Made: Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Time: 12:46p.m (done)


Have you ever seen the night sky
As clear as I have?
Stars close enough to reach for
But not enough to grab.

The waves swish in the silence
Not a sound but his breathing
You make a scream inside your head
With no plans of leaving.

As you lay there in his arms
Afraid to move
You tell yourself how weird this seems
Is this really what you choose?

You try to feel a heartbeat
It's as calm as the wind
For some reason, that's disappointing
Like the messages he sends.

Rose petals dance with sand
Right above your heads
You frown and hold him closely
Face not even blushing red.

You feel like you should love him
Like he should love you back
But all you feel is nothing
He feels the same for a fact.

You wish for something more
As the mood starts to glow
But you both suppose a love can't die
If it never had a chance to grow.