up to Captain Noland

Emil Coyne (エミール・コイン Emiiru Koin): A boy from the same village as Fawne. Showing the minimal level of talent to join the Paladin corps, he enlisted as a means to support his family. Was viciously killed by Fawne Hewney after a chance encounter for being one of the many who abandoned her and her family years ago.

Baron Rexford Delford (レックスフォード・デルフォード男爵 (レックスフォード・デルフォードだんしゃく) Rekkusufoudo Derufoudo Danshaku): The father of both Belvedere Delron and the angel Wren Pandra. Was killed by Wren after killing her mother, the angel Mahalia, who was his slave.

Alfonsia Glendower (アルフォンシーア・グレンダワー Arufonshiia Gurendawaa): A skilled paladin and acquaintance of Annwyll Logann. Has pledged her support to Melozza.

Rickard Louvel: A famous pirate captain who led the Chapel Wind Crew. Was slain by the Maytland navy. Mentor to Rhodanthe Tempest and an acquaintance to Volker Osman.

Martine Redmond: Trent's father. Died as a famed pirate of the Chapel Wind Crew.

Dirke: An early member of the Tempest pirates. Eventually retired from being a pirate to settle down.

Reeve Grosvenour: Arnou's father and Adalia's husband. A schemer, con-artist and gambler. Also a violent alcoholic who abused his wife and hated the son he sold away. Hung himself in despair three years before the start of the story.

Estrid Vainberg: An alter ego of Arnou Grosvenour that has lasted for a significant amount of time. Used to gain the trust of the paladins and then Melozza. She is the character of a sweet, naive, good natured girl with a strong heart.

Klaus Waltham: A famous composer who works for Melozza. Considered a musical genius.

Brandyce: The heroine of the opera, The Song of Hope. A proud female who leaves her countryside home to become a knight fighting in the Great Holy War. Played by Myrna.

Chayse: The hero of the opera, The Song of Hope. A playful and charming knight who through his courage wins Brandyce's heart.

Cyrus: A character in the opera, The Song of Hope. A young boy and the brother of Chayse. He falls for the Demon Queen's pretty words and becomes her servant, which leads him to naming Brandyce his enemy. Played by Arnou/Estrid in the opera.