The Hangover Of The Year 2010 (Dec 30-31)

It is almost over
and I just feel the hangover
of the year.

It feels like the ending of the world
but again
it also feels like the rebirth of our souls.

And at the very end right before twelve a.m.
you have your grapes and your wine
and your bullshit and your lies
and you tell to yourself
that none of your mistakes
will ever happen again.

And, like always,
things sometimes go wrong.
You break your promises
and you abandon them all.

But that's life, right?
An endless cycle of bullshits over and over.
An endless cycle of abandonments and lovers.

And I'm sad that another year is ending
because you just wish you could return back to that spot
where everything went wrong
and just kill yourself before you fuck it up.

But too late, the year is dead.
All that's left is to hope for the best
in the year that comes next.

Ah, it is almost over
and I'm already feeling the hangover
of this nice and cruel year.

And it's true, my soul will die in sorrow.
But it will be reborn tomorrow.

AN: Well, that's it for 2010. Hope you had a great year, and best of luck for the one that comes next.
But what's next for me? Words A Day 2011.