Chapter 5

Friday, after school, is the fair. But the thing is, it's only first period and not only that: first period has just begun. Literally and not literally. The morning announcements weren't yet announced, oddly. Also, none of my friends were in the class which are Courtney and Katherine. It got kind of suspicious when a person raised their hand and told the teacher that they were both in the office. I would like to say I didn't expect this, but actually, when your friends are walking around like ninjas and running away from me for like three days, it gets suspicious.

On Wednesday, I saw Courtney down the hall so, I called her name. She looked my way, like a dear caught in headlights and then took off. Thursday, Olivia and Katherine were at Subway together, but then they saw me and ran for the exit. I had no idea what was going on, but I hoped it would stop.

The teacher, Mr. Leatherwood, gets a phone call from the school phone. He says my name a few times, causing me to be alert. As soon as he's done with the call, he looks right at me.

"Stephanie, they need you in the auditorium. Take your stuff," He says, pointing with his thumb, towards the door.

I stuff my binder into my backpack and slide the strap onto my shoulder, wondering what I did to deserve this. Courtney probably toilet-papered her teacher, Mrs. Hernandez's house fro giving her an F on her History test. Now, they wanted me to prove that she didn't do anything, probably. Then, as a distraction, Courtney would tape everyone behind the stage onto the wall. I would be the one to grab a chair and start to hit people until they knocked out. Whatever she did, was probably big enough to have to use the auditorium.

Laughing at this thought, I'm not paying attention to where I am going and slam into solid figure. I look up and notice that the figure is Aiden, of all people. My heart does this weird flip-ish thing and causes me to blush. Ignoring this, I notice Aiden has his backpack, too. Yup, this was definitely very suspicious.

"Sent to the auditorium, too?" Aiden asks me, obviously thinking the same thing that I was at the moment.

I roll my eyes, as we fall into step, walking down the hallway. I reply,"Yeah, I was hoping my friends suspicious behavior had nothing to do this, but now you're involved."

"My friends were acting strange, too. They wouldn't talk to me at all."

"Same with me!" I exclaim.

We stop in mid-step and look at each other, clearly freaked out. After a few moments frozen, we take off running the rest of the way to the auditorium. When we burst into the door of the auditorium, we are trying to catch our breath. Neither of us notice the way the office looks, until a bright light comes on.

The auditorium is completely dark except for the projector shining on the projection screen. There's pictures of couples kissing and hugging, with each slide that switches. A song called, The Only Exception by Paramore comes on. A sign flies over to Aiden, falling at his feet. He looks at me, unsure, but picks it up anyway. Looking at the paper, it's actually a picture from the night Aiden walked me home, that seems way to edgy to be from a camera. A video camera is more like it.

Slapping my forehead, mentally, I forgot that my house had a security camera that was hidden under the roofing. They must have hacked into the camera and stole some shots. Or they asked my dad if they could borrow some footage.

The photo is when we were hugging and weirdly, it caught Aiden smiling while his head was on mine. The light from the projector shines on his face, so I'm able to see him blush. Hey, I'm not making fun of him. I'm blushing, too, actually.

The song ends and the last slide is a blown up picture of the one we were just looking at. This one said,'The End,' and as soon as it came up, another light comes on. It shines on both Aiden and I, practically blinding me. Courtney, Katherine, Olivia, Luke, Sean, and Xavier are sitting on the stage, sitting up straight to prove a point that I certainly would get.

Courtney is the first to speak and when she does, she says,"We didn't set this up for Stephanie to say no and we definitely didn't set up so Aiden doesn't say what he is about to say. We did this so you guys would make up."

Ah, so that is what this was all about? This thing had me all worried, for nothing.

Then Sean speaks,"Yeah, guys. Whatever you two were fighting about before, happened in like third grade. Get over it."

Seriously, he actually remembers what had happened?

Olivia is next,"I definitely didn't beg for nothing, to use the auditorium for this. So, you guys better thank me for all of this stuff."

Well, did she have fun, at least? Fun is always the answer.

Luke's turn,"Well, I'm just happy to have an excuse to be out of class."

Well then. He could ditch right now, instead of coming here. At least, he's honest.

Xavier now,"Anything to help out a friend."

Why wasn't everyone else adding this in?

Last but not least, Katherine,"I liked the part where I got to make the video."

So, she's the one I need to thank for putting up that picture of Aiden and I.

"Now, Aiden, say out loud what you see on the screen." Courtney says, pressing a button on the controller that was in her hand. The next slide just has words on it.

"Stephanie, will y-you go to the fair with me. Take hand," He realizes what he just said and continues,"Oh." Aiden takes one of my hands, slowly, making heat rise up in my face.

"Now, Stephanie, same for you." Courtney looks at me and I duck my head down a little.

Reading from the screen, I say,"Of course, I'll go with you... Okay, I'm sorry, but I am not saying that last part."

"Ah, c'mon! You know it's true!" Aiden teases me.

I shake my head and smile,"I will never in my life, call you 'kind gentleman.' It's just, not my thing at all."

We laugh until the bell for second period rings, then we freak out and run like crazy to get to the next class. I know it's weird that we made up just like that, but I'm kind of glad, too. Not because I get to call him my friend or anything like that, but because of that whole set-up thing. It made me realize something. Something that I will never admit, until like, later or something for when I'm really sure.

I try and throw a bean bag into a hole to win a prize, but I miss. Someone totally rigged these things, I've been missing like five shots. Aiden laughs from behind me and grabs a bean bag out of my hand and throws it perfectly into the hole with ease. My jaw drops to the ground, but I end up laughing, too.

"You kind of suck," Aiden says to me, grabbing a Domo stuffed animal from the table set up. He slides the small backpack I had brought off of his shoulder and stuffs it in there.

I hit him, playfully and reply,"Well, you have a better chance at winning, since you're a football player." I stomp ahead towards the next game.

"Aww, Steph. Don't be like that," Aiden catches up to me and adds on in a girly voice,"It's not about if you lose or win, it's about how much fun you have!" Then, he adds in a a cheerleader kick.

"Hey! Cheerleaders do not talk like that!"

"The captain does though," He replies with a smile.

He was right, but I wasn't about to tell him that. So, we just play the next game, which is that game where the person working there has to guess your height, age, or weight. I push Aiden towards it, and he shoots me a glare. Either way, he has the employee guess his age. Oh c'mon! Wouldn't she just guess anywhere from fourteen to eighteen since we are in a high school football field?

"Twenty?" She asks. I crack up laughing.

"I didn't realize you were so old, Aiden." I say, starting to walk away,"Undercover pedophile."

"Hey!" Aiden exclaims,"Trust me, if I were one. I wouldn't go for you!"

"So, you admit to planning who you are going to go after?" I turn around and glare at him, walking backwards.

His eyes widen as he puts his hands up in mock surrender,"Alright, you caught me."

I continue to glare at him, backing up. In the process, I managed to trip almost three times and then, I slammed into a solid figure. (Which seemed to be happening a couple of times so far, today.)

"Oh, sorry!" I exclaim as I turn around, facing the person I bumped into. I find myself staring at a guy who has that whole "surfer" dude look going on. Shocked at how familiar he looks, my eyes go as wide as his right now.

"Stephanie?" He asks, checking to make sure if it was me or not.

I looked sideways at Aiden, wondering if he knew him, too. I'm guessing he did, because his eyes are as huge as ours.

Looking back at the familiar guy, I respond,"Uhm, yeah?"

"Aiden?" The guy is now looking at Aiden.

"Bryan?" Aiden, asks. His eyes are narrowed at so called, Bryan.

"Long time no see guys, huh?!"

Bryan... Bryan?... Bryan?! This guy was pretty much one of Aiden's friends back in grade school. He was one of those kids who knew a whole lot of dirty jokes and was extremely perverted. Not kidding. As soon as you said 'hello' he would say something dirty.

"Yeah, it's been a while." Aiden replies, slapping hands with Bryan.

Bryan smiles and looks over at me, clearly not hiding the fact that he was checking me out."It sure has."

I cross my arms over my chest, feeling too revealed even with my long-sleeved sweater and jeans. Aiden looks over at me then at Bryan who is still looking at me. Noticing the situation that I'm in, he puts his arm around my shoulders. Byran looks back at Aiden.

"Oh! When did you guys start liking each other?"

Aiden smiles at me and I smile back, all in act."We started going out in the seventh grade, actually. I couldn't hide my crush on him," I say as Aiden pulls me closer.

Bryan narrows his eyes at us, but takes it."Oh, I see."

"Well, we better go. Our friends are waiting for us," Aiden says, grabbing my hand and pulling me along. Bryan waves at us, suspiciously.

We fast walk into a crowd and sigh with relief.

"He didn't buy it at all, did he?" I ask, catching my breath.

Aiden shakes his head and replies,"That punk is going to be all over you."

I frown at this, wondering why he would choose me. Then I smile sweetly at Aiden, knowing I can use this against him."Why exactly would he be all over me, Aiden?"

He blushes like crazy and turns his head, scratching his head."You know, I have to go take care of some stuff." He looks at an imaginary watch and starts to walk away.

I grab his arm and say,"Not so fast. You don't really expect to get away with my backpack." The look on his face was priceless. He thought I was actually going to force the answer out of him.

Psh. Not now at least.


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