Finding her

Chapter one

Luke was hanging out with his friends, they were skimming rocks down by the local lake in Clow. Luke skimmed a rock across the lake and heard it go up the other side onto the land, he then heard a young girl yell out in pain.

Luke told his friends "I am going to see what that was, you guys wait here"

"Hurry up and come back, I want you to watch as I beat your record, I am going to skim it 9 times" His friend Nick said in reply. Then there was a lot of "really" and "wow, you think you can" from all of Luke's other friends.

Luke walked around the lake and saw a girl, he remembered her from somewhere but he could not remember her name. She was sitting down holding a cut that the rock he skimmed had made. Luke quickly ran over to her asking "are you okay?"

"Yeah, I am ok, some rock hit me and I fell, I noticed it was cut a little so I was holding it, waiting for it to stop, do you know who hit me?" was the girls reply.

"No, I just heard someone scream and they sounded in pain so I was coming to check, I guess you are fine though, I guess I will see you later."

"Wait, I need help getting up, I cannot walk on my foot now, It hurts."

"I guess I could help you" As Luke said that, he extended his arm to her and helped the girl up, them put her arm over his shoulder so she could rest her body on his to walk on her hurt foot. "Is that better for wlaking now?"

"That helps alot. Can you take me to the doctor?"

"Sure thing, I am Luke by the way."

"I am Angela, Nice to meet you Luke."

Luke and Angela walked all the way to the doctor, Luke helped Angela get into the doctor and sit down, once the doctor examined her, he noticed that she had a sprained ankle and that she would not be able to walk for the rest of the day, Luke quickly offered to help her until she is better and Angela thanked him. Angela then asked "can you help me get home, I can't walk like this."

"Sure thing, where do you live?"

"I live down the street, I will tell you while we walk."

Luke lefted Angela up again and the two of them started walking down the street. Luke heard something strange like thunder but thought that is was impossible, seeing as though they live in the desert.

Luke then suddenly felt something cold hit his skin, and then again, it was getting faster and when he looked up, he saw water falling from the sky for the first time ever. Luke kept on walking with Angela and the two of them could not go any faster.

Luke and Angela were both feeling the cold touch of the icy rain against their skin for the first time in their lives so Angela asked Luke "can we stop and just sit, I have never felt rain before."

"Ok, I actually like the fell of the rain, it is kind of nice."

"I like it as well."

Luke and Angela sat there for a couple of minutes before Luke stood up and looked at the sky surrounding Clow, there was black clouds as far as the eye could see and he could see at least 20km away. Luke than sat back down next to Angela and looked at her, she was so happy, looking up at the rain.

Angela then looked at Luke and saw that he was looking at her, the two of them sat there looking at eachother until Luke started to lean in a little, Angela then did the same until their lips met. Luke could feel the heat and softness of Angela's lips and Angela could feel the softness of his lips and his tongue.

Angela lied down, pulling Luke down with her so that they were lying intertwined, Kissing under the drps of the rain. Everyone was inside so no one saw them so they did not care for stopping. Luke then pulled back, panting, before quickly jumping up and Angela extended her hand out for Luke to help her. Luke pulled her up and her arm over his shoulder and the two of them tried to get to her house as quickly as they could.

When they got to her house, Angela pushed the door open and then turned to face Luke, the two of them started to kiss as Luke pulled her up off the ground to carry her. Luke and Angela kept kissing until they reached the bed and Lke put her down slowly. Angela started to squirm to get to the top of her bed while Luke was above her, kissing her as they moved up.

Luke then got off from the top os Angela and lied down next to her, their hands entwined within eachother as they lay there, starting into eachothers eyes. Angela then starts to fall asleep and Luke stays up, watching and waiting for her to fall asleep before getting out a quill and parchment and writing 'Sleep well, I will see you tomorrow.'

Before that day, Luke was just a 13 year old boy who had short, spiked, blonde hair, blue eyes and a feinght six pack that he had been working on for a few weeks.