Something different... and with no romance! For once! :]

Just Like Him

He was the new kid in school, but that wasn't the only reason he was picked on. He was getting picked on because of his unusual features.

Morgan Davidson was not what you would call your average teenager. He was very different from what the town of Bradley was used to seeing. His face was deformed. His right eye was way above his left and slanted on a side. His nose was crooked and bent to the left as if a door had smashed into it. His mouth did not form a straight line when he grimaced at the harsh words he heard being spoken behind his back; it formed more into a slant. His ears were stuck out like that of an elephants. His face had an orange tint to the usually creamy color; oversized freckles covered most of it. His hair was dirt-colored, and his eyes were more of a hazel, but it didn't suit the rest of his face. You would expect them to be a strange color like purple to match all his other unusual features.

His face wasn't the only oddity about him. His body was strange as well. It leaned a little to the right and had a hunch, so it appeared diagonal. One foot was wider than the other, and the other was longer; he probably had to buy two pairs of shoes each time when he needed a pair that would fit him. His hands were beefy. His fingers were longer, yet bony; the right hand's curved to the right, and the left hand's curved to left. His thumbs were lower than where they were supposed to be, more on his palm than his hand. They were also larger. If not for the way his body curved, he would have easily been six foot six or seven, but on his hunch he goes to a six foot two. His hips were very wide and could have been mistaken for curves, if he were not a boy.

I could have easily analyzed his features with him being only a foot away from me as we were walking down the hall together. I was showing him around and explaining all that there was about the school. I heard the rude comments spreading from behind us, following us at every turn. I tried to shut them out as they took a rather sympathetic outlook on the boy from me, but he didn't seem bothered at all. That or he couldn't hear. He only spoke when I spoke to him and his usual words were either "I see" or "Huh" or "Hmmm" or the occasional "Wow, nice." He was pretty quiet other than that.

Jeff Sland, on the other hand was the complete opposite. He was extremely attractive, with an evenly toned body and tan. His hair was a soft shade of brown, and his eyes were an ocean blue. His smile was dazzling, almost blinding, with the way his eyes looked that they were gently about to close everytime he grinned. His face was nearly flawless. Almost everyone adored him; his personality though was horrid. His mockery of people was without a doubt cruel. He would endlessly pick on everyone just to trigger an outburst of emotions. Few have ever stood up to him. Most were afraid.

Today was no different, as it seemed. Jeff came up to Morgan as we were walking and called Morgan "a freak of nature sent here from hell to show us what we were in for." Morgan didn't seem to mind, though. Once Jeff left, I asked him why he didn't say anything.

"I don't have to. One day he'll look in the mirror, and realize he's the only example of hell," was his reply, and the longest answer I've gotten from him. I let it go after that, accepting his courage.

Every day after that, Jeff would call Morgan something different, but Morgan never said anything about it, even though I was tempted to. The comments, each day, were not as frequent as the day before, but always more harsh. Morgan still did not mention anything about it, nor did he seem to care. I never thought Jeff noticed this, but I was wrong.

Two or so weeks after this started, Jeff once again came up to Morgan, bumping into him voluntarily. "Oops," he sarcastically said, "Why don't you watch where you're going, you over-sized, lopsided oompa loompa." Morgan only walked onwards. This time, Jeff did not let him go as he grabbed Morgan by the shoulder.

"Wait. Tell me what it's like to be an ugly freak."

Morgan stopped in his tracks, and by the looks of his face, I thought Jeff was about to get it. Yet, Morgan only removed Jeff's hand and silently stared at him. Jeff chuckled and added, "What? You're a dumbass mute too?" Morgan shook his head and extended his hand out to Jeff.

"Look. Which of my fingers is the longest?" Jeff only laughed and smacked his hand away. "They all look like greasy sticks to me." Morgan lifted his hand up again.

"Which of my fingers is the longest?" he asked again. Jeff chuckled, this time actually looking down and responded, "Your middle one." Morgan nodded, asking, "And which one of yours is the longest?" With this, Jeff lifted up his middle finger and waved it in Morgan's face as if flipping him off, laughing hysterically. Morgan lifted up both of his hands. "How many hands do I have?"

Jeff scoffed, elbowing a buddy of his. "This guy IS a dumbass!" He glanced back at Morgan and replied with two in a baby's voice. "How many hands do you have?" Jeff lifted up both of his hands, one at a time, answering in mocking voice, "One... Two!" Morgan shook his head.

"Then what don't you understand?"

Jeff stopped laughing for a moment. Morgan went on.

"We both have two eyes, two ears, one mouth, one nose, two hands, two feet, one head, two arms, and a good back to support it all. Both of our middle fingers are the longest fingers on our hands. Both of our hands enable us to do things. Both of our feet take us places. Both of our minds will take us far. It's just they were arranged a little differently. We are not so different. Why, look. You even have some freckles on your face, just like me." Jeff looked at a friend near him.

Morgan continued, "If that is what makes me ugly, then you are just as ugly as me." Jeff wanted to say something, but his friends started hooting. Morgan turned around, not bothering to hear or see the commotion he caused. I caught up with him, grabbing his arm. "Morgan," I said, "That was amaing!"

"No," he said, "it's just the way it is, it's not amazing."

"Why not?" I asked, puzzled. He turned around to face me with a grim expression.

"Because it means, I'm just like him as well."

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