Word a Day Week 1, Day 3

Word: Death

Usage of Word in a Sentence: My uncle came close to death.

Meaning: when something dies

Synonym: died,gone to Heaven

Antonym: living, alive, breathing

Importance of Word for Me: first of all I would like to say this was JacobTwoTwo's recommendation, so I could try to keep more deep into myself. I have never been to a close death encounter, but who hasn't had a loved one who has died. The most important one to me, I guess I could say, was my great-grandmother. She was well over ninety and very healthy. The one day, I heard she had died. Keep in mind, I was only like four.

I guess you could also say ghosts. You may not believe me, and I don't care if you don't, but I believe Ghosts live in my house. I have seen them, too.

A/N: So how did I do. I thought it was more deep to my heart.

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