"Hey Torch," Tex said as the bright red-headed Grell walked past us smiling, "Whatcha doin'?"

"Hey," Grell said sitting between Tex and Chris, "I'm waiting for my boyfriend."

He sighed happily, tucking a strand of his brightly dyed hair behind a pale white ear, that had many piercings in it.

"Hmp," Tex laughed, shaking his head-His blonde hair falling into his blue eyes.

"Jealous much?" Grell asked, cocking his head-Like a little puppy.

"Me? Jealous? Don't make me laugh! Ha!" Tex said turning away, blushing.


He was not jealous!?

Okay, maybe he was.

But just for awhile because he will get Tristan to be his boyfriend.

But he wasn't going to tell Grell or Chris that.

"You are," Chris grinned at Grell, raising his eyebrows.


"Yes you are-If you want I could kiss you," Grell offered grinning.

"NO!" Tex yelled jumping up.

"Have you ever kissed a guy before?" Chris asked.

Tex knowing a dare when he heard one, replied, "Have you ever kissed a girl?"

Chris scowled and said, "Next boy that walks in you kiss them. For five dollars-Who knows they may ask you out on a date. I wouldn't though."

"Because you're 'straight'?" Tex questioned.

"Yes! Unlike you, I've gone out on a date! I've kissed a girl! I've had a girlfriend! Now do we have a deal Mr. Gay God?"

"Yeah, I kiss the next guy that walks in-No matter who."

"Not my guy!" Grell laughed, "Or my brother! He's too young! Or me! I'm taken!"

Tex bushed deeper-He knew Grell had said that because he used to have a crush on all three of them.

But now he had his heart set on Tristan.

For awhile.

"Hey! I'm fourteen-That's only a year younger than you!" Chris, what his older brother said finally clicking in his head.

"Oh, shut up baby brother!" Grell sighed then added "HEY! TRISTAN! I NEED TO ASK YOU SOMETHING!"

"WHAT!?" Tristan yelled back.


"NO!" Tex yelled-Blushing even deeper, covering his face with his hands.

"WHY?!" Tristan yelled.

"BECAUSE!" Grell screamed, "JUST GET IN HERE! NOW!"

A few moments later Tristan walked in and Chris motioned for him to come closer-A sly smile playing on his lips.

"What's going on?" Tristan asked, looking around, his grey-green eyes searching everywhere, "Am I going to die or something? Ninja's going to fall from the sky and attack me?"

"No." Chris laughed, his brown hair falling into his brown eyes.

"Forgive me," Tex muttered in Tristan ear, standing up on the tippy-toes of his black converses, as he kissed Tristan, softly and chastely on the lips.

He started to pull away a few moments later, but Tristan grabbed his shirt-Yanking their mouths together.

Chris and Grell cheered and Tex flipped them the bird.

Not that it shut them up-Actually they got louder.

Finally Tex and Tristan broke free-Smiling for the first time, in awhile.

They were happy.

"Of course I forgive. For finally kissing me-Do you know how long I've been waiting?" Tristan smiled.

"Awhile?" Tex guessed sheepishly, still standing on his toes

"Yeah, and by the way; That was totally planned. It's been planned for awhile-But we never could fine the right time to put it in action. " Tristan laughed walking out as Tex blushed even deeper-If possible.

"I feel so used." He laughed, sitting back down on the couch, his heart racing.

"You were-But you got it out right?" Grell asked.

"How long? Have you had-You know feeling for...Guys?" Chris asked.

"For awhile. And Chris kissing a girl and having a girlfriend doesn't mean anything. It didn't mean anything to me." Tex grinned as Chris bushed, "Now if you don't mind, I'm going to see if Tristan will go out with me."

"And make out with you?" Grell asked, as Tex walked out of the room.

"For awhile!" Tex laughed over his shoulder.