I see him everyday, every moment my eyes follow him everywhere but...

I see you everyday,

Every moment my eyes follow you,

Your every step, every smile.

I've never felt tired to follow-

Your foot steps everywhere.

Every time you fill my

Thirsty eyes with desire.

My every thought

Just want to follow you always.

Just an endless book,

I read you everyday,

But you'll never know.

I want to tell my feelings for him many times. I want to write a letter to him, but...

I want to write a letter

To tell you something

Deep from my heart,

In a summer morning.

But they were lost-

In a rainy evening.

I want to tell you many times

Many autumns are passed

But mists of the winter

Clouded my thoughts.

At last in a spring

I want to tell you

The deepest truth of my heart

But the words were lost again.

My every moment passes just dreaming about him, but...

Everyone wants to know

Who you are, sitting on my heart,

Walking like a shadow

In my every thoughts.

My every breaths just

Wants to utter your name,

But I can't tell

Any one, any thing.

You are to far away,

But yet so close,

But I can't touch you

But you are sitting just beside me.

I know it's just a one sided love without any happy ending. I know very clear that it's just nonsense but I can't stop loving him...

I love you alone

But you'll never know.

I'm burning in the fire of one side love-

But you can never see.

I know it's a wrong way

Still I walk alone.

I know I can never get near you,

You'll be far away.

I dream of you every night,

I think of you everyday.

But you can never feel that-

You'll be far away.

I know the distance between us

I can never cross the path,

But in my heart you'll be near-

Until my death.

But one day everything changed...

I've never knew that,

You see me everyday

With a silent smile.

You've never told me before

But obscured yourself behind the cloud.

But in one silent evening,

You sat beside me

Set your intense eyes on me.

Suddenly I saw my world

Had changed in your eyes.

In your kiss,

Our love bloomed-

At last.

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