This was a short story of a fight scene I had written for a contest. Many people had enjoyed it, so I thought I'd post it here for you guys to read. Enjoy, and let me know what you think!





"Garrett!" Kane cried out, voice hoarse with shock. Tangled in his sleeping bag, he could only stare as his best friend bled to death in the jaws of two savage wolves.

Garrett didn't even have a chance to scream. His throat was torn out before he could even open his mouth. Growling, teeth snapping against bone, the gray creatures of night ripped him apart.

It was this sound that had awakened Kane. It was this sight that greeted him. . . how could a camping trip turn into this?

At his horrified cry, both wolves paused. Lifted their bloodied muzzles to stare at him with molten gold eyes. Their mouths hung open, letting the moonlight reflect off crimson-stained teeth. Kane froze, gray eyes widening. They watched each other. The wolves - calculating, considering. Kane - in disbelief, in horror.

A low growl. One jaw snapped shut, but not before a agile tongue licked the blood off its snout. Both wolven heads lowered a fraction. A paw lifted, then pressed down as one creature took a step closer.

"No. . ." Kane shuddered, heart thudding, blood chilling. He looked past the wolves, saw Garrett. His friend was still. Throat a gaping maw, face gone. The head was a gory mess, attached to the rest of the body by only a few shreds of flesh and bone. Kane's stomach heaved violently. He turned sharply to the side, barely having any warning before his stomach suddenly revolted. Vomit hit the ground like a wet slap.

A sudden, savage growl - he jerked up, immediately noticing that the wolves were no longer in front of him. They were gone. Yet, they weren't. A terrible panic gripped him, and he struggled to get up, to get free from the sleeping bag that had once seemed so warm and friendly, but now was nothing more than a death trap as it wrapped around his legs, refusing to release him.

He frantically pulled a leg free, working to free his other foot when a solid force slammed into him from behind. It threw him forward, onto his face, and a hot growl sounded low in his ear. Heavy weight on his back, sharp claws digging into his shoulder blades. A crunching sound, a squelch, wetness spreading down -

Pain! Agonizing, lancing pain drilling into his shoulder, spearing right through his flesh!

Kane screamed. A surge of panicked adrenaline filled him, giving him the strength to jerk up, to spin and twist and throw the weight off his back. The wolf hit the ground, landing on all fours. Kane whirled, catching a glimpse of a dark shadow and golden orbs before a low growl from behind warned him of another danger.

For a fear-blinded moment, he froze in place. And trembled like a mere leaf caught in powerful winds.

He didn't dare turn, because of the wolf in front, and didn't dare stay still, because of the wolf behind. His shoulder burned, but he barely felt it, too preoccupied with terror.

A single thought managed to break through the fear. A weapon! He had to defend himself! Kane hesitantly sidestepped, eyes wildly roaming the ground for any weapon, any item he could use to defend himself. A rock, a sleeping bag, a knapsack filled with extra clothing and rations, dried grass, Garrett -

No face. So much blood! So -

The dark animal in his field of vision crept closer, its footfalls seeming to cause the faint echos he heard behind him as the second wolf mirrored its movements. Weapon, Kane's mind shrieked. Get a weapon!

His eyes fell upon the shredded remains of Garrett's sleeping bag. And he remembered. His friend had carried a hunting knife with him - a serrated, six-inch long blade. Six steps away. Without any further thought, Kane bolted.

The wolves snarled, reacting instantly. They lunged as one, all teeth and claws and blood-lusting eyes. Kane dropped to the ground, knees squelching in the blood-soaked grass. His hands trailed through bits of torn flesh as he struggled to search his friend's sleeping bag.

Teeth sunk into his left arm, grabbing and locking into position. Kane yelped, tried to pull away. The wolven animal planted its paws, and violently shook its head, trying to wrestle him down to the ground. The other wolf grabbed a chunk of his shirt and flesh, tearing both free from his torso. Gasping, Kane tried to rip his arm free, tried to find the knife before their teeth tore him apart into chunks just like they had Garrett -

Suddenly, time slowed to a crawl. Everything presented itself with an awful clarity. Two wolves were eating him alive. He was slipping about in the remains of his best friend. He was alone, in the middle of the forest. And he was going to die.

Fear reared its head fiercely, shattering though his mind, destroying the strange pause of time. "No!" A scream tore past his throat. His fingers, slick with blood, managed to fumble across the sheathed knife. He grabbed it, jabbed it savagely at the wolf gripping his arm. Being sheathed, its damage was minimal. Kane fell to his side, losing the tug of war. Instantly, jaws loomed in front of his face, the second wolf lunging in the instant he was down.

Kane lashed out, sinking his free fist into the animal's throat. It yelped, pulled away. He jammed the knife's sheath between his teeth, and yanked the blade free. Baring his teeth in an ugly snarl, he stabbed at the first wolf, which still was busy destroying his left arm. The blade caught its head, glancing off the cheekbone. The animal growled savagely, releasing its hold. Unlike the second wolf, it didn't back down. It pounced on him, seemingly enraged.

Its claws tearing open his chest, its upper body crouched over his head. Its gaping maw descended upon his face. Kane didn't even think. The blade plunged upwards, ripping through the animal's lower jaw, piercing right through its muzzle from below. The wolf shrieked, jerking its head up, tearing the knife out of Kane's grasp.

Shoving the crying wolf off of him with one hand, Kane struggled to get up. His left arm dangled uselessly at his side, shreds of skin and meat hanging loosely, baring the bone.

He saw movement out of his peripheral vision, barely catching the second wolf coming at him. He whirled unsteadily, throwing up a foot. He managed to catch the wolf in the ribs. Pain lanced through his foot, which was clad in only a sock. Both he and the wolf were knocked to the ground. Fueled by adrenaline, he surged to his feet, just in time to have the same animal rip into his pant leg.

Kane fell back onto his rear, splattered with blood. He raised his good hand, and savagely pounded his one fist into the animal's head. Once. Twice. Thrice. The animal didn't let up, only growling deeper, louder, ripping its teeth out of his leg to try and make for his throat. Kane shoved a knee up, blocking its access. He frantically felt for something solid nearby, something he could use to bash this monster's head in. His fingers came across a frail stick.

He grabbed it, thrust it at the wolf's face, aiming for its golden eyes. It missed, hitting its forehead. The stick snapped in two. Kane adjusted his grip, clenching his teeth. The wolf slathered over his knee, jaws snapping inches from his face. Kane tried again, ramming the broken stick in with all his strength. This time, he did not miss.

The stick's jagged edge pierced one golden orb. The wolf violently recoiled, screaming out. Kane didn't waste time. He tried to get to up, but his torn-up leg wouldn't hold his weight. So he shuffled backwards, putting distance between him and the mad wolf. The animal threw its head back, releasing a howl that penetrated the night air. It started low, rapidly crescendo-ing into a high pitch. Then it scuttled off into the darkness, panting and hurting.

Kane stared at the patch of darkness that had swallowed it up, uncertain as to whether the creature had really gone. His heart still pounded, the sudden night silence heavy and ominous. Then something whimpered nearby, and he glanced over. It was the first wolf. It crouched low, jaws pinned together by the knife buried in its muzzle. It's blood dripped from the ugly wound. Yet it was far from defeated. It eyed him with a wild, hungry look. For the first time, Kane noticed that it was thin, its ribs sticking out of its hide.

He attempted to move, but a sudden lethargy settled upon him, chasing away all traces of adrenaline. A aching throb settled over his entire body, strangely numbing. Kane risked a glance down at himself, ever aware of the nearby wolf. He was covered in blood. It seeped down him, dripping onto the forest floor, surrounding him in a pool of warm red. It should hurt more than it did. But it didn't.

Kane lifted his gaze back to the wolf. It hadn't moved. It's golden orbs had never left him.

A chilly night breeze sung softly over the bloodied ground, brushing past the two wounded creatures. Silence reigned, save for the soft chirping of crickets.

Kane sat numbly, and waited for the night to end.