Return of the Lost One

Faith in you was

Coming to a terminating

End as it had been 72 hand

Turns since that night.

Then I walked through the

Portal of hell. He stood tall

And proud. It was he who

Led me to you.

I knew then, I had no choice.

The barrier in between had

To be shattered to oblivion.

That was the way to save me.

Virtual words expressed

Over the little keys I rapidly

Press. Understand what my

Heart is being tugged through.

Me, I'm not a harsh being. Anger

Does not pour from my heart and

Soul. Of all humans, I thought you

Would understand.

I couldn't just speak the

Word that would have led

Me directly to you. That's not

The way my heart reacts.

"No". It was all I had to

Illiterate. I couldn't spill it

From my lips. They stayed

Sealed and out of sight.

Fate has a horrible way

Of making its way shown.

Plans are never to be made

Ahead of time.

And the hope of a world

Exempt for the heartache

And depression is not a world

Visualized anytime soon.