Chapter 4

What Made us Happy

"It's time to wake up Aeyra," a soft voice called me into consciousness. "You've been sleeping for quite a long time now."

I sat up, stretched and yawned before I faced the speaker, Kira, my dorm mate. She had already changed out of her pajamas and brushed her hair, evident by the neat way her short hair curved up around the base of her neck. Not even a hair out of place like usual.

"What time is it?" I yawned, still sleepy despite my long rest.

"It's only like, nine o'clock in the morning. That's around fourteen hours of sleep. I mean, I can't blame you since you got only two hours yesterday, but I wish you could of stayed up long enough to discuss the plans."

"Did Drake change anything because of the sighting?" I was more alert now, the drowsiness quickly wearing off. "Is it still according to plan?"

"Nothing really changed, you know how Drake is. You'd think losing his eye would teach him not to be rash, but, boys will be boys," Kira nodded and shook her head smiling. "Same time, same day. Tomorrow."

"So what's on the agenda for today? One recheck of security and then packing up?" The way Kira and Drake felt about each other made me jealous sometimes. Just the look on her face made her seem so happy…

"Quite on the contrary," Kira said. "We're supposed to just relax today. The thing that changed was that we're going to get out with the school knowing that we're not here. Drake's requesting a day out for tomorrow."

"Does he really think that'll work?" I asked, exasperated. "If I was seen on the school grounds, and then Drake decides to see if we can go into the city for an afternoon, won't that be a little bit suspicious? They might as well catch him then and there."

Just then, Drake and Flame entered through the unlocked side door that connected our room to theirs. Drake looked as cool as ever, with his blond leopard spotted hair and the black clothes that he always wore. Flame seemed pretty happy, like his usual cheerful self. His serious side never lasts long.

"You feeling better, Aeyra?" Flame asked. "Last night you seemed really sick."

"I feel as good as I ever do," I replied. "I guess it was just a twelve hour thing."

"Now that you're better," Drake cut in. "Has Kira told you about the slight changes in plan?"

"Yes," I answered. "And I would like to congratulate you on your newborn stupidity. You might as well hold a sign to their faces and say 'we're trying to break out!'"

"You know that's not true! The most they can do is say no! There's no proof anywhere," Flame said, answering for Drake. "And even if they don't say yes, I can put our names on the list for traveling to the city tomorrow. You know, with my hacking skills, it should be a piece of cake." He winked, smiling his devious smile.

Flame could probably be a professional hacker, thief, anything that has something to do with sneaking around. It's kind of scary considering he doesn't even have enough free time to learn how to do this stuff and yet he does.

"When are you going to go ask?" I asked Drake. "Now would probably be good."

"That's what I was thinking." Drake walked to my door, and opened it. "Well, see you guys later!"

The door didn't even manage to close before Kira got there and said, "Wait, I'm going with you!" Leaving Flame and I alone in my room for the second time in twenty four hours.

After a small period of awkward silence, Flame asked, "So, what do you want to do today Aeyra?"

"Nothing much," I answered, collapsing on the bed. "Probably sleep for a little more, read, play my violin for a bit, just relax, you know?"

"How about you play the violin?" Flame suggested. "I'd love to hear you play, you're really good at it." He walked over to the side of my room and retrieved the black case I kept the instrument in. "I was never good at playing instruments. I could never remember the notes, you're so lucky, all you need to do is see the music once and you remember everything."

"Most people can do it even without superpowers, Flame." I opened the case and took out my violin, smooth and a rich brown color, I always kind of marveled over it when I took it out. Picking up the bow and putting in the shoulder rest, I started playing a song I had in mind. A Mozart piece.

I closed my eyes, sinking into the music as it took me in, note after note, melody and harmony, and weaved together perfectly on the strings of the violin. Music was one of the things that I loved about being weird, I could remember everything and get it right, and it was so much more satisfying than just listening to a recording. It was special in an indescribable way, more lively perhaps?

I'd all but forgotten that Flame or even the world existed when I opened my eyes again. He was staring off into the window, with that serious expression on his face. His eyes shined golden in the sunlight that streamed through the open windows and his hair was like a bright fire. Scary, almost like a god from a myth.

"Aren't you going to play a little more, Aeyra?" He asked, turning to me. "I want to listen to more."

"Yeah, just give me a second to think of which one to play." Tens of hundreds of pieces swirled through my mind, each demanding their turn to be performed. Lively and happy, sad and depressing, angry and demanding, they each had their own special quality. "How about this?" I started the melody, a lively and happy piece that reminded me of Flame. There was a happy movement, and sad and serious movement, and then the ending was cheerful again. My fingers moved swiftly across the strings, and the bow did not miss a single note.

"I think that's enough for today," I laid my violin back in the case and put it back against the wall.

"Today's the ending, isn't it?" Flame commented. "If we succeed, you'll never play your violin again."

"Good point." I murmured, staring back at the instrument. "But it'll be happy enough without the music, won't it? That's the entire point, to escape the sadness."

"Let's go through all the things that made us happy here today," Flame urged. "Because we might never get to see them together again."

"Then where do we start?" I thought of the things that made me happy. Learning language, music, history of before the wars, and events that could never have been redone. So many things that could only be captured in memories.

"How about where we first met?" he suggested. "The Garden?"

The Garden is basically every single part of the school that is outdoors. The recess yards, tracks, sports fields, walking trails, everything. We had met in the kindergarten playground, where he had pulled me aside to ask if I was a Phantom. The place where we had first become friends…

"Let's go!" I hopped off of my bed, and rushed to the door.

"Um, Aeyra." Flame stopped me. "Did you forget to do your hair and change by any chance? You're wearing the same exact clothes as yesterday."

"Give me a couple of seconds." Turning away from the door, I headed into my bathroom, grabbing clothes from my drawer as I passed it. I locked the door, and quickly changed my clothes, throwing my dirty ones into the laundry hamper. My hair however, was a total mess. I couldn't even get my brush to go down three inches of my waist long hair without screaming in pain.

I sighed, and then pulled out the detangler. I wish I could say this doesn't happen very often, but that would be lying. There's something in the hair dye I use that makes it like this; I don't use very high quality hair dye.

A few minutes later, I stepped out, and Flame was sitting on my bed, toying with his laptop which he must of taken out of his room. "I'm ready."

"Took you awhile." He went to the door and opened it. "Ladies first."

"Thank you for being so considerate." I walked out of the door and towards the elevator, to the first floor where the Garden is. The reason the school's called Towerpoint is because of how tall the building is. We're on the seventieth floor, and that's only halfway to the top. Why is it so tall? Because nearly the entire country comes here, and we need classrooms for the colleges, gyms, etc., etc. Our country's called Sky for future reference.

Almost the moment I pushed the button for the elevator, it appeared. Its golden doors opened, revealing a luxurious space with mirrors for walls. Did I mention the nation is super rich? It's kind of pointless to me. I mean, seriously, it's a freakin' elevator!

Flame touched the button for floor one, and about three seconds later, the doors opened once again, and we were next to the entrance of the Garden. It's not actually outdoors, it's just a fake sky simulated to change according to weather and time of day. But it's absolutely ginormous.

Because it was a break day, there were already several kids there, playing games, reading, studying, it gives off a comforting atmosphere. We headed straight to our destination, no sidetracks or anything. There was a kid already on the swing, and a couple others near the slide. They looked so innocent and happy, I doubted any of them were Phantoms.

Phantoms are usually informed of the ones in their classes if there are any, since they like to group us together, and we learn about others through training and missions. But since kids don't start until they're in about fourth grade, we'd have no idea whether or not these kids were Phantoms.

"Do you remember all the details, Aeyra?" Flame asked. "Can you tell them to me?" He closed his eyes, and lay down onto the luscious green grass; I sat down next to him looking into the sky, beautiful even though artificial.

"I was hiding under the slide, because I didn't want to anyone to come close to me. Because if they came up to me and talked to me, I was afraid I'd tell them I was a Phantom. I wanted to cry, but I hid my tears, and just hid instead.

"But one day, while I hid, you came up to me and asked me a question. 'Are you a Phantom?' I answered yes in surprise, wondering who you were. And you said, 'Yay! That means I'm not the only one.' You dragged me to the swings, and helped me get on. We were friends that first day, and even now, here we are."

"I forget what I was feeling, but I'm pretty sure I was nearly as lonely as you." Flame opened his eyes, and looked at me. "It was a good idea to come here, I feel pretty relaxed. Let me stay here for a little bit before we go somewhere else."

I got up and looked around, though I knew nobody had heard the important parts of our conversation. Nobody except for the person who was standing right next to me.

"Ghoul," I mouthed the word, even though no sound came out.

"Imagine seeing you here." He leaned over, he's about six inches taller than me, and eyed me carefully. "I can tell you guys are up to something, your friend with the spotted hair kind of tipped me off. Not in words of course, but with his actions. You should be careful, because if you do anything wrong, I'll be the one to stop you."

His words were for me, and they were whispered in a dark and ominous tone. Ghoul's purple eyes gleamed, and I could see a hint of a smirk forming at the edge of his lips. "With that said, I guess I'll see you sooner than you think."

And then he left.