Angelic Centerfold

Verse 1:

Okay, so you send me a message

Of why you can't just be with me.

And at the bottom of that list

Staring right up at my face

You're reason's telling me that you're

Too bad for me.

Verse 2:

You said that I'm your angel,

And you want me to be safe.

You don't want to hurt me,

So you'd rather not start this.

So you call me an angel?

You think I'm all innocence?


How can you see the angel,

But not the centerfold?

You can only seem to see my innocence.

You can't find my darker side,

You see just the teacher's pet.

I thought that of all people you could see

Through my innocence.


I'm the secret rebel,

The meticulous instigation.

The silent manipulation.

The innocent centerfold.

I'm an angelic centerfold.

Chorus X2

Verse 3:

I'm the centerfold

And the angel.

I'm the one that loves you.

And you turned me away.

I'm the one you fill with nostalgia.

And the one that you give hope.

Why can't you see my darker side?

The angelic centerfold.