Suicide: The Heart


I'll carve your name on my arms and

Bleed you out of my heart;

I'll watch as the scar tissue builds up,

And pray that, this time, I don't fall apart.

I'll hack and slash 'til I'm numb on the floor,

Shred and slice 'til I'm utterly raw;

Pray that all this hot, boiled-over anger

Causes my frozen heart to thaw.

I'm tired, so tired, of these feelings,

I've dried up – can no longer endure.

Well, I'm cutting those ties now,

So the blood's on my hand hands and not yours.

Know that the choice was my own, dear,

It's love's suicide – not murder – this time.

So please rest easy, so easy, my darling,

For you've killed me – but committed no crime.


L. Sherman