This was actually an English assignment. We wrote it in class, thus it's short and simple. We're reading War and Peace (What in the world?! This thing has Volume 3, Part 3, Chapter 34, page 1029… What were you THINKING, Tolstoy?!?! I read a Cliffs Notes summary of the entire book and I still don't know what it's about!) and we were told to find a theme and a quote describing it to write a poem about. Pretty much everyone did love or anger or violence. Mine had love in it, but the overall theme I chose was growing up-- "The girl is no longer a child, and the child is not yet a young girl." It's inspired by Natasha, but I can't ever keep from putting myself into it.

Not So Young

Don't patronize me-- I'm no longer a child

I know how to read, so don't point to the words

I'm not going to fall

I can see where I'm going

I don't need you to hold my hand

Life was so simple when you took care of me

Now I have to learn to think for myself

But my world is still here

I'll never stop dreaming

I can grow up and still be this young

Then he comes along and my dreams start to change

I don't know how I feel-- it's not something I've learned

Now I fear I will fall

I can't see where I'm going

I need him to hold my hand