Tonight is cold. The air is calm. It feels so nice out here, but something is missing? The stars are out, yet they feel so less bright. The wind is blowing, but it feels odd. What's wrong?

I walked down the hollow street with no thoughts in mind. I didn't care where I ended up nor what happens to me. I have nothing to fear. I went back to this street that has colorful lights hanging from people's rail. Blue, red, green, and yellow binds the place. It makes the whole site more..alive. A little dark skinned girl walks up to me with a happy smile. Her white dress has red roses all over, and her jet-black hair was bouncing with curls.

She is so innocent.

'Mister, are you new?," She tilts her head to side, " I never seen you before." Taken back her approach, I let out a small laugh. The little girl must of thought I was crazy or something, because she put her small hands on her hips. Talk about a young woman.

" No. I live down the street. You know, in the brown cottage with the tall oak tree in the yard?"

"Oh..I know you! You are the man that always with that other man, and stuff. My aunt said that you guys are maricón?

My mouth was hung open, and I could of sworn a bug through into it. I was hurt, yet again, but this time by a guiltless little girl. She didn't knew any better, she probably only believe what her aunt told her. Maybe she knew herself? That a man, like me, couldn't be allow to commit such a sinful thing. It wasn't my was our. I lean down so I could face the girl directly and I gave her a sad smile. She blink at me, and she tilt her head again waiting for me to respond.

"Do you believe that I am a maricón?"

She look down at her bare feet, than she quickly look up at me. Her white teeth wore shining in a straight row, than she spoke in a small whisper," No. I don't think you are mister.'

Her black hair was bouncing as she shook her tiny body back and forth. Taken back, I glaze at the girl with confusion.

"You are a very nice man, mister. You are not like the other men who gives me "scary" looks or always rubs my leg. Y-you are.."

The little girl began to stop moving and she began weeping her eyes out. I look around and no one was out, so I gave the kid a small hug. She hug me back and she wrap her arms around my neck. I wipe her last tears off her wet face and she gave me a generous smile.

"Where are your parents?," I ask the girl. She look up towards the dark sky for a moment, than she pointed up. I look up and all I saw was stars. Beautiful stars. They were lighting up the sky, and seeing that made my heart melt..again.

"My mum and papa are up there! With the stars! Cool, huh? So, every night I can see them and..they can see me too!"

I smile. She was just so cute and naive. Her focus was still up at the bright sky, and my shift there too. They can see her and she can see them? As I was looking, I began to wonder if he can see me too. Is he with the millions of stars that shine every night? The little girl poke me in the cheek and let out a giggle.

"You are bonito. Do you have anybody with the stars?"

I gave the young girl a small smile and ruffle her curly hair. I am pretty? Hmm..who would ever imagined that a little girl would be calling me pretty. I never have been called pretty in my life. I guess I didn't answer the girl's question fast enough, because her face turn to curious to frustrated in a heartbeat

I blink and said,"Sorry..well, I do have lots of people in the stars. Like my dad, grandparents, some friends, but I'm fine."

Her head tilt to the side and she gave me a puzzle look. She twirl her black locks with her small index finger, and she pointed her finger at me.

"Estás bien?! How can you be fine mister? You are all...alone.."

She look me straight in the eyes and I could feel my eyes starting to water. How is it that this little innocent girl know so much about me, without even trying? It was really annoying to the core. I don't have to explain myself to this little girl, who probably doesn't even know the different between fruit and vegetable. She's just a little girl who I met on the streets.

I stood up and gave the little girl a fake smile, " I am fine and I am not alone. Now, why don't'cha go home." I turn my back to the little girl who look lost.

"No..I don't want to go home!"

The little girl grab my brown coat and began pulling it. I tried to push her off, but I couldn't do that. She's only just a kid. I look at the little girl who face was wet with tears, and at that moment I realize a bruise on her left arm. I crouch down to the little girls's level and ran my hand over her bruise arm. It was brand new, judging by her she flinch when I touch it. The hand print look like it came from someone who was older, probably an adult, because of the hand size.

"Who..did this to you?", I ask.

The little girl eyes started to water up again, and she wipe her tears away with her palm.

She look up at me, and I saw her innocent in her eyes again.

" My..mi tía y tío. Th-they always hit me..when I don't do something right, b-but I always try re-really hard to do everything right!"

My eyes bulge at her confession, and I felt anger. I was furious! How could her own flesh and blood do this to their innocent niece? I wanted to smash something, I wanted to scream my lungs out, and really wanted to strike this little girl's aunt and uncle. I haven't felt this anger, since...since..he left.

"Come on! They are coming!"

I quickly found some blanks pants and through them on quickly. I zip the zipper up, and I tried to locate my black and white belt.

" Honey, come on!!"

I open up the brown drawer and look through all the messy shirts and pants, but no belt. I shut the drawer and ran my hand through my black hair, than pick up a random shirt off the floor. It was clean, so I put it on. You was standing by the door with a black backpack swung over your left shoulder, and you kept glancing out the window.

"Okay, I'm ready. Vamos amor," I mumbled. You look up and gave me a small smile, and it seem like the whole world stop when you smile. I love your smile, and I hope I can see more of it after we leave this dangerous place. I walk up towards you and kiss you gently on the lips. It was sweet and special, just like the first time we kissed.

" Come on, hun," you pulled away from the kiss and let out a small laugh,"we can finish this later once we are settle, k?"

I ran my hand over your exposed tan skin, and you put your hand on top of mines. A sparkle ring was shining on your finger, and you grip my hand tightly. I wanted us to stay like this forever and forget about the world. All I wanted and needed was you. Only you.

Thump! "Dónde estàn chicos?!"

We both pulled aprat and immediately rush towards the old window in the far right corner in our bedroom. I peek out the window and saw four black vans surrounding our apartment. All four car's door was open, and I saw no one in them, so I assume that the close was clear.

I turn towards you and said,"okay, I want you to go first and run to the "spot"."

Your gray eyes was watery and you said in a whisper, "I..I can't,,I can-don't say that! Just go and I promise I'll meet you there", I began to kiss your tears away and you slowly hop over the window.When your last foot the ground you look up at me and gave me a quick smile, than took off down the street.

I swung myself over the window and the noises coming from outside our room was growing more louder. So, I quickly jump down from the window. The streets was empty and the sun was slowly going behind the tall building. The sunlight was burning my eyes, and I ran the opposite direction towards the "spot". Getting there was a lot harder than I thought. The street's lights was knock out, so I barely saw any thing.

After a couple of times of bumping into pole, and hitting a car, I finally made it to the "spot". You was standing with your arms foldedand the backpack waslaying under a tree. Your eyes lit up when you saw me, and you ran towards me. I open my arms for you, but I notice a shadow finger in the background. The figure merge from the dark shadows and I saw the sliver gun that was hanging from the figure's waist.

My heart..stop.

The whole world was in slow motion and I couldn't move. You was running at me slowly with your eyes sparkling with excitement, but the figure was now holding the sliver gun.

I slowly open my mouth and reach out for you, but the figure pulled the bullet. The bullet was spiraling and it was coming right at you. I move my legs and tried to reach out for you! Please, reach for me. Your eyes went to happiness to pain when the bullet went through your stomach. heart was beating again.

You felled to the cold ground and rush towards you just as your head was about to hit the ground. I lift your shoulders up and lay you on my lap. I raise your head to mines and whisper," you..I love you.."

Your gray eyes was slightly open and you lift your hand. I grab your hand and kissed every finger slowly. You let out a small chuckle and whisper to me in the dark,"Y-you..kept your kept it."

Tears felled onto your face and I gave you a kiss on the lips, but you didn't kiss me back. I smell your hair that still smell like strawberries from the conditioner you use this morning. You are my everything. Everything! I look at our intertwine hands and felt your coldness. Immediately, I look at your eyes and saw that they were close.

I scream.

I scream out towards the night sky and stars that was blinking at me. My eyes was watery and I ran my hand through your bangs that covered your eyes. The figure was standing off with a amusing smile on their face. I gently lift your head and lay it on the cold ground, than stood up. I was furious and hurt that this stranger ruin everything.

The figure step up towards me and I could easily see that the figure was a young man with brown hair. Judging from his blue clothes and badge, that he was from the police.

" Wow...who would ever that a man would cried over his lover. He deserve to die. What he did is wrong.."

I stood my ground and reach towards my pocket and touch a cold object. The man continue talking, but I didn't hear anything he said. All I could think about was the gray eyes that would never open again. The special smile I will never see again, and the only person in this whole world who cares for me is now gone, because of this man. Slowly, I took out the object and raise it at the man. The man kept talking, not paying attention at all. He was the problem, not him. He was the reason why I couldn't see my love again, and I'll make sure he'll never open his vile mouth again.

I pulled the trigger.



"Mister...? Are you okay?"

I blink a couple of times and saw that the little was tapping her left foot. She sure is feisty for a little girl. The girl's eyes still has the innocent in it, but her eyes seem old. Maybe she had seen stuff that a little girl her age shouldn't see?

I smiled and said,"I'm okay. Thank you for asking."

The little girl blush and quickly snorted her nose up and mumbled,"Your welcome.."

The wind was getting stronger and more lights was being turn off, so I assume that it was getting late. I wanted to go home and lay in my bed and dream about the old days and future ones, but somehow I couldn't. This dark haired-girl has somehow found her way into my heart tonight, and she didn't even know it. I can't let her go back home for she probably won't even go therefore, may end up dead somewhere in a alley. Maybe I can take her home with me?


The little girl look at me and when I saw her eyes..I knew I couldn't just leave her here.

" Do you want to stay with me, chicita?'

Her eyes lit up with excitement and she gave me hug, which I return. I ran my hand through her black locks and whispers comforting words to her. He always wanted a little girl to run around our home, saying that it will be fun to raise a family. Yet he never did get that family.

I laugh when the little girl eye's met with mines, " I take that as a yes, than."

She pulled away from me and put her hand on her tiny hips and gave me a piece sign.

"Yes mister! You are my new daddy now!"

I nodded my head, and slowly reach out my towards her. She look at my hand than back to me, than quicky grab my hand. Her hand was so small compares to mines, yet it felt perfect. I stole a quick peek at her and saw that she held a huge smile on her face and she was humming softly.

We finally made it to my brown cottage and I remember something.

" What's your name missy?"

She smile and said, "Nevaeh."

Nevaeh? Pretty name, yet unique. Just as I was about to open my door Nevaeh pinch me on my arm. For a small girl, she sure do know how to cause some pain.


Nevaeh look at the ground, than bit her lip. She tilt her head to the side, and rolled her eyes.

"Never mind.."

Curious, I asked, " What is it? You can ask me anything Nevaeh."

Her eyes was sparkling with..a suspicious look that I haven't seen since my love past away. She gave me a quick wink and put both of her hands on her hips. I open up my door and waited for her to follow me in.

"You said that you had a lover, right? So...If you get a new lover, will you be my mommy or daddy?"


I turn around and walk into the house with a embarrass look on my face. Nevaeh kept bugging me to answer it, but I didn't. There is some things a kid should not know until the time comes! Mommy and daddy?! Seriously?

After, the whole awkward question I tuck Nevaeh in a spare bed that I kept in the basement. She smuggle up in the covers and told me to keep the lights on, because she wanted to make sure that I don't come in and try to touch her. I laugh at her reason, but I knew that she was just covering up the fact that she was scared of the dark.

"Goodnight, Nevaeh. Sleep tight. Tomorrow, we'll pick you out some clothes and toys for your room, k?"

She nodded her head and gave me small smile. Her tiny arms reach out for me and I gave her hug.


Who would ever that a little girl I met about three hours ago will now be living with me. I am a Dad now because of this one night. He would love this very much. Us being parents to a little girl who is adorable, yet stubborn. That faithful night I lost someone special in my life, but this night I think I may of found someone who is just as special as he was.

Although, when I look at Nevaeh's gray eyes and smile I could swear that I can see you smiling right back at me.