She pulls up to the softball field.

Heart racing, thinking

"Am I really going to go through with this?"

Well I'm here why not? But is he going to show up? She waits for a few minutes thinking he is not going to show up. I'm so stupid. But he dared me.

A few minutes later, she looks at the clock and it's passed 11. She sees a white car slow down. However her pulse picks up. She is doing this.

Her phone starts to ring.

It's him

Deep breath

"Hey" she says in her phone

"Hey where are you?" he says

Oh my, that's him. She thinks

"Take a right then takes another right and I'm by the soft ball field." She says back in the phone.


He takes a right and then another right. He pulls up by her and shuts his car off then gets in her car.

"Hey" she greets him

"Your car is always messy" he replies jokingly.

"Sorry can't help it.

She shuts her car off; she still has her seat belt on. Her heart is pounding. She is shaking her leg because of her nervousness.

They talk and talk.

He looks up and notices the sun roof. He slides the covering back and she looks up and she points to the stars, he reaches over and unbuckles her seat belt. Her heart beats faster.

She looks at him then back up to the stars.

He starts tickling her, knowing how ticklish she is.

She laughs.

He takes his hand and moves the hair of her face and kisses her.

Her heart pounds.

She kisses back. He caresses her face. Then tickles her some more, she laughs and sigh,

He does it again and she is eager, his hand caresses her neck while his lips move against her lips. He breaks the kiss and moves to her neck she takes a deep breath in, he moves his lips closer to her ear and nibbles on it, and she has her eyes close, enjoying this feeling.

She wants his lips back on her. She moves his head and captures his lips. She grabs on to him. Afraid if she loses her hold he will go away, she tries to move closer. They stop kissing.

"I think the steering wheel is in the way."

She pushes her seat back.

The start kissing and he pushes her. She climbs on top of him his hands go under her shirt she kisses him passionately . She kisses up his neck. Bites his ear, he pinches her ass.

She yelps.

"Don't do that" he says

"Why?" she ask

"It turns me on.'' He answers

"Maybe that's what I want.''

She stops looks at her watch

"Oh crap 11:46, I gotta go." She says.

"Why?" he ask

"Curfew, midnight." She pants has he kisses her

It takes 5 minutes to stop kissing.

They step out her car. She can't walk. Her legs are jell-o.

"Bye" they say to each other, and hug.

Two days later

She logs on Facebook.

His status pops up

Jason: missed Jan all weekend, finally spending time with her.

She sighs. Her name is Emily.