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Her breath came in heavy pants as her feet pounded on the pavement, her heart thundering so hard that she could hear it in her ears. Sweat dropped off her in waves, as she skidded around the corner and dived into the lane. Panting, Kitty leant against the wall, closing her eyes and biting hard on her lip.

She'd have to push herself more than she'd ever done before.

Now was not the time to give up; not when she'd come so far. She hated Amaris, with every fibre of her being. It was their fault she hadn't heard from her family in so long, their fault that she'd become worried enough to leave the safety of the house, to leave Chase and come back home. It was their fault that she lived in hiding, their fault that she was persecuted.


The name they'd given to those who were different, those who had odd, strange abilities, who were now seen as 'dangerous' for no obvious reason.

Kitty took a deep breath, closed her eyes and focused.

I can do this, she told herself. Keep running, Kitty. You need to keep running.

She glanced around the wall to see the dark shapes moving closer. They were scanning the area with torches, the high tech gadgets that shone with a light that could detect the infected.

If she was caught now...

Well, everything else would be rendered pointless.

Kitty slowly inched along the wall, sticking in the shadows, being as quiet as it was possible to be, though she was sure her heart was beating so loud that they could hear it. After she'd got half way down the alley, she started to lightly run. Soon emerging at the other side, she broke into a sprint, running past derelict, run down houses that, when she was a kid, had been well kept, beautiful and old-fashioned. She rounded the corner, running up the steep hill, knowing exactly where she was going.

Part of her had hated returning here; her hometown was so different to how she remembered it. Everything was darker; everything was partly destroyed or decaying. Even her old family home. She'd gone through the remains, looking for any sign of the past, and had found little there except an old mobile phone and a couple of books.

Had her parents moved?

She hoped so. She had prayed to a God she didn't think actually existed, she wished on a star that didn't shine, hoping her parents had managed to make it across the border, into the 'better' land, where things were still fucked up but not as badly as they were there.

She burst through the gate at the bottom of the hill, flashes of memories pushing her forward. She remembered sitting on the bench, right at the top, with her best friend, cigarettes dangling from their mouths, the only place they could smoke them without being caught. She remembered a windy night trying to light up with her boyfriend at the time, grabbing his lit cigarette and using it to light her own.

Suddenly, Kitty was little more than a blur, ignoring the once-beautiful sight of the sea behind her as she leapt over the gate at the back, barely enough time to think about how the sea had turned from murky brown to an odd reddish colour, or to reflect on how the benches were destroyed, split in two or gone completely. She didn't have time for sentimentality.

Her feet smacked against the pavement, her ears picking up on the distant sound of the men. Good. They weren't too close. She rounded the corner and within seconds was standing in the middle of the graveyard, eyes glancing towards the church that had seen so much throughout the years. Her knees trembled, tears sprung up in her eyes.

How had it come to this?

The church had survived the blitz! It had survived the years of wear and tear, it had been a silent guardian over the town, and had offered her a great place to sit and stare at the city across the water. Now, now she wanted to cry. The roof had fallen in, and bricks lay scattered around what could really only be called a ruin, now. The graves around her were broken, kicked over, or, like the park benches, just gone.

She felt her body shudder, as she began to walk through the graveyard, careful where she stepped. Finally, she was on the other side of the church, gazing across the water at what was once the beautiful skyline of the city of Cardiff. She'd trudged through the city the day before, had seen how it, like the town, was desolate and broken. Still, she'd seen people there; she'd seen them moving around, thin and frail, wraiths in a ghost-city.

Caught up in thinking of how things had gone so bad, she didn't hear the men creeping around the church, she didn't realise they were there until she heard a voice hiss behind her.

"We found you."


She whirled around, sending a kick towards the man, honing in on the skills she'd learnt whilst doing self-defence at University.

It wasn't good enough.

The man caught her foot, twisted her around and suddenly she was face-down in the grass, a broken piece of stone inches from her face.

She reached forward, wanting to grab it, to have a weapon.

Too slow.

Kitty didn't make a sound as the butt of a rifle hit her head, rendering her unconscious.