Chapter 5

At the hospital Lauren calls Peter and they meet up and he hugs and holds her.

''how she doing?'' Peter asks her

''bad she's hooked up to all these machines and stuff and she just looks really small and scared.'' Lauren tells him

''what are they saying?'' Peter asks her

''nothing yet which is really scary.'' Lauren tells him almost crying

''she's gonna be okay.'' Peter tells her rubbing her back trying to soothe her

''I just don't want to loose her she's our only baby we tried so hard to try and have her!'' Lauren cries

''believe me I know and we won't she will pull thru she's a strong kid.'' Peter tells her

''this is all my fault I shouldn't of forced her to go today!'' Lauren tells him

''hey shh no none of this is your fault!'' Peter tells her

''she's just been so excited about her competition today and then she just freaked out and had a major meltdown!'' Lauren tells him

''shh I know.'' Peter tells her

''we should of just gone home!'' Lauren cries hugging him tighter

''where's my dad?''

''he's on his...'' is all Peter can get out

''Lauren,Peter!'' Larry says as he comes down the hallway with Karen

''how is she where is she?!'' Larry asks her hugging Lauren

''still getting tests and things done and we don't know they haven't come out to tell us anything yet.'' Lauren tells him

''what happened why'd she take off?!'' Larry asks her

''I don't know Dad.'' Lauren tells him

''I just think that she just wasn't ready to take on such a large competition yet and she just freaked out and melted down.'' Lauen tells him

''god I feel like the one that should be blammed for all of this!'' Lauren breaks down

''hunnie no none of this is your fault!'' Larry tells her holding her

''but I made her go into horseback riding because I liked it and I just thought she might enjoy it but I guess I was wrong!'' Lauren tells him

''no you weren't she loves it and wants to do it.'' Larry tells her and holds her letting her cry and rubs her back softly