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Ok, so this is just a place description I did for English class. I put it up here just for fun and to get some opinions on it. It is the first even remotely scary thing I've written. It was interesting to write, because I didn't really know fully where I was going with it until the end. I am not completely satisfied with it, but then again I never am. I am pleased with the reaction it evoked from my English teacher though! She didn't expect me to write anything like this. Well, I suppose I should stop rambling now… Sorry! I hope you enjoy this. PLEASE review and tell me what you think!

Laughter preceded a little boy of about three as he ran through the pines into the clearing. "Hello there," Amy said.

"Hello! My mommy and daddy were very sick, and now they are sleeping and they never want to play. Will you come over and play with me?" the little boy asked, his light blond curls and bright blue eyes merry.


The little boy ran back the way he came looking back at her, smiling and laughing all the while.

"Wait for me!" she called after him as he vanished from sight behind an evergreen.

As she came through the dark, towering pines into a second clearing, a strange sight met her eyes. A large brick mansion sat nestled in the pine grove. She walked down the flagstone path to the wrought iron gate covered with the clinging dead, thorny vines of climbing roses, her breath a frosty plume in the chill sunless afternoon.

There was no sign of the boy, but the gate stood slightly ajar, so she assumed he had gone inside. She opened the gate a bit wider. It groaned in protest. She crossed through what was she was sure was once a magnificent garden to the front door. All that was left of the skillfully landscaped lawn were small lumps under the snow and tall skeletons of once stately shrubs.

The Mansion loomed before her, its chipping white paint barely covering the cold brick beneath it now. The large dark windows stared down at her as she approached the front door.

The door opened slowly with a creak. She stepped inside closing the massive door behind her and walked down the entryway lined with closed doors. To her left, a room was open. She peered inside at what seemed to be a parlor. All the chairs were covered with sheets and blankets of dust. She walked inside and saw to her right two large mounds under sheets. Vases of browned wilted lilies festooned the end tables. Atop the white mounds sat a picture of a reserved couple that she assumed to be the boy's parents. In her insatiable curiosity, she lifted the corner of the sheet covering one of the mounds only to quickly drop it again in surprise. A coffin. Two coffins lay serenely under the sheets. She stood there stunned.

Then she heard the pitter patter of little footsteps upstairs and the sweet laughter of the little boy.

'He doesn't realize that his parents are dead!' she thought. 'Poor thing! I'll have to go comfort him.'

With that thought she exited the room and made her way to the end of the dim entrance hall. Before her was a double staircase leading up to the second floor. An elaborate crystal chandelier hung from the ceiling and a magnificent oil painting crowned the top balcony.

She again heard cheerful laughter and followed it to the fourth room on the right, the nursery. The door stood open and she walked into the spacious room. A large doll house stood against the wall and various toys littered the floor. One of the windows was cracked and a chill breeze blew the lace curtains about.

She crossed over to it and looked down on the backyard. Several lonely trees stood bare against the yellowish grey sky, like charred bony hands reaching for the departed sun. A small table sat beneath one of the large trees all set for tea.

She smiled. 'I wonder if he has any siblings,' she thought to herself.

As she turned back around, she almost tripped over something. It was a cracked porcelain ballerina music box. When she picked it up, it played a brief strain of a hauntingly beautiful melody then whirred and clicked to a stop.

Across the room she spied a small hand hanging out from under the sheets.

"Found you!" She smiled and strode across the room to the lump under the covers.

She lifted up the blankets to reveal the little boy curled up and staring at her with blank cold eyes. She took his hand but then jumped back. It was ice cold. He had obviously been dead for days. Her pulse quickened and her breathing came in ragged gasps. She screamed.

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