Abbey's list

-I really like that cute little piercing below the left side of your lip that dangles ever so slightly when you talk.

-I love your dark brown hair and the way it flows over your shoulders, its always soft, and smells the same every day, weak oranges and some mild assortment of flowery scents.

-I love the way your teeth sparkle, to a point where they almost glow.

-I love the way you can make me laugh, even when I'm feeling like my life is over.

-I love the way I can list all these things, and It's only about half of the best, now even a fraction of the total.

But you don't feel the same, you have your friends and you black eyeliner. I can accept that. I don't love you anyway, I just really like you, I want to get to a stage where I can love you, I want you to love me and I want to love you. You've kept my mind occupied for months on end. You're the greatest, most amazing girl I know, and you know it, I can tell. If you show me that you like me, I'll take this further and ask you for your company, If not, I can wait. I can wait Abbey, forever and always.