"The Runner"

A young girl was running down a eerily dark alleyway.

Thunder and lightning can be heard and seen through the tall city buildings.

The pita patter of rain hitting the ground. The night made everything look spooky.

The girl ran as fast as she could, panting and determined. There was one thing you could

notice if you were there is... the terror and fear displayed on the young smooth girls face.

She was confused and every time she would stop a small indent in the wall next to her

would appear. That small indent just made her even more determined to run.

Sequah knew someone was after her, the question is "why" is that person after her

and who is it. Is it a contract killer or some psycho madman or some

sick person finding this fun.

Sequah ran out on to a road. It was odd how everything is silent and still.

There are no life to be seen except her and the lunatic somewhere behind her.

The majority the street was dark, then the lightning illuminated everything. In those three seconds

she saw everything... safe for now. Then another flash and there he was the assassin who held his

gun at Sequah.

Panic rose and Sequah bolted toward a tall building.

She pushed her brown hair out of the way as she made her way.

The new panic rising as she heard the gun go off. Fear made her

run. She pushed open the door and sprinted to the elevator.

Sequah pressed the button on the elevator and got in when the door


Sequah pressed a random button on the panel in the elevator and got in.

The elevator looked clean and tidy. For the first time in a while she got a break

and she felt safe from the assassin. She noticed a camera in the corner

but she made no attempt to pay attention.

The doors opened and Sequah saw she was on the top floor.

She got out and looked to her right and then to her left that was when she saw a rubber duck.

sitting facing the window. The room was dark and you could see most of the centre of the city from the window.

Sequah looked at the duck again and screamed, The duck was now looking at her. She slowly looked

at the elevator and saw that the elevator was on the ground floor and was slowly rising to the next number.

The assain must have seen her enter the building. Sequah quickly looked around and found a small

wardrobe. The elevator doors opened and the man stepped out of the elevator.

Where 'o' Where are you chanted the man. A flash of lightning illuminated the room.

You know it is no fun if you are hiding...that's cheating. Sequah wiped her head of sweat.

Every time the man took a step, Sequah started to panic. She muttered prayer in silence hoping

that no of this is real...that she could just home.

Sequah's fear had literally took away her memory on how this all started.

The man was still chanting Where 'o Where are you. Sequah moved her feet.

Then the man looked at the place Sequah was hiding. Sequah eyes went wide.

The man opened the door and said time to go home Sequah.

You know better than to play out side in the rain and you know better than to run way from me

- said Sequah's Dad. Look at the mud you brought into the apartment. Sequah's dad put down his phone which

looked like a gun on the table and picked up his daughter and took her to the kitchen to cook dinner.


Second Ending

Sequah screamed. She had just lost a chance at getting a high score. The computer

screen flashing GAME OVER over and over. Sequah pressed restart and started again.

"A young girl was running down a eerily dark alleyway.

Thunder and lightning can be heard and seen through the tall city buildings...."
A smile formed on Sequahs face as she brushed her hair out of the way as she played on her computer

and taking a drink leaving her homework on the ground. Her mother yelling "Sequah get your home work done"

"Ok mum," said Sequah her face in the direction of the door but her eyes and hands glued to the computer.

The End