"The ache that is caused…"

George was sitting at the window with tears running down is face, He was only three years of age when it was declared that he had a terminal illness and would not live to see ten years of age. His parents thought it would be easier for his twin if they split them up did not allow them to see each other to ease the ache caused by his eventual demise.

His twin forgot about his brother and did not know that his sick brother is watching them from the second story window while they were playing with their father. He even did not spare a single thought as to question his parents on where is twin brother was.

George woke up around midday on his eighth birthday and went down stairs. George went down the stairs looking for his parents though he found them outside. As George went outside he suddenly stopped at the sight and tears threatened to fall from his face as he looked up at the birthday sign that had only one name on it along with the happy family and friends they were singing the birthday song to George's twin brother but without Georges name. George wiped his face on his pale arms and thought that maybe he was next so George went over to the picnic table and sat down. No one acknowledged George's presence and ignored him. George could not bear the hurt in his heart and the unbearable ache that was caused neglect.

George ran upstairs as fast as his weak body would allow him and wrote in his journal and grabbed some clothes and his wallet that George had left the house. George never noticed that his journal caught in the door as he slammed it shut never to see the house again.

Melissa and John both thought that they were good parents raising their son. It never occurred to them that they have two sons it was not only after four months that two police officers knocked on the door to ask about George. Initially both parents frowned and said that they had one son. The officers looked at each other and said that the records stated that they had twins and that one was found frozen dead five kilometers away from this location with a back pack full of torn clothing and a wallet in his jeans pocket that had their picture in it. Melissa frowned and started to ask if they had the wrong family but stopped short when memories of seeing a doctor about a boy named George popped into her mind as well as they the glances and birthdays were they were singing to their son birthdays no their sons. John also had the same revelation.

The parents now left the hospital feeling bad as it was found out that their son George was not sick with a terminal but one of the nurses lost it and called them neglectful and other names. Jeremy felt bad for ignoring his now dead twin. It only got intensified when they got home and saw all the pictures of the happy trio that was missing the fourth member.

John and Melissa soon found an out of the way bedroom that was covered in dust. It was John that saw a book near the door and as he picked it up he opened and found it was a journal and he went over to Melissa and read her the last entry. "Will you remember me when I have left, will you miss me when I am gone? Do you even care or love me. Hopefully the ache in my heart that is caused is gone now.

The End