"The Creation"

Jenny was having weird dreams at night. Every night Jenny would dream of a beautiful sky that was overcast, lush green forests skirting around an aqua blue lake. The sun will shine through the clouds like yellow pillars of lights, and in the middle stood a city of marble and stones of the likes unknown to mankind. Then a man with a falcon's head came to her wearing cream colored robes with blue symbols and then dream would dissolve.

Every morning Jenny would wake up to a dying world of over populated cities and pollution. No one has seen a blue sky since the year 2038. The cities of what was America where devastated from war with China over the scarce resources left in this dried up world. The Chinese had over taken the Eastern part of the world. In 2057 the Chinese government nuked all of Europe after the European nations decided not give in to China's greedy demands. Africa and Australia are under a Chinese regime the once beautiful Australian outback was now China's massive dumping ground killing fauna and flora. All of the tropical rain forest were cut down and sent to China and the animals in the forest would be killed and cut up to be served as food for a planet of nineteen billion people. America and China are still at war with each other by sending ICBM missiles over to each others country.

Europe's devastation with the nuclear detonation had wiped out the sun's access to the earth and mixed with the pollution the human beings underneath where always in the dark. The only advancements the human race had made since 2010 was military technology. Life on earth was heading toward extinction.

Jenny was confused about her dream, she felt like she was at home every time she was in the dream. The city appeared as well as the surrounding lake and lush green forestry except this time it was clearer. Jenny looked around and noticed that she was standing on the edge of the lake. Jenny bent down and put her finger into the warm water. As soon as she put her hand into the water visions of mountains rising and volcanoes exploding and the different cycles of the moon and sun, The birth of the dinosaurs and there extinction and the birth of man, the Rise of Ancient Egypt and the fall of Rome, The Holy crusade and the British empire and its march, The subsequent wars destroying civilizations and the birth of new ones flashed through Jenny's eyes before she ripped her hand out of the lake.

"Eyra deejay nita Ha'sahaska," someone said out loud that it made Jenny's head whip around so fast that she got whiplash. "Eyra deejay nita Ha'saha'ska," the falcon man said again. Jenny was staring in trepidation as she looked at the being in front of her. "Eyra deejay nita Ha'saha'ska," the falcon repeated irritably. "I'm sorry I don't understand," Jenny replied meekly. "Who are you mortal," said the falcon, "and what are you doing in the city of gods." Jenny felt a chill take over her as she realized she was talking to a god and the Sky god Horus no less. "Speak now or I will send you to the afterlife," Horus said in an icy tone. "I...um..er...," Jenny stuttered. "STOP blabbering like a fool and answer me now," Horus said with coldness. "I....aaaam....Jennnnny.....yoorur....lordship," Jenny said as she looked at the deity. "Horus what are you doing," Freya the god of Chaos asked with curiosity. "I found a human on the lake shore," Horus replied. "Really well let's take a look at it," Freya said. Jenny was shaking with awe and fear at the power she could feel.

Freya was sitting in her tower watching the other lower gods going about their business, Jesus and Lucifer having another fight in the courtyard about who is better. Freya turned her head and watched Anubis and Osiris talking about making another afterlife world when they got their power's back. The sun god Ra, Isis, Bastet and Morrigan and Ap wey Nudd were laughing at Jesus and Lucifer while Michael, Gabriel and Raphael where swimming in the far side of the lake. While the other gods where in their rooms Freya turned her head again to see if she can find Horus and saw he was standing over what looked like a human.

Freya sped off through the court yard making all the gods stop and look at her. Freya hoped it was the creator god or prophet. The creator god was not seen by anyone even the other gods never saw her as she had disappeared on earth around about 6000 BC. Without the creator god in the city the other gods could not do anything except destroy. The creator god had stripped them of their powers and went down to earth to be born again.

"STOP blabbering like a fool and answer me now," Freya heard as she approached Horus. "Horus what are you doing," Freya the god of Chaos asked with curiosity. "I found a human on the lake shore," Horus replied. "Really well let's take a look at it," Freya said. Freya approached the human and back peddled as she felt a power she had not felt in a long time. The power of creation had returned.

Jenny was confused as she saw Freya back pedal away from her until she felt a familiar feeling rise up and her skin tingled as her body floated up and her eyes went white and a voice of millions spoke out, I am the creation god and it is time to begin again. The other god the just arrived gasped and covered their mouth's as watched their newly re-incarnated mother returned to the.

BEEP...BEEP...BEEP, Jenny woke up confused, it felt real yet it didn't. Jenny got out of bed and got ready for school. Jenny was not aware that as she walked to school in the grey dismal world the small patch of grass growing in Jenny foot prints and the butterflies that followed her into a new revived world.

The End