The night has one thousand eyes

It was midnight; the sounds of thunder filled the air. A single car drove on the road beneath it, the wipers frantically trying to stay ahead of the heavy downpour.

A crack of lightning lit the sky, causing the woman inside to jump. She hated driving in storms; they freaked her out. A little way down the road her engine began making a gurgling noise, slowing the car before causing it to stop completely.

The woman sighed she knew nothing about cars. How was she meant to fix this? Help. She needed help. She got out of the car and was soaked in a matter of seconds; her hair matted to her face. She walked the darkness around her broken only by a flash of lightning of the odd flicker of street lights. The sound of a stick breaking met her ears.

She turned, pushing her soaking hair out of her face – a man. He might be able. She took two steps towards the now unmoving man. Another crack of lightning, closer this time.

As she took the third step every part of her screamed at her to run. Another bolt of lightning, this time right behind the strangely-still man. It illuminated him for a split second. That was all it took.

She saw the manic look in his eyes and did what her body had been craving for her to do since she had first seen him.

She ran. He seemed to like it better this way.

Her legs burned. Her feet sank into the mud that was becoming deeper as the rain worsened. Any hope for escape was quickly diminishing. More lightning. She resisted her urge to scream.

Ahead of her was a building. It was old; its windows and door boarded up. She cast her head about wildly about in search of somewhere else.

There was nowhere.

Her will to keep running in hope of anything else was gone. She scratched and clawed at the wood. The rain had weakened it some. She managed to pull enough free for her to wriggle through, barely noticing the splinters she received in her effort.

The room was cool. It had a musty scent. She felt around her, trying to get her bearings in the maze like room. A sharp pain shot through her fingers. Glass. There was a low rumble. Lights flashed on. The sudden brightness was temporarily blinding. The eerie sound of carnival music blended with the storm. She took in her surroundings: A house of mirrors. A creak of the floor boards brought her back to her senses. The soft thud of workman's boots came steadily closer.

She had nowhere to go. He could be anywhere.

He appeared out of nowhere, maybe everywhere. Now standing all around her, a crazed look in his eyes. Lightning struck the room, cutting the power. Another flash he was closer, right on top of her.

As her grabbed her, another flash. The last thing she saw were his eyes, staring back at her one thousand times.

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