"Does the offer still stand?" Gabriel asked over breakfast the next morning.

"What offer?" Darren asked, tensing. He already knew he wasn't going to like whatever words were out of Gabriel's mouth.

"To move in with you."

Matthew perked up, already this morning he looked better and for this Darren was grateful but he hated that it was because of Gabriel.

"You don't want to live with Nikolia anymore?" Matthew asked in surprise.

Gabriel shook his head no, looking down at his breakfast. Darren had cooked this morning and it was no where near as good as Matthew's cooking but Gabriel could see how his sudden absence had hurt Matthew.

Before the man had woken Gabriel had sat down with Darren. Sleep wasn't the only thing Matthew had lost because of Gabe, his weight had also dropped significantly and he'd been sick a great deal. Darren hated Gabriel and Gabe could understand why, he even knew he deserved it. Not only had his absence hurt Matthew, it had hurt Darren as well. Darren had tried to help Matthew recover and move on but he had been helpless and watching Matthew struggle had hurt him more than anything else. Darren wanted Gabriel gone but he had to admit that having Gabe in their lives made Matthew happy happy and that was all Darren wanted.

"Why the sudden change?" Matthew asked. "You love partying and drinking with Nikolia."

"I realized something and I didn't like it." Gabriel mumbled, not willing to elaborate anymore than that. He was already ashamed enough that Pepper knew and had known before Gabe. Gabe hated that he was such an ugly and horrible person.

"Of course the offer is still open." Matthew said with a happy smile. "You're always welcome here."

"Under one condition." Darren said, crossing his arms. "Or several."

"What?" Gabriel asked, trying not to let the question come out as a growl. Gabe was going to try and be nicer to Darren, Darren was his key to surviving here after all.

"No more drinking, no more partying, you can't come in here at all hours of the morning, you'll help with housework, no bringing woman home and absolutely no being rude to Matthew. Just because he wants you here doesn't mean I do."

"Darren!" Matthew cried. "Don't be rude."

"Its okay Matthew." Gabriel kept his eyes on Darren, he knew the slightest mistake and Darren would thrown him out on his ass. "I'll be good."

"Damn straight you will be."

Matthew glared at his boyfriend, not pleased with the attitude but finally he turned back to Gabriel, the past conversation sliding off him like water and his relaxed posture returned but his smile didn't. "How did you get hurt last night?"

Gabriel bit the inside of his cheek nervously. He could lie, truthfully lying seemed like it'd be easier. It was doubtful either of the other men would believe him but Gabe knew he owed it to Matthew. If he started out his first day of being a better person by lying he'd be setting himself behind.

"I'm not crazy," he informed softly. "And whether you believe me or not it did happen."

"What?" Matthew pressed leaning closer. Darren already looked closed off to whatever Gabe was going to say but Gabe hadn't thought he would get Darren to believe him anyways.

"The wound was caused by TJ." Gabriel said softly. "He attacked me in an alley on my way here."

"Gabe don't started this again..." Darren started quietly.

"Be he did!"

"Why would TJ attack you?" Matthew asked, confused. "TJ loved you."

"He doesn't remember anything." Gabriel explained. "Its like his mind has been wiped clean, he doesn't remember any of is."

"This sounds crazy, you're right..." Darren grumbled.

"I can prove it!" Gabriel hurriedly grabbed his wallet, bringing it back to the table. "He took a picture, the one of him and I..."

"You could have lost it in your drunk dream like state." Darren interrupted coming over to Matthew, already done with Gabe. "Come on Matthew you should go back to bed, you're still recovering from being sick."

"Hey I'm not done!"

Darren glared at Gabriel as he gently tugged at Matthew. "Your crazy prattle isn't good for Matthew.'

"Darren I want to see..." the man whined, trying to resist but he was weak against Darren and slowly started to follow.

"Look!" Gabriel cried, yanking out the white feather which was still glowing softly. "This is from him. It fell when he took off."

"Its just a...normal feather..." Darren mumbled, not sounding so sure anymore. He reached forward and grasped the soft white object, pulling it closer to examine.

"Lemme see!" Matthew said, eyes wide as Darren handed it over.

Matthew gently grasped it in his fingers, not wanting to ruin the beautiful feather. Though as he held it in his hands the feather gave one very noticeable pulse before it started to melt , seeping into Matthew's palms. "Ahh!" he cried fearfully trying to pull away but the feather was gone and instead had appeared to melt into his flesh. His palms glowed for a moment longer before the glow faded.

"Matthew!" Darren grabbed his boyfriend's shoulders in alarm and turned the man to face him. "Are you okay? How do you feel?"

Matthew sat there, confused as he looked at his hands. "I feel...great," he mumbled looking up at Darren.

Darren paused and then raised his hand to the man's face, rubbing his thumb over Matthew's cheek. "You don't look sick anymore... Do you feel sick?"

Matthew shook his head no. "I feel better, rested."

"It healed him." Gabriel observed coming up behind Darren, looking Matthew over as well. "I mean look at him. He isn't pale anymore and the dark circles under his eyes are gone as well."

"you're right..." Darren turned to glance at Gabriel, eyes wide with disbelief.

"Believe me now?"

Darren could only nod.

"But how could TJ be alive?" Matthew asked. "And why wouldn't he remember anything?"

"Thats what I intend to find out." Gabriel said firmly because he was sure TJ would find him. He'd spiked the boy's curiosity and memory or not Gabriel knew TJ and the boy wouldn't be stand not knowing what Gabe knew. Gabriel was sure of it.