I never did live an extraordinary life. Well, at least up to this point in time, given that I'm just a few months past my nineteenth birthday. But the things I did go through within the last seven years have been nothing short of unforgettable, and I wouldn't trade anything in the world for those memories.

I come from a small town that eventually grew into a big city. Granted, I was born when it was already developed for the most part, but it was a smaller place back when I was a kid. Barely two decades have passed, and already I can see the changes that have occurred within my once sleepy hometown. My childhood was considerably average by most conventional standards, and as such, this story is not about that period in my life.

Looking back, I am always amazed that it all actually began with one - just one - decision. A decision that was made as casually as one could have been made, without me knowing of its future consequences. I also see the regrets that came after making that decision - terrible regrets that sometimes make the past seem more real than it should be. But if I was ever offered a chance to undo that single, fateful decision, my answer would be an adamant 'No'.

Why, you might ask? Well... it was the teenage years with their raging hormones and random madness that made their mark on my memory, and made me who I am today. In all honesty, I am not too happy with the way some things have turned out, but I guess one has to take the bad with the good.

Before I begin, let me just state that I am know how this particular story might not be terribly exciting at times - why, it might even seem like a string of random, meaningless garbage to anyone of you readers out there. Some of you might shake your heads, others might feel disgusted at times, and some others might even stop reading to try and escape the insanity.

But it all happened, once upon a time. I lived through it, I saw it all, and this is my story.