A/N: Its been a while since I've written anything, so sorry if this is not very good. I was trying for freeverse train of thought writing, and I think it sort of ended up as a poem. A non rhyming, not very well versed poem. Let me know what you think???

I walk down the hallway, a faceless girl amongst movie stars and models.

My eyes down cast, feeble pin points of light no one dares meet.

I'm not wanted, needed, nor am I unseen.

I'm merely that uniformed chameleon. Your eyes slide right past me.

I am the nerd, the outcast, the sociopath, the emo.

I am the jock, the prom queen, the valedictorian, the drama geek.

I have two faces, two sides, neither really seen.

I'm that bipolar contradiction. No strings attached.

I carry a broken smile, a shattered gaze.

Faceless, ageless, weightless, I float amongst the river of peers.

They don't care. They'll never care.

I am me.

They don't see. They'll never see.

Absorbed, ignorant, unaware, they float right by me.

They carry the innocent age, the emotions run rampant.

They're what lie on the other side of that two sided glass. Seen but unseeing.

They are the girlfriends, the boyfriends, the frenemies, the backstabbers.

The blood brothers, the secret crushes, the acquaintances, the best friends for life.

They're the fuzzy white of a blank tv screen. Moving amongst one another in a perfectly chaotic unison.

They are not intentionally hurtful, ignoring, nor are they intentionally caring.

Their eyes fixed ahead, bright luminous points of feeling, of life.

They walk down the hallway, of movie stars, and models.

The girl standing still invisible to them all.