"Why must you be so mean?!"

"I'm not being mean."

"Why don't you talk to me?"

"I'm talking to you now."

"No, I mean outside of advisor!"

"Well, we hardly ever see each other…"

"When we do you never say hi!"

*Sighs* "I just don't talk a lot."

"That's a lie! You talk to Mike, Selena, and Mercedes all of the time! Why not me?!"






"Alex, why?!"

*Sighs* "I don't know…"

"Yeah right! You just hate me!"

"No!! I don't hate you! I, uh, I uh…"

"You what?"


"Alex! What?"


"Alex…? Just tell me, please."

*Silence* "I…I…"


*Sighs* "I like you."

*Squeals* "Finally!"