For several days we drifted aimlessly, my eyes locked on our radio's blinking red light, just waiting to intercept a signal. I can't recall how long I had been awake for, but my colleagues were clearly worried. There were only three of us on this..."mission", if you could even call it that. I was the pilot, but there's not much to pilot when your ship follows a designated course. The girl, Millie, was our navigator and the other guy, Francis, was the engineer. The mission itself was simple: float through space and report any signals we come upon. It was day four when it happened and I was still awake.

The radio began to chatter white noise and though Francis insisted it was a solar flare, I refused to listen. I'm not sure if I was delerious or just following my duties, but I reported it. The minute the transmission was sent, our ship began to shake violently and veer off course. I tried my best to regain control, but the majority of our controls were compromised somehow and that was it. We descended onto a nearby planet and crashed.

The moment we began gaining speed Millie smashed the emergancy drop switch, which caused the ship to fill with a foam that negatesthe velocity of the ship and prevents you from being harmed in a crash: as long as you are in the foam itself. We hit the planet and a few oxygenless moments later, the ship engulfed the foam and we were set free. Unfortunately...Francis was not so lucky, shoved up against the front window as the foam rapidly expanded and then crushed flat.

Millie was a tough girl, but she blamed herself entirely for Francis' death. She put on a tough front, but it was too much, extremely transparent.

Our ship was beyond damaged in the crash. We had a limited food supply, no knowledge of where we were or how we got there, and limited survival training. What were the chances the planet even had a breathable atmosphere? Not blood likely, that's for sure. Out the bloodstained window we could see nothing but darkness. With no better idea of how to spend the last moments of our life, we fucked; had sex, I mean. It was terrific.

That wasn't the end though, obviously.

The next day, if you want to call it that, whenever we woke up, we were inside a seemed like a hospital. It was a white, sterile room, and we were in beds. Nice ones too. It was a pretty large room and there were multiple windows, all letting a large amount of sunlight into the room. Millie was still asleep, so I did my best to stay quiet as I rose out of the bed and took a look out one of the windows.

A sprawling metropolis stretched out to the horizon, hundreds of vehicles shot across the roads below, hundreds of buildings and skyscrapers loomed overhead, and even more vehicles moved through the air. Did they really get so lucky to end up so close to, not just a civilization, but such an advanced one? And out in the middle of unexplored space? This was too good to be true...a dream, it had to be...

On the opposite side of the room, a door swung ajar, and a voice beckoned to me, "We've been waiting for you a long time Adam."

I turned around quickly, assuming I would be meeting and thanking a doctor, or at least a nurse, but no; no, I was met by an android. Sure, it looked like a human, but there were a few things missing, namely: clothes, skin, and any real definible features of a person. Just a sterile, white body in the shape of a man. I wasn't too shocked, of course, because we have androids; we invented them.

He, or it rather, approached me and told me how they found us, trapped in our ship in the middle of a park. He then told us of what they planned to do now, since we were, obviously powerless to stop them. They repaired our ships computer system and took every bit of data they could find from it, and with this data, they planned to travel back to our homeworld and, with disguises, assimilate into our society.

He told me they went so far as to manipulate ancient scripture about these people God had created called Adam and Eve, who were supposedly the first two humans, to make the android populace believe they would return once more to assist whatever existing sentient species in whatever way they could. You'd think that a robot would be able to detect such blatant logical fallacies but...maybe they had advanced more than I gave them credit for.

I think all they really wanted was to feel...alive.