-Until Morning Calls-

You and I perfectly hand in hand,

Lying at the park in a box full of sand,

Underneath the twinkling stars,

Content with the calm and how we are.

My head on your shoulder, we're at peace,

Being with you makes me feel at ease.

Your arm wrapped around me tight,

I feel safe, you make everything alright.

Your fingers comb through my hair,

As we watch the leaves float in the air.

We talk about everything and nothing at all,

We can just lie in silence until morning calls.

You make me smile and I make you laugh,

Could it be that you're my other half?

In dark times I know we're gonna be okay,

And you know just the right things to say.

Then I shake my head and wake from my reverie,

I'm sittin' in class not thinking clearly.

And now it clicks, just like that,

All the memories come flooding back.

It was all just a dream, a mere fantasy,

In a split second it's crushed by cruel reality.

Just pathetic wishful thinking on my part,

There's no way I could ever win your heart...

Thanks for reading. This is one of many of my poems but the first one I've published here (obviously). Please R&R. Constructive criticism is appreciated. I might post some more on this website so please tell me what you think of this one.