Goodbye mom, dad… thanks for everything you have done for me but I just don't think I can handle you right now. I'm leaving for awhile and keeping my phone and keys here so there isn't a use to track me… thanks for raising me.

Your daughter,


I was planning this moment for months. I put my phone on the counter along with the note. It is 4:37 in the morning on a Saturday. I walk out the door with a few outfits shoved in a duffle bag and I get into Lisa's car.

"hey runaway." She greets me half laughing. She actually supports what I'm doing.

"Hey." I smile. I'm 19 years old turning 20 in a few months. I was supposed to go to Stanford in California next week. Obviously that's not happening.

Lisa drives off headed for the airport. "How does it feel?" She smiles checking herself out in the rearview mirror.

"Good I guess." I glance out the window. "Do you think I'll be okay?"

"Oh definitely." She continues to smile. "Are you getting nervous?"

"Who in the hell do you think I am?" I laugh. "Of course not."

She laughs.


Once the emotional goodbyes are done and I get off the plane and onto the bus it was completely empty except for the driver, it was like that for the rest of the ride.


Once off the bus I walked into the local park and sat on bench. I must have fallen asleep because I got there around 10:00 p.m. and now it is 1:19 a.m. I heard somebody coming. I really don't want to deal with the cops right now.

A guy maybe 21 sits next to me. "Do you believe in love at first sight?" He asks confidently.

"No, not really." I smile, not the cops hallelujah. This guy actually isn't that bad. Bright blue eyes, Thick brown hair shaggy, tall and lean.

He looks disappointed. "Anyway," he blushes, "What's your name?"

"Lane, and what is yours?" I look at him even though he is still blushing his brains out and probably giving me a vibe that maybe for his sake I should look away, to keep his manly dignity.

"Nate." He smirks. "You know there isn't to many hotels around here."

"How do you know I'm new?" I ask him with a slight smile. He smiles back.

"I would remember you." He stops blushing and continues to smile.

"Oh is that right?" I laugh slightly.

"yeah completely. Anyway-" I interrupt.

"You know if I really needed somewhere to stay there is always the local bars." I smile already knowing what he was about to ask. He thinks he is real cool. I laugh under my breath at the thought.

"Okay now that's offensive you honestly could trust a drunk woman or man over a completely sober guy who is genuinely nice." He laughs slightly.

"Ah, how do I know you're not some creepy rapist or pervert acting like a genuinely nice guy." I look at him and smile.

"Good point." He laughs. "I live with three other guys but I can't guarantee their actions, how's that?"

"I guess that's reasonable." I smile and stand up. "Where too?"

"Exactly how old are you?" He stands himself. Still smiling.

"Nineteen exactly." I smile as I glance at him. "A year into legal adulthood. How old are you thirty?" I laugh.

"Not even close." He smiles pulling out his keys. "twenty-one. My first year to legally drink."

"Well aren't you fancy." I laugh.


"We're here." He smiles as he puts his car in park and gets out of his old Chevrolet truck.

I open the door myself and get out of the car and lightly close the door behind me. "I see." I look at the one-story house in front of me it's really dark so I can hardly make out the shape of the house. There are yellow glows coming from the windows.

"Well here we go." He sighs slightly walking up and into the house.

I follow quietly behind him. We are greeted by loud voices, the smell of cigarettes and beer, and the local T.V. news on.

"Hey guys we have a guest!" Nate shouts over them and they become silent one by one.

As everyone comes into view I notice and redhead with freckles maybe twenty, a older guy with blonde hair about Nate's age, and a brunette maybe also twenty. I moved over so I could stand next to Nate.

"Is this your new girlfriend? She looks kind of young." The brunette guy squints at me.

"I know right…" The blonde looks at me up and down.

The redhead just glares at me like some psycho path.

"No she is not my girlfriend." He sighs. "This is Lane and she needed someplace to stay so I offered her to stay here."

They all nod.

"Lane this is Louis."

"Sup." The brunette smirks.


"Hi." The blonde smiles happily.

"and Dexter."

The redhead blushes and leaves the room.

"He can't talk to girls very well." Alex says.

"oh…" I pause. "Well it's very nice to meet you all." I smile. "Thanks for letting me stay for a bit."

"How old are you exactly?" Louis asks with no hesitation. "Are you one of those women who don't like to talk about that kind of stuff?"

"Oh I don't mind. I'm nineteen." I smirk.

"Well I'm going to get her settled okay Louis lets hold the question until tomorrow."

"Whatever." He sighs and looks back at the T.V.

Nate leads me into what I'm thinking is his room. "Well…" He pauses. "Uh I'll sleep on the couch and tonight you could sleep in my bed. There is a shower right through those doors." He pauses again, I wouldn't blame him he probably doesn't have random girls two years younger spend the night at his house. "You could use one of my shirts as pajamas… whatever makes you comfortable." He rubs the back of his head. "Is that okay?"

"Yeah as long as it's fine with you." I smile happy that he is trying to not be a jerk.

"Oh that's fine." He smiles slightly. "uh I'll be in the living room if you need anything, okay?"

"Sounds good." I continue to smile.

He blushes slightly. "Goodnight Lane." He grabs some of his stuff then leaves slowly closing the door behind him.

"night Nate." I sigh taking the whole day in. Later, I get in the shower and just rinse myself off. I grabbed one of Nate's t-shirts and hopped in his bed and fell asleep to the sound of my new roommates laughter and the smell of cigarettes, musk, and beer.

Who knows what tomorrow will bring…


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