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"So, let me give you a bit of background information about yours truly. I play Spanish guitar and do no sport at all. I guess you could say I'm a pretty quiet guy but I have heaps of confidence. I've never had a steady girlfriend, so I'm not likely to be distracted from work and I love eating but never get fat. Jealous?"

"I hope that this application finds easily and gives you a smile, as I believe I am the best for this job."

Harry liked the job application heaps; it described him in less then a paragraph, perfect. 'I don't need an extensive CV to get anywhere, its quality not quantity.' It's a shame it wasn't for a real job, but set by the school careers advisor, Mrs. Evans. Harry hated her, everyone did. She was short, had terrible breath and a shrill annoying voice that subliminally screamed, "please, please, punch me right in the face, I'm so annoying."

"Harold! What are you smiling at? You silly boy! This isn't a fun class, you're either doing something your not meant to be, or you are silently mocking me amongst your friends!" She paused for some kind of melodramatic effect, just making her seem like more of a complete idiot. "So? What are you smiling at?"
Harry thought on his toes, which tended to be his strong suit lately. "I'm just really proud of my job application miss. I think I've done a wonderful job and hopefully I might get a great mark on my school report at the end of the year, because your such a nice lady." He smiled very sarcastically and pretended to go back to whatever it was he was meant to be doing, but he had no way of telling what that was.

After around three minutes of doodling a picture of a dog, Harry became bored rather fast, and looked around the room. Then there was Abbey, making eye contact with him. He found himself drawn into her eyes. He wasn't very good with words, but if he was a poet he could write a billion plain words describing how amazing those eyes were without actually coming anywhere near the actual description. She slowly raised her dark pink lips into a smile and kept looking right at him. 'This is great!' was his first thought. 'Progress!' Progress indeed, she kept the sweet, cliché, and life-bringing smile for a few short seconds that lasted an eternity. For the next ten minutes, Harry couldn't think of anything other then that smile, those eyes, her hair. 'I'm so cheesy, I feel like a moron, but its about time I did something about this.' He had a plan 'I'll talk to her straight after class, I've got her attention now, its my chance to strike.'

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