I don't know why, but sometimes I just feel the need to take stock of my life. So, sometimes I think to myself, 'I'll list all the things weird about my life today!' which, usually, can be a really long list when it comes to me.

Well, for one, my mom and I are the only blood-relatives of the 6 (I think) people(ish) living in our house.

Second, my dog, who's actually a werewolf, is also my crush. He just happens to turn into a Jack Russell terrier at times.

Third, there's a ghost named Casper haunting our attic. He claims that he has absolutely no relation to Casper the friendly ghost, but we don't believe him.

Fourth, my best friend is a gay vampire. He's currently obsessed with Glee. Kurt is his idol.

Fifth, my mom also happens to be a witch. She thinks she's a cook, but nothing ever turns out the way it's supposed to with her cooking. 50 percent of it walks off, 20 percent blows up, 15 percent is registered as 'dangerous and radioactive, DO NOT EAT,' 13 percent smells so awful that it simply can't be eaten, and the other 2 percent is the percent that actually turns out.

Sixth, my mom's cat, who is black for irony purposes, is named Snowflake. He is also psychotic. He enjoys eating my socks.

Seventh, my dog's ex-girlfriend, who also happens to be a fairy, is out for revenge.

And eighth, I'm the only normal one in this whole thing. My mom says I'm not exactly 'normal.' She says I 'smell' and that's why all these weird creatures keep coming to our door randomly. She says I should feel honored.

Yes, mother. I feel honored that at this moment there happens to be a troll at the door when I'm already late and am supposed to be on my way to school. He thinks that I'm baking muffins. He says that he wants one.

Livin' the dream.

A/N: I'll kill myself for starting this later, but I REALLY need a non-serious story that also has somewhat of a story line!!! Why is everything I'm writing so serious??? It's weird! Anyway, it's Halloween, and this is my idea. Review, or I'll put a spell on you! MWUHAHAHAHA!