Her face was red instead of her normal olive skin; her normally green eyes were blood shot.
She had a menacing air about her. She was giving everyone glares if they decided to approach her.

Her normally thin mouth was if possible thinner than normal.

I walked up to her and asked what was wrong.
Her head spun around and her hair floated around her shoulders.

The air went frigid when she glared at me. The green eyes of the teen bore into my own eyes sending shivers down my spine.

She made a sound of annoyance at me and turned on the spot. Brown hair smelled of fresh field of strawberries as her hair whipped my face, she stalked off not even looking back towards where I was standing. I was stunned for a moment as a cold sweat broke out on my upper lip.
The taste of sweat was salty as I licked my lips to moisten them.I decided to follow her to make sure she was allright. I ran off down the hall where she disappeared a minute before I came to a

"T" section I decided to go left and I ran down next to a wall made of glass. The rain was pouring outside and the lights cast an eerie glow on the white wall inside. I slowed down to a walk my footsteps echoing in the empty hall then I heard someone crying for help. The commotion was coming from the female toilets on the right wall. My hand grasped the door handle and pulled the door open.

I opened the door and she fell out onto the tiled floor. She started to sob whilst I helped her up and led her over to a bench and got her to sit down.

After a while her sobbing slowed down and I asked her a question. Are you alright? ...No came a shaky voice that in other times was silky smooth.

Thunder clapped over head and lightning illuminated the hall through the glass wall. I watched the rain pour down in buckets hitting the ground outside the glass wall spattering the glass slightly blurring our vision of the outside world. The smell of fresh rain came wafting into the hallway through open doors somewhere.

She calmed down a little, a hiccup escaping every now and again. I turned my attention to those sad green troubled eyes that are red and puffy from her tears.

She pushed and tucked a few strands of hair out of the way. My hands gripped the metal bench in anticipation waiting for her to say something. "I am cursed" she whispered with a shaky voice. I looked at her really confused.

I looked up at her sad beautiful face then I sat back against the smooth wall. She noticed my confusion etched on my face and she said "Do you know what day it is?" I looked at her when she said "It is Friday, Friday the thirteenth". And it dawned on me why she was having a bad day. She was known to have bad luck every now and then and today it was to be no better.

I smiled at her giving her a friendly grin. Her face quickly returned to normal and her green eyes had a twinkle, the menacing air left when she returned my smile.

We sat there on the metal bench with a comfortable silence and enjoying quietly the presence of each other. The smell of rain still wafting to our noses as well as wet green grass and we watched the rain, thunder, lightning and the dark clouds from inside and we became extremely content with each other as friends.

"The End"