Chapter 1

Run, run, run! You can't stop now! Oh my god, is he behind me?! Just do not turn around at all. Face forward, legs on a roll, and arms carrying the dumb football I had been dared to steal. What if he catches up? Was he even chasing me?! When could I stop this torture on my legs?! Keep going Stephanie! Where was that fish Dori from Finding Nemo when you need her?! She could be my coach, telling me to: Just keep running, running, running!

I turn to look at what was going on behind me. My eyes pop out of my head and drop to the floor. I had the whole football team chasing after me. The quarterback up farther than them all, gaining on little ol' me. Gosh dang it, I'm going to stepped on and I'm going to look like a human-rug by the time I get out of this mess.

The quarterback was the one I was supposed to make extremely angry, but it turns out, everybody on the Conquistadors football team was. His name, by the way, was Aiden Walker. Want some details about him? Sure, but where to start... Well, for starters, his coach is my uncle, Tom. His best friend is Sean Woods. He has a thing for bright colored Hollister shirts; the ones you usually find on the mannequin. Oh, and I'm pretty sure there's a demon inside him, threatening to slash at my friend's and I's throats. Or if you want a much simpler definition:

Aiden Walker is annoying. Amen.

Speaking of the devil, he was shouting at me from behind,"You better get back here, Stephanie!"

Deciding against turning around, I keep running. My chest felt like someone had gotten a gun from Call of Duty, and blasted me with it. Which reminds me; the noobs on that game really need to stick with those games with magic wands and stuff. Anyway, back to this three-dimensional world, my friends started coming into view. My best friend's boyfriend, Avery, raised his hands, signaling for me to toss it to him. Fine by me. My shift here was done.

I toss the ball, sending it flying way off from where I wanted it to go. The amazing thing ends up spiraling into a bushy tree. Haha, just kidding. My life isn't that good. The freakin' ball ends up hitting the side of a Jeep, causing the alarm to go off. Never the less, I hide my shock and embarrassment, continuing to run to my friends. I find myself turning around to see how close the team was to me.

"Screw you all!" I find myself shouting. I do a whole bunch of flips that I had learned in cheerleading, getting to my friends faster.

Now, finding out that I am, indeed, a cheerleader, you are all trying to figure out one thing. Aren't cheerleaders supposed to get along really well with the football players? Not really. My school isn't really cliché, at all. There were no parties after winning games, unless you consider hanging out on the sidewalk with some friends, a party. Geeks were never any less equal than the jocks. Cheerleaders scratch your eyeballs out if you are caught talking to one of them. We were just a regular school.

I hide behind my friend, Katherine, using her fluffy jacket as protection. While I'm bending over to catch my breath, I can't help but notice how much darker it got. I mean, the rain clouds were blocking the sun as it is. Could it be?! (insert creepy music here) Aiden-zilla and his fellow companions?!

Looking over Kat's shoulder I see Aiden, with a puffed out chest. I try to make a joke out of the situation by saying,"Lovely weather we are having today, isn't it?"

"Cut the crap, Stephanie. What is wrong with you?" Aiden-zilla spits at me.

I gulp, trying to think of what to say.

"Chill out, Aiden. It was just a dare. If you have to put someone to blame for it, blame me," Avery says, sitting on top of the table that everyone was crowding around.

Aiden's face turns into a swirl of dejection. His blue eyes show no emotion at all. I believe he's just been -as the noobs say- pwned. For all you slow people, pwned means owned, destroyed, blah blah blah. Aiden turns to look me in the eyes and smirks.

"It's a good thing we didn't catch up to you then. Especially if you were a guy,"He directs at me.

"Well, yeah. I would have flipped onto your face,"I reply. Gah, my comebacks sucked eggs. I should really think about going to the bookstore to buy some books on comebacks.

He chuckles lightly, obviously in terms of sarcasm. "Ooo, I am so scared." Well at least my comeback wasn't one you would hear on the playground in elementary school.

If you're wondering what my poor eyes have to look at, right now, I'm sorry I have to torture you with what I am about to say. Aiden has dark blue eyes that seem to shimmer every time I see him. Along with those, his has tanned skin from being out on the football field all day for practice and games. His hair is an almond color that is short and messy, falling over into his eyes. Just a bit. He's not my type. Seriously...

"Says the guy who got his whole football team to back him up," I say, setting out from behind Katherine, finally.

Aiden's eyes narrow as the whole football team behind him does those annoying "ohh's". I roll my eyes. Couldn't people just shut up and listen to our fight instead of trying to make a scene to get other people interested?

"Whatever, man." Aiden says, turning to leave. His football mates follow him.

Just as I think it's safe to start up a civil conversation with my friends to get over what just happened, Aiden turns his head back to me.

"See you at the game," With that he winks and turns around.

Snap, crackle, pop. I totally forgot about the game.

Which now brings us to the football game. The football game I am always supposed to be at when it is home or elsewhere. Except since it is a home game, I have to dress in the too-short skirt with the tight top. Cheerleading would be fine if they didn't make us wear these ridiculous clothes.

"D-O-N L-U-G-O! Don Lugo!" My cheerleading squad and I cheer. We all turn back around, to look at the field and the game going on.

Right now, the running-back, Luke, was going in for a touchdown. He's about to get tackled when Aiden, number 28, tackles the opposing team. It looks like the guy goes down pretty hard, especially with Aiden on him. No, I am not saying Aiden is fat, because he's not. Whatever. Anyway, Luke steps into the touchdown area. Us cheerleaders run over to the corner of the field and do flips. Isabella, Emma, and I lift up the smallest girl, Emma and throw her up in the air. She does whatever she usually does and falls back into our arms.

This is when we all hear the thunder. I started crossing my fingers hoping it wouldn't rain. If it did, the football turf would start smelling like puke.

We get back to our original line formation on the track surround the field, ready to start cheering if our team made the field goal...and we do.

"Touchdown, touchdown. Do it again! We're on the line. Don Lugo, bring it on in."

A few minutes later, the other team has the ball. I watch their every movement, certain something was going to happen. I just didn't know if it was good or bad. Then, suddenly, one of the players throws the ball and Aiden catches it. No way. We actually got an intersection!

Aiden runs the ball down the field, with ten seconds on the clock. Oh my gosh, that twerp was actually going to do it! A couple of guys were running behind him, just itching to tackle him, but Aiden keeps running. I find myself screaming at the top of my lungs:

"Aiden you better run that ball, or I'll get you!"

He seems to hear me, because he turns his head in my direction. I don't see what's going on on his face, because of the helmet, but it makes my heart do some weird somersaults. Choosing to ignore that feeling, I continue to scream, being the loudest person there. Just as the buzzer is about to sound, he freakin' flies into the end-zone.

The reason I was so loud is most likely because it was almost the end of the season. I just wanted the football players to know I support them one-hundred percent. Even though I might be cheering for most of them again, when basketball season started.

All the players went across the field and slapped hands, probably telling them threatening stuff. After that, the team talked in their huddle, while the cheerleaders and I put on our sweaters, and grab our bags. When I'm about to leave to my ride with my mom, someone taps my back. As soon as I turn around, my face drops.

"What do you want?" I ask this shimmery, blue-eyed guy in front of me.

Aiden raises an eyebrow and replies,"I just wanted to thank you."

Hmm...what was he talking about? I hadn't done anything for him. Unless he was using sarcasm. Well, that is likely, since he has never thanked me before in all the time we've known each other. Which is about seven or eight years, considering the fact that we were both Freshman in high school.

"For what?" I ask, hearing a car horn beep from near by. My mom probably.

"For helping us win the game. You know, with how loud you were screaming."

"I was not screaming," I flat-out lie.

Rolling his eyes, he replies,"Whatever you say."

"My screaming shouldn't really have helped you know. I was just doing it for the sake of cheerleading."

"Aiden, let's go! We don't have all day," One of the players, Christopher, shouts.

"Catch you later," Aiden says to me, flicking the side of my head.

Anger boils up inside of me as I walk to my mom's car. He didn't even have to thank me, at all. It was probably just some lame excuse to come and bug me. I would not let Aiden Walker get to me.

I had a feeling, he already had.


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