A/N: So here we are, the epilogue. Enjoy how cliched it is, I'm hopeless romantic if you haven't figured that out by now! I've had an absolutely blast writing this story, kind of sad to see it come to an end. I'm going to do music drabbles with this couple however, so if you have a song you want me to write a drabble to, don't hesitate to drop me a line. I'll probably do a drabble a week. I also plan on starting my next novel soon, which will be a Historical romance. I just love the idea of my guy being all noble and lordly, and the lady being well, a lady. Regency England, here we come!

I hope you enjoy. (:

Caillen Masters never thought he would be standing where he was ever in his life. He was standing under a gazebo in his backyard, wearing a tuxedo that made him feel like an idiot, but he had never felt so happy to be so dressed up. Aislynn's friends and guests definitely filled up her side more than his, but he was actually surprised with just how many people came to sit on his side of the seating plan. Then again, he had a feeling half of them decided to come more for the novelty of Caillen Masters tying the knot. Last he had heard, there were bets being placed on if he would go through with this. But still, more people than he had anticipated.

The music started, and he swung his head to look down the aisle, just waiting for Aislynn to make her appearance. And his breath was blown away when she started walking down the aisle. He had never seen her quite like this, with her hair all done up in a fancy way. And the fact that she was wearing a wedding dress wasn't exactly a normal sight.

He took her hand in his once she reached his side and smiled down at her, getting a tilt of the lips in return.

They went through their vows, something he had taken a week or so to write. It just wasn't in his blood to be eloquent, but he was proud of what he had written. And of course with her being a writer, it came out damn perfect.

After the ceremony and the dozen or so congratulations coupled with dazed, disbelieving looks, he grabbed her hand and tugged her into the house, ducking into one of the guest bedrooms for a bit of privacy.

"I have your wedding gift, but I wasn't sure if you would want it in front of all those people."

"I thought we decided on no gifts for each other," A look of panic had blanketed over her face, "I haven't gotten you anything, I didn't think we were doing them."

"Calm down, wife," He smirked, "It's nothing big. Just a little information. You might like to sit down."

She did as he asked and sat down on the bed and he sat next to her, "I started to do a little digging when you mentioned trying to find your parents... I managed to discover some information. I want you to be certain you want to hear it though, it's not exactly what you were hoping to hear I don't think."

"I need to hear this Caillen. If it's bad, well, I'll just deal with it." She wouldn't really, and he knew that. She would be upset for weeks, and he would hate himself for being the one to put her in that mood.

"Your dad died from an overdose." He had to put it bluntly; it was the only way to do it.

"Oh. And my mom?" He could hear the catch in her throat, and was wondering if this was the best time to tell her all of this.

"She was a good woman. She meant to come back and get you once she had found a job to support you, but she ended up in a car accident when you were only about 2 months old. She cared for you, Aislynn, she didn't just abandon you. I thought you would appreciate that."

"So she really did love me? She did want me?"

"Of course she wanted you. She just didn't want you to be disappointed in her."

"Oh. That's actually . . . nice to know. That she cared," Seeing the scared look on his face, she reached up stroked his jaw, "It's the best present anyone could have ever given me. Thank you."

"So shall we go back out and greet our guests?" The relief was evident in his voice.

She grabbed her hand and tugged him to his feet, pulling him along out the door, "I was thinking I could give you your present."

"I thought you said you hadn't gotten anything?"

She threw a coy smile at him from over her shoulder, "There's something to be said about impromptu presents."

"Is that right?"

"Trust me, you'll like this present."

Oh man, did he ever.