A sonnet assigned to me by Winter. Hopefully this rings with somebody else here on Fictionpress. Reviews & critique are appreciated, I believe this is my first sonnet so be kind.

Sunrise in a Cemetary

At first, although broken, we were mended.

Your lips like poison, your world a treasure.

Lost in the liquor, days became blended,

Early begins a morning of pleasure.

Silence was traded for honest concern,

And anger where thanks could have been given.

In the toxic fumes, together we burned.

I longed to become one of the living.

Running away from what was in plain sight,

I peeled the blindfold from over my eyes.

Despite my efforts to gently take flight,

The cuts were deep that led to our demise.

This place is a graveyard; our bonds are torn,

But out of the ashes, new bonds are born.