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Summary: Made for Each Other! That's what they were labeled. The drop-dead gorgeous blue - eyed Matthew Futons and the competitive purple - eyed Elda Owens. But for them, they're meant to be enemies, rivals, two people with different polarities so that they could never mix. Though, people had insisted it meant they complimented each other, both had resisted, fighting every single time they saw each other. Yet an injury, a game and a glimpse to the past would cause them to admit the feelings they chose to hide. (Another oneshot from me!! Hope you guys enjoy)

By: urtenshii

"I am so full of confidence, or as you call it, so full of myself. But, when it comes to you, I could never muster enough courage to engage you in a conversation,"

"Elda, you guys are practically --------"

"What? MFEO?"

"Exactly! Made for each other!" Ashley Winston, my bestfriend and the high school sweetheart, told me - for the hundredth time - with those lovey - dovey eyes.

"Matthew Fuston and Elda Owens are two different people that will never - you hear me ?! - NEVER be made for each other!" I half - shrieked then turned away from my own circle of friends who insistently pair me up with some jerk that goes by the name of MATTHEW FUSTON. He's not just a jerk by the way, he's a disgusting, pathetic, loud - mouthed, overconfident jackass who thinks he's got the whole female population wrapped up in his little finger and I absolutely and irrevocably HATE him.

"Whatever you say bestie!" Ashley shouted to my retreating figure.

I exited the school then began walking to the direction of my house taking the long route through the park to have some time to clear my head. I was SUPPOSED to relax and refresh myself what with all the beautiful scenery. But, I guess those words just don't apply to me since what happened was that my mind drifted off to the conversation my friends and I usually have: how Fuston and I are meant to end up together.

Truth is, I really am wondering why they think that. There has never been a time when we had a decent conversation. Whenever we are in a single room, we compete, and that's what we'll ever do. We practically fight and bicker over anything and everything. From the most delicious food (he adores burgers and pizzas and I worship pastas and fries), to best social networking sites (he says it's twitter when it's actually and obviously Facebook), to best sports (he simply loves soccer while I'm into volleyball), and so on. Heck, we even compete academically and in popularity.

And ladies and gentlemen, we simply could never be made for each other because we are from different sides of the pole. He's water and I'm fire. Really, he's so cool when it comes to things while I get easily mad that most people doesn't want to pick a fight with me. Not to mention, our skills simply contrasts each other. He bested in Mathematics and History while I do good at Science and Literature. I'm the fastest runner, he's the strongest fighter. I perfected Kung Fu and Taekwondo while he is great in Ninjutsu and Karate. I do archery, he does fencing.

See now? We practically diverge each other which Ashley would love and insists to call "complimenting" each other.

If you're wondering why we can't be near each other, maybe it's because of the little fight we had when I was still seven. Yeah, yeah, t'was ten years ago already but when it comes to Fuston, I just can't bury the hatchet and move on with life.

You see what happened was that, at that time, I just moved into this place and my mom left me in the park - this certain park I am passing now - to play with all the other kids. I looked around to see who was nice enough to talk to when Lo and Behold! I saw the seven - year old Fuston - with the same arrogant smirk, intense blue eyes, and messy amber hair - looking at me as if I took something he owned. He approached me and told me to back off, saying that it was his territory. I glared at him - I remembered how shocked his expression was to see someone standing up to him - and told him that I am not going anywhere and that this park was supposed to be for everybody not for some snot - nosed brat who thinks he's the king of the world, or the park for the matter. Next thing I know, we were playing soccer, first to score two points takes ownership of the park. I could recall that game like it had been yesterday. It was the best I had in years, though I played against him eons of times. I scored first then he did. I was about to kick the ball into the goal when he suddenly swiped my leg, in the process, knocking himself down. We both fell down to the ground tackling each other that all the onlookers had to stop us and take us both to our parents. We both had some minor wounds and bruises resulting to something that would continue on reminding us about that day, not that I would forget it anyway.

I actually had a scar in my left knee and he had another on his right elbow.

And well, starting that day, we've been rivals, competing against each other in every way possible. Though, sometimes, I think, what if we have met on different circumstances, would we still be sworn enemies?

So, yeah, I would honestly say, that I have noticed his charming smile, his perfect built and his tantalizing blue orbs, I mean who wouldn't? Also, I have always appreciated the fact that we always fights with integrity and honor. He never took advantage with all his fangirls, however slutty they are. And he just excels in every field he chose without even trying. I could fall for him if he isn't just so arrogant! Really, he is so full of himself he doesn't need to eat anything to survive! Though most of the female population thinks it's what make him charming, I beg to disagree with them. Also, he infuriates me to no end. I'm the only girl whom he spends ample time with just to annoy big time! How irritating is that? But still, even if I kept on saying I totally despise him, that I wanted to break his neck for good, actually I ---------------------

And whatever I was about to think of was cut off when a soccer ball collided with my left shoulder. The impact was so great that I was thrown backwards landing on my butt.

I examined the extent of the damage when I noticed someone approaching. I realized that the person coming must be the one who owns the soccer ball. I got myself ready to give whoever the heck he was a piece of my mind when a blue - eyed and amber haired monster came into view.

Yup, you guessed it. Matthew Fuston. The Devil himself. Talk about damned fate.

"Elda? What are you doing sitting there? You spying on me?" he joked, smirking evilly. I glared at him then tried to stand up putting my weight on my injured shoulder and what a mistake that was. The pain I felt was enough to send me back down with a shout of ouch.

"Hey. Don't joke like that. You don't have to play damsel in distress to get my attention you know," he said approaching me again. I could tell he was joking with his tone. But when I saw his deep blue eyes, I thought I saw worry there mixed with another Kind of emotion I couldn't and wouldn't wish to read.

I glared at him the more and answered, "Don't need your stupid attention Fuston. I was peacefully making my way home when a stupid soccer ball was sent flying into my direction," Realization dawned on him and he quickly tried to help me back up but I quickly stood up on my good shoulder and told him, "Back off, I said I don't your attention,"

He straightened up and retrieved his ball then he ran his hands through his silky amber locks like he does whenever he's nervous.

"Well, I'm sorry. I was doing some last minute practice in the park. Didn't exactly expect anyone to pass by here, though," he said examining me his eyes lingering on my left shoulder.

"Whoah! Did pigs just fly? Matthew Fuston just apologized at me!" I dramatically replied and he just had to roll his eyes at that one. Then I continued speaking, "Besides, it's not your territory, Fuston"

He smirked, "Well, it was supposed to be if not for some distractions."

Now, I rolled my eyes and told him, "We could continue the game now and I'll show you,"

He hesitated then looked at my left shoulder. "Don't look at me like I'm some kind of handicap Fuston. It's just a shoulder," I told him.

He moved his eyes to my face and I saw mirth in them. "You sure? I don't want you going down without a fight, darling"

I raised my eyebrow. Ugh! I hate that pet name he insisted on calling me, "I believe you're referring to yourself," I looked back at him.

Fiery Violet met Confident Blue.

He walked the distance between us and whispered to my ear, "So I guess, I'll own this place after all,"

I simply answered with, "We'll have to see about that,"

Twenty minutes later, I found myself face to face with Matthew Fuston in the soccerfield, exhausted but still determined. We're both tired. Him, from his practice all day long and me, from my stupid shoulder. But neither of us would back down though it was pretty clear that only will, determination and pride stopped us from giving in to the other.

Currently, he was in offense while I was in defense. It was a really great fight, though. His strength versus my speed. His experience versus my tactics. This was one of my best - played games and I caught myself laughing and smiling during the game like he did.

Being distracted from my thoughts, he took his chance and kicked the ball towards the goal.

"Damn!" I cursed as I went after it. There was no way in hell that I could be able to outrun it so I put every strength I had and jumped in its way. I was known for being very good at long jumps so I was able to land in its way causing it to collide with my stomach.

For the second time today, I felt myself being knocked down with the same soccer ball by the same person. Only difference? This time, I felt I wouldn't be able to stand back up again.

Fuston rushed over to my side and put both his hands on my shoulders shaking me awake ranting, "Are you crazy? Elda, you could have killed yourself over there! Do not ever pull that stunt off again! You hear me?!"

What shocked me was that he embraced me. His arms around my limped form and my head on his warm chest felt so right. Then he whispered something that sounded like, "and you could have killed me back there, too." though his words were too mixed - up for me to be sure.

When he let me go, I gave him a smirk and sarcastically answered, "Think your kick has enough power to kick the living daylights out of me? Think again, sweetheart," then i tried to stand only to fall back into his arms.

"You wouldn't need my kicks cause you'd kill yourself with your own stubbornness." he looked at me and I melted at the concern and worry I saw in his eyes, "Dammit Elda! Would you please not risk your life just because of our stupid games? I beg of you! You are badly hurt, no matter what you chose to believe. Not only has the ball badly collided with your stomach, I think you twisted your ankle with that jump so I want you to lie in my arms while I take you to the hospital," he began to position me and added, "and please don't resist, It's not like I plan to take advantage or something," then he stood up and walked to the direction of the hospital - which thankfully is just on the opposite side of the park - carrying me as if I weighted nothing.

As if I could resist. Beside being too weak, his arms just felt like a sanctuary, as cheesy as that may sound. And I just know that I wouldn't want to be in another man's arms after this.

Hours later, I found myself in my bed lying down with Fuston sitting in a chair looking at me IN MY ROOM. We actually came from the hospital and he insisted on taking me home and seeing me to bed. Damn him. He couldn't care less, could he? But when I blinked, I still saw him there and resisted the urge to slap him just to see if it really is happening.

"What?! See something you like?" he smirked, and the egoistic Fuston I know, returned.

I rolled my eyes and answered him, "In fact, I see something that I don't like and wondering why the heck is he still here?"

He shook his head, just like he does when he gets annoyed, and chuckled.

"You're welcome Elda Owens. I'm just worried you'll do something stupid again since both your parents are still not at home," he replied as if stating the obvious.

I raised him one perfect eyebrow, unbelieving. Worried? Him? And the crows turned white!

"Whoah! I'm not some cold - hearted jerk, despite what you, oh so kindly stressed to everyone who dares to listen to you," he defended.

I dramatically rolled my eyes and had to struggle to remember why I hated him and I know it wasn't enough to overpower the attraction I felt towards the guy. He was always like this to me. Though he competed with me like crazy, he also goes out of his way to make sure I'm always alright. Heck, I even see him tailing me just to see that I got home safe.

Unbeknownst to my friends, both of us may not have a single decent conversation but we usually cover each other's backs. Hard to imagine? Well, we don't let any person insult the other. I usually beat up guys trying to plan something that'll probably deform him and he usually warns insecure bitches to stay away from me. Also, when one of us is in trouble, the other usually comes to the rescue. It's like we don't let others take down the other. At class, we may be fighting for honors but we usually help each other. He throws me paper with equations during math exams and I pass him theories for our Science exams. And we have always been like this which is weird for two people who says they hate each other.

But I'm weirder cause I never took notice of another guy other than him. Yes, my friends. I like the stupid jerk who drives me to the brink of insanity.

And there's a possibility that I might be falling just a little teenie bit for him. Just a little, though. But I wouldn't admit it to him aloud. NEVER!

"Whoah there, Elda. If I hadn't known better, I'd say you're inlove with me and taking advantage of the situation to look at me like that," he joked and I had to avert my gaze saying, "In your dreams, Fuston!"

I thought I heard him say, "Yeah, always in my dreams," so I looked at him and tried to sit up. "You said something?" I inquired.

He looked at me shocked and shook his head standing up to gently shove me back to bed.

"You're imagining things again. Just rest, alright?" he gently told me.

"Fuston -------------"

"I've already said a dozen times that it's Matt!" he exclaimed sitting back down.

I breathed. "Okay, Matthew. I'm feeling better. I can't stay in this bed all night, you know. And you must have other things to give your attention to, like your soccer game tomorrow. So why don't you just rest to your own home?"

"Heck with the game. I can't leave with you like this. I'll wait for your parents to explain about this happening before I'll go," he answered.

I narrowed my eyes at him, "Quite worrying about me like this! I am fine. My parents would arrive tomorrow and I would be just fine tonight. Don't let me get in the way of your games, Matthew Fuston. I know it's the most important thing thing in your life and you've broken up with dozens of girlfriends just because of soccer. So don't you tell me now, that suddenly, a rival you detest so much would be a lot more important than the game that practically rules your life!"

"Elda -----------" he started but I cut him off with, "Do we have a little change of heart? Or are you just guilty? Coz if you are then I'll tell you to ------------"

And I was cut off when a pair of warm lips crashed into mine momentarily taking me into a world of bliss. Automatically, my arms went around his neck deepening the kiss. He seemed to be willing, as he shifted position to give me better access to his lips. His kiss was sweet and romantic. I couldn't help but sigh out of contentment. I guess all the rumors are right about him being a good kisser. In fact, I could say he was one of the best.

But alas! All good things must come to an end. He pulled away to give both of us some time to breath. But still, he was too close for comfort, only an inch away from my face.

To his fascination I muttered, "Damn you, Matt. Do you know that you're currently stealing my oxygen?" He chuckled, amusement dancing in his lovely blue eyes. But he made no attempt to move.

"It's adorable to note how naive you are, darling," he said placing a hand on my cheek. I closed my eyes and snuggled into it. I could tell he was pleased cause he placed the other hand on my other cheek and I told him, "Hey. I still don't like you calling me darling, sweetheart," a smile forming on my lips.

He kissed me again. Fiercer and bolder than before. His tongue seeking entrance to my mouth. I obliged and there was a war of tongues. By now, I was sitting up and I could tell he now sat in the side of my bed. My arms again found its way into his neck and messed his amber hair. His arms went around my waist holding me closer to himself. I think I am getting used to his kisses and I could tell I liked getting used to it.

I broke the kiss this time but didn't let go of him hoping that he'll kiss me again.

He smiled at me, the type of smile that'll leave you breathless for awhile. "That's what you get for interrupting me," he told me with a tone that clearly says he wants to be interrupted to have an excuse to kiss me and I was tempted to do it again.

"Anyway, all those challenges I threw at you? That was done just to get your attention. You know, to get you to notice me," he told me not letting go of me. Then he continued saying, "Elda, I am so full of confidence, or as you call it, so full of myself. But, when it comes to you," he smiled and gave me a kiss on the tip of my nose as if to emphasize his point, "I could never muster enough courage to engage you in a conversation,"

"You humoring me, Matthew, ---------" another kiss on the lips but gentler and sweeter. I held on to him, letting his lips on mine show me what happiness was and then it was over again and I found myself staring at his eyes. His nose touching mine.

"You interrupted me again," he said with a tone of mock - annoyance. He was clearly happy that I disturbed him and would have loved it if I did it again. "And now, about my game, it's the second most important. Know the first?"

I shook my head and he smiled saying, "It's you, my adorable, stupid and naive supposed-to-be hated rival that turns my insides into jelly with just one look and shatters my ego like no other," with that, he crashed his lips into mine and I was beginning to think that he's making it a habit of kissing me. But, hey, who's complaining? I am loving every second of it, anyway.

A minute later, he sat back down and stared at me as if he's expecting me to say something after his little confession.

I managed to croak, "How long?"

It took him a minute to answer but when he did, I was stunned for a moment cause he simply raised his right elbow showing me a scar in the shape of a crescent moon which has become familiar to me. He then said, "Since this Elda. I know it's pathetic. That was basically, ten years ago and I had tons of girlfriends but, hell, I fell for you, okay? I've never met someone that is as gutsy and as competitive as you are. Well, maybe I did, but then, they're not as humble as you are or as beautiful or as smart. Call me obsessed, crazy, but I have never looked at anyone the way I looked at you. It's just so frustrating cause I haven't confessed all this time. You just seemed to be -----------"

I cut him off at that time cause I really can't bear the tortured look in his face. I simply told him, "Head over heels inlove with you, too. Just can't afford to confess first, you know."

He continued on ranting, "Yeah, you seemed to be heads over.... Wait! What?" his eyes turned to search mine and I giggled, "You heard it, sweetheart,"

Realization then came to him, "But I thought ---------" I cut him off by pulling him down to a kiss. He was shocked at first but was very much willing when he recovered. We shared a very passionate kiss. One that could blow your mind away. He was very talented, you know.

And I realized that, from that moment on, Matthew Fuston would mean more than a rival to me.

"Hey, ever heard of MFEO?" he asked after pulling away.

I rolled my eyes and answered, "Yeah, that's practically what the school referred to us and it means made for each other."

"No, it doesn't" he said.

"It doesn't?" I inquired.

He placed his forehead against mine and replied, "No it doesn't. It means MATTHEW FUSTON - ELDA OWENS" the he began laughing.

I laughed along and wondered what took me so long to realize that we really are made for each other.

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