Hi again! It's me Rosalind. You learned about my previous quest. Now it's time to hear about another one. This is seriously more dangerous than than that bull-horned monster. Should I start now?

I became a year-round camper. It was okay with my dad I guess. I was just walking around camp with Gale until all demigods were called to meet at base for an emergency meeting.

At the base auditorium, we were surrounded by several other campers as Mrs. Fisher went up to the podium.

"Attention campers. I have an important announcement to make. The Olympians and Hades have offered us a quest." she said in a serious tone. The auditorium began echoing excited murmurs.

"Quiet please. This is a serious matter. They each want one demigod per parent. We will have random draw lots to choose who will be joining this activity. There will be thirteen of you. Any more questions?" Mrs. Fisher asked.

Sophia raised her hand and stated her question."Hera and Artemis don't have any demigod children. So that's 13-2=11. We'll only have 11 instead of 13. How's that?"Sophia was the smart one after all.

"Ah yes Ms. Johnson. Thank you for reminding me. I forgot to mention that instead of Hera and Artemis, it will be two other minor gods. That will also be decided by the luck of the draw. Any more questions before we start?"Mrs. Fisher clarified.

The children of the minor gods or 'minor demigods' as we call them began shouting out loud and cheering for their parent. I guess they never had a lot of attention before. Mrs. Fisher went to a table each labeled with words. She grabbed one that said Zeus and said.

"Let's start with Zeus. And the lucky winner is Chase Hill. Please come up on stage Chase."

Chase went up onstage and looked kind of embarrassed to be called first.

"Next up Logan Green for Poseidon."

Then Logan went onstage.

"For Hades, it's Gale Akinawa."

Gale kissed me before he went onstage.

"And for Demeter it's his girlfriend Rosalind Baker." said Mrs. Fisher with a sly smile looking at me.

Mrs. Fisher! I'm so gonna kill you for saying that in front of the whole camp. I blushed super red as I went onstage. Gale held my hand and gave me a comforting smile saying it would be okay.

"And it's the lovely Sakuya Kishimoto for Hephaestus."

And our other Japanese friend jumped onstage. Literally.

"Next is Raina Philipps for Aphrodite."

A brunette girl came up. She had chocolate brown eyes and had a slender shape. She wore a mix of black and fuschia-colored clothes.

"Next up it's Orland Brooks for Ares."

And my best friend comes up onstage.

"For Athena, I picked Sophia Johnson."

Sophia came up and held Orland's hand.

"For Apollo, it's none other than Erinn Collins."

And our friendly Hunter climbs onstage.

"Hermes goes to Brenda Anderson."

A goth girl came up on stage and gave scary ' I'll kill you' glares at the audience. She's one person you don't want to mess with.

"And for Dionysus, it's Erik Smith."

A boy with dark brown hair came up. He was eating some grapes and had a bored expression.

"And now to pick for the minor gods category. First god chosen is Hecate."

A group of magic-loving demigods began to cheer.

"And for Hecate, it's Aaron Ratcliffe."

A guy with shaggy blond hair and green eyes came up. He wore glasses and was lost reading a book. What a bookworm.

"And the second and last minor god is Iris."

A group of colorful people cheered while the rest of the minor demigods groaned.

"The last demigod to join is Cinnamon Gonzalez."

A girl with brown hair the shade of cinnamon (No wonder that's her name) came forward. Her hair was streaked with different colored highlights.

"Congratulations to all. You may leave now." Mrs. Fisher announced as the other demigods complained on their way out.

Mrs. Fisher faced us and said "Demigods these days. Sheesh. Anyway I'll explain everything tomorrow. Be here at 8 in the morning. Whatever happens, do NOT fail this one."she said as if someone actually did.

And she walked away.

I had something in my mind that kept on bothering me. It wasn't the pressure of failing this oh-so-called great quest. All I could think of was my new teammates and how we would cooperate. But that's if we cooperate. And that might not end up so well.