More damage is done to a person's perception

Of God, by false teachings of torment in hell,

Than all other doctrines, without an exception.

No wonder the Gospel is so hard to sell.

John 3:16 says, "Who believes will not perish,"

(That's "perish", not suffer and endlessly burn).

So why do religious men so often cherish

The notion that this verse was written to spurn?

In Malachi 4:1, God says the day's coming,

When evil and proud men will burn up like straw.

And Malachi 4:3 continues on, summing

Up: "dust" as their fate, to remember no more.

The concept's not lasting, like preaching or tithing.

Remains of the wicked will scrunch under foot.

There won't be an agony, born out by writhing.

Those burnt human bodies will simply be soot.

There's more (about Satan), which we should be knowing,

In 28:18 of Ezekiel;

If anyone's punishment should be ongoing;

But even the Devil won't suffer in hell.

In Jude 7, Sodom, and also Gomorrah

Will suffer the fire: an example to all,

Not go on as fiery lake's constant explorer,

While family in heaven are having a ball.

The Bible says there is no safety for sinners.

(Isaiah 48:22 is precise.)

But Jesus can turn them from death, to be winners,

If here (in this life) they will take this advice:

Now those without Jesus are living already

In hell; but when they die, it comes to an end.

But others have foretastes of heaven, and steady,

They trust in the Savior the Father did send.

There are those who support one of Calvin's ideas,

That the Lord only offers forgiveness to some

On a list He's preset; while the rest live in fears

Of the judgment and punishment, one day to come.

But Arminian teaching says all can be spared,

If they turn to the Lord for forgiveness of sin,

And that they could be reached by the Christians who cared

To evangelize this to their colleagues and kin.

Well the answer, that's found in 2 Peter 3:9,

Says that God will be patient, and wants to kill none,

And includes (in the plan of his loving design)

A desire for repentance: For His will be done.

We can also find those who would take on the view,

That the wages of sin are infinity spent

By a soul that just suffers, with no chance to do

Any learning or changing; no chance to repent.

But the Son of God preached on this topic as well,

Saying: don't fear the men who can't get at your soul;

But that God can destroy soul and body in hell,

Which does not imply torments or burning hot coal.

God's aware that some people will choose to reject

(And their souls will be facing destruction by fire),

Since He sees all our futures in His retrospect

(And I can't see tormenting them in God's desire).