This is stupid. I'M stupid. What was I thinking? What was Jesse thinking? No wait. Jesse was thinking I was stupid. I think Jesse was right. He never sticks to his promises, what made now ANY differant? NOTHING! This was NO different. Grr....

"Well... I think you look very pretty." Jesse said, walking beside me. I'm sure you do, mr. tricked-me-into-thinking-I-wouldn't-be-the-only-guy-cross-dressing-on-Halloween. Stupid friend of mine was supposed to be a girl with me. But no. He went of and god the best spiderman costume out there.

Okay, no he didn't. His costume is crap, but anything beats walking around in some gothic tutu skirt thing. How can my sister wear there and not freeze things off?

It may be that she doesn't have things to freeze off... I forget that about girls. Ew, I'd rather not remember... I, on the other hand do have things to freeze off, and they are not happy with me in the least.

"Your a jerk. A big dumb jerk." I said. I'm so cool and unhappy it's the first thing I've said to him all night.

"Hey!" He countered, "I said you looked pretty!"

"The hell you do." Okay so that didn't make the most sense thinking back on it. "You've been laughing at me sinse the second you saw me." Yes I admit. I'm pouting, but I'm cold, my junk it about to fall off and theis bra is itchy. I don't know how girls can stand it!

"Hey! Um... Person in the skirt!" I heard foodsteps running over, gettintg louder. I don't look back, but Jesse does. Jesse finds what ever he found really funny. This can't be good... He caught up, the person calling for someine in a skirt thai is. "You don't have great ears, do you...?" He asked panting, his hand on my shoulder. I still refuse to look at his.

"I have wonderful ears thank you!" Yeah, it was a bit snappish but... I just want to go get candy and get home... It's Holloween! I want candy! Meh. Jesse owes have of whatever he gets.

"I'm sorry, she's on her period." How Jesse can say that with a straight face knowing i'm about to beat it in is beyond me, but as soon as he sees my glaring face he starts laughing at my pain. Oh, i'll show him pain.

He drops to the ground a second later holding his crotch. I have one smug smile when I spin around to face the boy for the first time. Dammit, he's hot!

He's staring at Jesse grimacing. Good. I was smiling at his all sweet like when he finally looked back up he laughed uneasily.

"You have no idea how bad that hurts..." He finally said.

"Wanna bet?" I started laughing and sat on Jesse's side, causing him to grunt. I patted Jesse's shoulder, offering the boy, that thinks I'm a girl, a seat. He shook his head and declined.

I shrugged.

"Soo...." He began. "For what I chased you down for. What school do you go to?"

I narrowed my eyes.

"The only high school within five miles of here."

"Oh... Right, thats good. What grade?" He asked. He looks really nervous and I know what that means.

"I don't date straight guys." I said with a blanks look. Jesse was laughing under me quietly, cuz I cut off most of his air flow. He was turning sirta red, I should probably get up. Naw.

"Wh-what? No! I wasn't asking you out, I'm not interested!" Awfully defensive, this boy...

"Really now?" I raised my eyebrow, cuz I am just that awesome, that I can do that.

"Yes! I was just trying to ask if you'd want to be my fag hag!" My jaw dropped and Jesse rolled onto his stomach in silent pained laughter. Not I had a more comfortable seat. Jesse's bony hip was stabbing me.

Not a few feet away, a group about five or six people were laughing hystarically.

"Your friends?" I asked nodding towards them.

His nod looked defeted. Ha.

"Well, to anwswer your question, no. I won't be your fag hag. Isn't that job filled by straight girls?" I asked, and he looked surprised.

"Your a lesbian?" I gave him a strange look and shook my head violently. Jesse was having a ball trying to breath though his laughter and my butt.


"What part of I don't date straight guys, don't you get?" Now he looked confused.

"Ummm.... Necrophiliac?" I gave him an apauled look and Jesse gave up on breathing. He was crying from lack of air and laughing so much. So what if that's sorta the same thing. "I give up..." The boy said, thowing his hands up into the air.

"He's.... Gay you.....Retard....." Jesse gasped out. How, I'll never know, considdering he's still laughing. I'm not ever sure how he's still consious....

"He....? But your a girl..... aren't you?" I rolled my eyesand stood up, causing Jesse to gasp and start cackling like a freakin' witch. He always did have the strangest laugh.

"Ravynn's my name, annd no, these are my little sister's clothing and I'f freezing something that shouldn't be frozen so I'm going to safeway to buy a bunch of candy and then I'm going home." I replied, walking in the direction of the store.

"Umm... Darren...." He replied helping Jesse off the ground. By the way Darren was staggering I'm assuming Jesse was making him practically hold him. I sighed.

"Fatty, come here." I demanded, pointing at the ground.

"I can't walk stupid!" He called back.

I glared back and eventually stomped my way back over to him.

"Fine fatty. But your coming to safeway with me."

"Umm..." Darren interupted, "Safeway's closed..."

"And you have no key." Jesse reminded me.

"Grr....." Stupid people reminding me of things I should already know.

"I can, uh... let you come to my house. My mom bought way to much candy and I can let you borrow some clothes, because, well I'm sorry, but I'm having a hard time believing your a guy..." Darren offered.

Tempting... Very tempting.

"Fine." I replied, blushing a little when he smiled. I said he was hot didn't I? "But Jesse's staying with your friends."

"Hey!" Jesse complained.

"I want to hear nothing out of you." I replied, bopping Jesse on the head even though he's taller than me. He's only a few inches taller anyway.

He sighed and walked over to Darren's friends. They were laughing like old buddies by the time me and Darren were leaving hearing range.

"So... um... Cross-dressing?" Darren asked.

"Jesse's fault." I slared at him, daring him to continue, he didn't dare. Good boy. "What about you?" He didn't look like he did anything. He was wearing the male equivilant of what I was wearing. Eyeliner included.

"I'm an angsty teen." He replied, smirking a little.

I couldn't help but laugh. It was good.

"So, did you actually do anything different?" I asked, highly doubting it.

"Not really." He answered, shrugging. "Except these are my only pair of pants that aren't skin tight."

I laughed again. Fitting. Still a good 'costume' for a lazy person.

"Well." He said, turning us down a driveway. "Home sweet home." And knocked on his own door. I would have thought it silly if I wouldn't have been doing just that for about an hour before realizing no one was home...

"Hello! Oh. It's just you Darren." A pretty woman said, answering the door. She deflated a little when she recognized Darren.

"Sorry mom, have you had any luck?" Darren asked.

"None. And we have a ton of candy too..."

"I can help with that." I smile at the mention of candy. Every time. Mmm, my mouths watering at the thought of it.

"Oh! I didn't see you! Did you come with Darren?" She asked, smiling when I nodded. "Well, what's you name than?"

"Ravynn, miss..." I answered. Mmm... She wasn't kidding. That's a lot of candy... Oh dear god, I'm in heaven.

"Well, come in, come in, it's cold." The nice lady with the yummy candy replied. I came in with no question. Prolly not brilliant... Oh well. It's worth it for that candy.

"He want's to change first though." Darren said, pulling me towards a staircase. Good bye candy... I'll be back for you...

"He? Oh! Wow.... You did amazing, I thought you were actually a girl..."

I grumbled and walked up the stairs after Darren.

I was back downstairs soon, and mmm..... It was really good candy....

Before you judge me as stupid I just want to say... Okay, I am a bit stupid. But only in the name of candy.

"So." Darren's mom said, smiling. Scary... She looks way to pleased. "Is this your way of introducing your new boyfriend?" I nearly choked on the candy. I watched him out of the corner of my eye, his mom, his job to answer.

"I'd like him to be, if he'll agree." He replied, watching me. I did choke.

"Wha?" I asked, looking at him.

"Wanna date?"

Is anyone out there actually counting my stupid desisions of the night? Cuz someone should be. I mean honestly. I'm so confused. What is going on? Did ANYONE see this coming? Cuz I didn't... Actually I'm sorta sure you people in my head did.

Cuz honestly, Jesse is right. I'm stupid...

"Uh... Sure." I did say he was hot. And he gave me candy... And I'm stupid... Oh dear lord, what have I done?

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