Finding her

Chapter 4

Angela woke up the next morning, lying in Luke's arms and just staring into his eyes. Angela then sat up and got out of bed, walking over to the kitchen and getting some food. Angela then walked over to the door, opened it and left to go back to her house.

As Angela closed the door, it woke Luke up and he sat up slowly, looking to his side and seeing that Angela was not lying there anymore. Luke got up and felt really hungry so he walked over to his kitchen and got something to eat.

Luke walked over to his drawers and went to get changed for school before he noticed that it was not a school day. Luke then put on some casual clothes and walked out the door, locking it behind him.

Luke walked around trying to find something to do when he ran into Angela again. Angela was wearing an elegant white dress that went down to her ankles. Luke walked over to her and said "where did you sneak off to this morning?"

"I went home so that I could change and have a shower, I should have left you a note, sorry."

"It is fine, I was just wondering why you disappeared."

"A grade-A student like yourself should not worry, you would find me eventually with your wits, or Braun."

"That is not funny, what do you want to do today?"

"I was thinking of just going to the markets and looking at the jewellery, what about you?"

"I was just heading to my training; today we are learning advanced hand-to-hand combat."

"Have fun then, I will see you when you get back?"

"I guess we could go for a swim again, or do something else." When Luke finished his sentence, he walked around Angela and headed for training, raising the back of his hand to get as he walked away and waving a little.

Angela then yelled out "I will see you later" and smiled as she started to walk toward the markets. When Angela arrived at the markets, she saw that there were more stalls for jewellery today which meant that there were travelling merchants today.

Luke headed for his training when he came across a group of men walking toward him. Luke just ignored them until the circled around him and asked him to go with them. Luke asked "why would I go with you, do I know you?"

"If you want to live, you will come with us, otherwise we will beat you to death."

Luke stood there for a second and then ran at the biggest man and jump kicked him in the face, pushing off of the now falling man's face, kicking his friend in the face. The other two men charged at him and he started to run before he came across a wall. The men kept on running at him so Luke ran straight at the wall, ran up it, kicked off the back of it and lunged over the two men, landing down low and sweep kicking one of them. The other man then swung around, throwing his fist out before Luke put his arms up to block it, the initial force pushed Luke back and then Luke grabbed the man's arm and pulled toward him, launching his foot into the man's face.

Luke looked back at the unconscious men and walked away, still heading toward his training session. When Luke arrived at training, the teacher asked him "have you been in any fights between now and last time we trained?"


"I am going to have to ask you to leave now and never return."

"But it was self defence, four men came at me and asked me to come with them, I asked why and they told me that they would kill me if I refused, it was not my fault."

"I do not care, you could have run away"

"I was circled by them, the only way out was to fight them, please do not make me leave, you have trained me well, and without your training I would have been killed."

"I am sorry, I may train you but you are not ready to fight until you have completed training, seeing as though you fought outside of training without by explicit knowledge or my consent, you are not allowed to return, I am sorry, I told you that when you started here."

"FINE!" Luke then turned around and went to leave, his teacher then lunged at him and Luke quickly spun around, swinging his leg at her before she stopped him. Luke then used his trapped leg to lift his body up and swing his other leg at her head, spinning his body in the process. Luke's left leg caught his teacher's temple and she went down onto the ground, he then helped her up and she told him "I guess you really did learn from my training, I will allow you to stay on one condition, next time you are in a fight, unless it is absolutely IMPOSSIBLE, you must run."

"Ok, when do I start?"

"You will skip training today, I was just going to teach you older methods that you already know but you must return tomorrow exactly on time, no earlier, no later, or you will be expelled."

"I will be here, I am very much in debt to you teacher." Luke then stood up tall, bowed, and walked out the door. Luke then remembered that Angela was in the market so he headed over there to see if she was still there and if she wanted to hang out.