Getting in the Halloween vibe! Okay, so I'm a day late. FORGIVE ME I WAS AWAY FROM MY COMPUTER YESTERDAY. Anyway, I planned to make something for Halloween, possibly something about a serial psycho killer. But then I stumbled across The Slender Man, who is, may I say, pretty creepy. Just the mere description of him made me literally turn around to check if he wasn't there… O.o And so I used him as inspiration! Okay enough talking! Here it is :D


The Slender Man


He is the reason for the nightmares I have every single night. He is the reason why I lost my best friend. Until now, I still don't know who he is or what he wants or where he came from or even why he's still here. All I know is, he's still there, watching and possibly waiting for me.

It all began on the day before the fall break. I remember sitting beside Aggie, falling asleep to our history teacher as he droned on about the French Revolution. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw Aggie staring blankly out the window, at the orange leaves falling from the trees.

I was already at the point where my eyelids were drooping with sleep when Aggie suddenly grabbed my arm. I jumped up in surprise and stared at her hand, her fingers digging deeply into my skin.

"What is it?" I whispered, not wanting to be caught by the teacher.

She didn't speak. She just pointed out the window with a shaking finger. I looked where she was pointing at and saw nothing, just falling leaves.

"Aggie, I don't see anything," I told her. She shook her head, keeping her eyes locked on the view outside the window.

"Look harder," she said between clenched teeth. So I did look harder.

Then I saw it. Behind the tree nearest to the window was a sliver of black. I assumed it was the shadow of the tree, but strangely, it didn't look part of the tree at all. It looked like someone was standing behind the tree.

Before I could reply, the class ended. Everyone was getting up to go to lunch. I looked back at Aggie. She was still staring out the window. She never let go of my arm.

At lunch, she claimed that there was someone behind the tree, watching her. She said that the person was looking straight at her. I told her that it was probably some random hobo spacing out on the tree that happened to be right next to the window.

"That wasn't a hobo," she said, her voice tainted with fear "Hobo's don't wear suits."

"The guy was wearing a suit?" I asked. Aggie nodded.

I frowned, trying to make sense of it. Why would a guy in a suit be staring at Aggie from behind a tree? Maybe he's some government agent and he's planning to take her in for espionage or assassin training. I relayed that thought to her and expected her to laugh. All I got was a terrified stare.

I thought it would be better during art class. Turns out it wasn't. We were painting whatever came into our minds. Aggie was seated a few seats away from me, which made me kind of worried because she was starting to look like a nervous wreck. I was just sitting there, calmly painting a landscape when I heard a really loud piercing scream coming from the back.

Everyone immediately stopped what they were doing and turned around. I looked back and saw Aggie, almost half way out of her seat, pointing frantically at the window. Everyone looked outside and saw nothing, just patches of grass surrounded by orange and yellow leaves.

"Aggie? Are you alright?" asked our art teacher, Ms Beckett cautiously. Aggie just kept staring at the window, her finger poised in the air stiffly.

I looked back out the window and I could've sworn I saw something dart into the trees. I squinted at it, but I couldn't find it. It was gone.

I decided to talk Aggie home that day because I figured she wouldn't even make it to her house in her condition. I had asked my parents a few minutes ago if I could stay in Aggie's house until dinner and fortunately, they agreed.

As soon as I closed the door to her room behind me, I crouched down beside her figure, huddled beside her bed. Her skin was pale and her eyes were more than terrified. She was hugging her knees so close to her chest I thought she might crush herself with them.

"Aggie, what's wrong with you? You're really starting to freak me out," I said, putting an arm on her shoulder. She was trembling like a cornered mouse.

"D-do you know about the…S-Slender Man?" she asked in a quiet voice. It shook with the rest of her body.

"Who's the Slender Man?" I asked.

She told me that her brother told her a month ago about this creature called the Slender Man. Apparently, it's supposedly really tall, has many limbs, has no face and wears a black suit, which, in my opinion, is a strange description for a creature of the night. I couldn't help but think of Jack from The Nightmare Before Christmas, just without a face and a lot of limbs.

Anyway, her brother had shown her the evidence of the Slender Man's existence, from pictures to audio clips. She had put it out of her thoughts, thinking it was just one of her brothers tricks just to scare her.

But then, one day at a birthday party, she saw a tall man in a suit standing beside a tree in her neighbor's lawn. She looked harder at the man and saw that he had practically no face at all. Plus she swore that she saw two more arms moving about behind his back.

That wasn't all. She claimed to have seen him in the park, in the middle of the street, in a parking lot and even outside her window in the middle of the night. She'd been having dreams of him too, his arms stretching and reaching out to grab her and steal her away.

Since then, he has haunted her endlessly. She could barely sleep a wink without worrying that he might be standing behind her. She was only able to relax this week because she hadn't seen any trace of him at all since Sunday.

"But, why haven't you told me?" I asked her, slightly overwhelmed by this information.

"Because I didn't want to scare you," she said, her voice still hardly louder than a whisper "I didn't want you to worry about ever seeing him."

I snorted. "Well I'm scared now."

Aggie's face didn't change emotion. She was still terrified. She held my arm tightly, squeezing it with all the force in her body.

"Can you…can you stay with me tonight?" she whispered "I don't…I don't want to sleep alone…"

I knew that my parents wouldn't let me on such short notice, but I also knew that I couldn't leave Aggie alone. She might just go crazy and kill herself right then and there. I called up my parents and explained the reason for the sleepover. And being the understanding parents that they are, they let me stay.

Before we slept, I made sure that all the windows and doors were locked and all the curtains were drawn so Aggie could at least feel safe. I closed the lights, but left the lamp open. A few hours into the night, I could've sworn I heard loud breathing noises in the room….


Halloween arrived the next day. A friend of mine, daring as he is, said that we were going ghost hunting that night in the forest behind the park. To my surprise, many of my friends agreed to do it. The only ones who didn't were me and Aggie, so we were overruled. I knew deep inside that it was a terrible idea, but peer pressure is a devil in disguise, so we had no choice.

We started our hunt at around 10 pm, because "the ghosts usually come out at this hour", or so my friend said. The woods looked darker and thicker and even more terrifying than it did in the day. To our friends, Aggie and I probably looked like idiots cowering at the back, but in fact THEY were the idiots for actually thinking of this stupid idea.

Aggie was clutching my arm, trembling like a leaf. I didn't want to frighten her more by being a chicken, so I tried to put on a brave face, or what I thought was a brave face, and kept walking.

We walked through the woods Blair Witch style, our brave friend in the lead and one guy documenting the venture on film. Aggie began to relax. There was no sign of the Slender Man anywhere.

Halfway through the woods, Aggie stopped. I stopped as well and saw her searching her body. I asked her what she was doing.

"I think I dropped my bag back there," she said. Apparently, the hooks that held her bag together were loose and it'd always fall apart at random times. Everyone stopped and asked where she had dropped it. She pointed back into the dark forest.

"I can go back and get it," she said "Don't worry, it's just there."

One guy said that they can wait in that spot while she went and got it, but I wouldn't let that happen. Who knows what could be hiding behind those trees, especially at this hour.

I was never an athletic person, so I had a hard time keeping up with Aggie's pace. I stopped to catch my breath beside a tree. I watched as Aggie bent to pick up her lost bag, relieved that she was still safe.

Then I saw a shadow looming over her. My blood ran cold and I froze on the spot. I didn't dare look up. I tried to scream for Aggie to run away, but my voice failed me. I watched helplessly at the growing four-armed shadow.

Four arms?

I looked up at the same time Aggie looked up. I saw a pair of black pants, a black coat, in it a white shirt and black tie, 4 long drooping arms and finally, what seemed to be a blank face. The figure seemed to be 7 feet tall.

I couldn't believe it. It was him. The Slender Man.

At this point, I didn't know whether to scream or run away or just faint on the spot. I couldn't do anything. I needed to help Aggie but I just didn't know how. I watched her as she stood up and faced the Man.

Why isn't she screaming? I wondered frantically Why am I not screaming?

Then, the Man stretched out his arms toward her. And, to my horror, my best friend began to walk towards him. At the same time, the arms began to grow longer and more enticing.

I almost left my spot. Why did those arms seem to call to me? No! This is probably how he catches his prey. I quickly hid behind the tree, hoping that he didn't notice me, and closed my eyes tightly. I knew I had to help Aggie, but I was too afraid to go out and face it. It was like all of my nightmares were coming to life in this very moment.

In my head, I slowly counted to three, hoping and praying with all my might that Aggie would still be there. Once I reached three, I looked behind the tree. No one was there. The only thing left was Aggie's bag, lying on the ground like nothing had happened.

I slowly approached it and picked it up with trembling fingers. She was gone.

The Slender Man took her away.

I dashed back to my friends and told them what had happened. Since none of them believed in the Slender Man, they said she might've gotten lost but they can't risk looking for her now because we were nearing the exit and we might lose our way looking for her.

I stayed awake the whole night thinking about what had happened. I needed to find her and I needed to find her now. The next day, I went straight to the police and told them what happened. They too thought she was lost, informed her parents and sent out a search party for her. The search continued for more than a month.

No one was able to find her since then.