By R. Tist

Summary: Ashlyn Treavor was just the right amount of normal to keep her interesting, and just the right amount of abnormal to keep her from being dull. But whatever normal she had was thrown (quite rudely, may I add) out the window, the moment HE came into her life.


Chapter 1: Shock at First Sight

When an odd guy dressed all in black

comes up to you out of the blue and says that he's a warrior of his tribe and the man your great great great great grandmother promised you to, the best thing to do is run away and force yourself to forget that anything incredibly abnormal had just happened. Not laugh your head off and humor him by asking him to show you proof.

Trust me; I'd know.

Because that was exactly how I ended up in a strange and dangerous world with the most. Obnoxious. Man. EVER.

Confused? Well, so am I. Let us start from the very weird beginning to what would turn out to be the strangest day of my life…


When I woke up that morning, everything was still normal as it could be. I tumbled out of my bed (as usual), cursed at the alarm clock for waking me from my peaceful sleep (as usual), took a warm shower and brushed my teeth (as usual), dressed glamorously (as usual)…Well, you get the point.

I belonged to a fun, quirky, five-member family. My father, Patrick Treavor, ran our family's business of a small string of inns and other properties that had been in our family since my great grandfather's grandfather, and made a good living out of it. My mother, Joanna Lison-Treavor, was a beautiful half-Chinese woman who used to be a psychologist but slowed down when my youngest sister was born.

Among the three children in our family, I was the eldest at nineteen, with my seventeen-year-old brother Shawn not far behind me. My little sister Haley was the youngest and, by far, the most charming of us with her innocently deceiving six-year-old adorableness. She had inherited my father's golden brown hair and my mother's big almond-shaped chocolate brown eyes, and I swore that she must have every adult in my family under a spell of some sort. I mean, she could burn down our house, blame it on our dog Deepo, and probably get away with it (P.S. The reason why I believe in the evilness of my little sister had nothing to do with the fact that my parents always, always gave her the last cookie…Honest!).

We lived in a relatively large three-story five-bedroom house, with each of us kids having our own rooms. I have to say, mine is the best, being the only bedroom on the second floor. It was located at the back of our house, and had these huge windows that opened into a spacious balcony that I turned into a sort of mini-garden. I took special care of the various plants and flowers there myself, and it even had a small stone table and chair built into the floor. It was my own private sanctuary, my secret escape from life.

It was there in my garden that I spent the free time I got from waking up at five thirty a.m., simply enjoying the delightful fragrances of my flowers mixing with the sweet scent of the early morning. I watched the rising sun paint the skies the various shades of the breaking dawn as a breeze played with my dark undone hair, gently blowing it away from my face.

I wasn't exactly what you'd call a morning person, but just being there in my private garden, in a time where everything seemed possible…I just felt so free, so alive, like I could do anything I wanted.

But as the sun rose higher in the sky, I realized it was now about time to go down for breakfast. I could already smell toast being toasted and eggs being fried.

I turned towards the window that led to my room when a brilliant light from my peripheral vision caught my eye. I faced a row of potted violas and pansies, only to find nothing.

"Me and my crazy imagination," I laughed to my silly self, heading for my room again when a hand suddenly shot out of nowhere and grabbed my left arm.

A startled yelp escaped my lips before I spun to face a broad chest fitted in a midnight-black silk. I slowly raised my gaze to a well-defined chin, then finally to a pair of unfamiliar hypnotizing golden-hazel eyes.

A/N: Thanks for reading this story! :)) This idea would simply not leave my head until I wrote it down, and once I started, I simply couldn't stop! In fact, I am so inspired that I have already started on the second chapter. I had to cut the chapter short to leave quite an open beginning, and to get your opinion. I have only a vague idea of the plotline, and then there is the torture they have nicknamed "High School", so I won't be promising a quick update anytime soon.

Any thoughts on the characters? The grammar? Any suggestions/questions/critism/and, heck, reviews in general are very (very, very, very,VERY) much appreciated. :D Thanks again so much for reading...

--R. Tist