Amelia Morgan leaned against the car door as she drew the wide, bubbly eyes of her character. Her ebony hair trailed down and rested on her lap as she held her notepad by her knees. She started drawing her delicate lips as the car came to stop in front of her school. Her amber eyes blinked as she looked up at the towering building. Tucking the pencil behind her ear, she took her bag and stepped out of the car.

"Have a nice day," said her mother from the driver's seat.

Amelia nodded as she slung her bag over her shoulder.

"You too," she said.

Her mother smiled as she drove off out of the car park. Amelia turned and walked through the double doors. She headed straight for the library.

"Hey, Mandy," she greeted as she sat opposite her friend.

Mandy looked up from her book and smiled.

"Hey, Millie," she said placing her book down "How's your comic starting up?"

Amelia held up her sketch of the half finished face.

"I'm starting to draw Chelsea," she said as she placed her notepad in front of her and started to draw the outline of her face.

"Chelsea…" Mandy said as she placed a finger on her chin "Is she the weakest one?"

Amelia raised an eyebrow as she finished the chin of Chelsea.

"That's a very mean way to put it," she said.

"But is she like the one who represents copper?"

Amelia nodded as she resumed her sketch.

"Chelsea," she said as she started to draw the short straight hair "the Copper Combatant."

"You really like using alliteration, don't you?" said Mandy as she resumed reading.

Amelia hummed as she nodded. She focused on her drawing. A copper Roman helmet came on top of the head, concealing most of her hair. She then started to draw her neck, then her shoulder blades, down to her thin arms… She was broken out of her drawing trance as the bell rung above her. She tucked her pencil behind her ear again as she headed out of the library, to the second floor, to where her form room was. She sat down in the back corner and resumed her drawing. She waited five minutes before the rest of her classmates came and sat in their respective seats. She tucked her pencil behind her ear again as she waited for her name to be called out from the register. Three minutes later she was walking down the busy flight of stairs on her way to her next class, Citizenship.


Two hours later, Amelia sat outside continuing her sketch. She had just finished Chelsea's hips before a large shadow loomed over her. She looked up to see Lucas Rojas. He smirked as she held her notepad to her chest.

"What do you have there, Morgan?" he asked as he leaned over her.

Amelia quivered slightly as his strong built body towered over her petite form.

"I'll ask again shall I?" he asked "What do you have there?"

"It's none of your business is it?" asked Amelia avoiding eye contact.

Lucas snickered.

"Everything is my business," he replied "Now, what's on your notepad?"

"I don't want to show you," said Amelia.

Lucas snarled and was about to grab her notepad…

"Rojas," said a calm voice "Leave her alone."

Lucas stepped back and saw Hamlet Becker, standing, arms folded. Amelia sighed in relief as Lucas scowled.

"Yeah," he jeered as he walked off "Just go and save your girlfriend! I don't even care about her notepad anyway!"

And with that he ran off. Amelia let out her breath then smiled at Hamlet.

"Thanks," she smiled.

Hamlet just grunted and walked off.

"Whatever," he said walking off, hands in pockets.

Amelia's jaw dropped as a look of hurt flickered in her eyes. She shrugged. Hamlet was a quiet boy and he didn't really want to have anything to do with girls. She sat down again to continue her sketch. As she drew her thighs she was interrupted by another shadow over her notepad. She smiled. She knew this shadow.

"Hey, Lucy," she said as she looked up at her best friend.

"Hi, Amelia," said Lucy plonking herself down next to her "You've started then?"

Amelia nodded as she showed the half finished Chelsea.

"So this is Chelsea the Copper Combatant?"

Amelia smiled.

"However did you guess?" she asked.

"I guessed by the armour and the eyes. It's all about the eyes."

With that statement she narrowed her own eyes and pointed to them. Amelia chuckled.

"I guess it does reflect her character," she said as she took another look.

"You are going to give her rollerblades, right?" asked Lucy.

Amelia chuckled as she quickly sketched the rest of the legs. She raised it as Lucy looked over her shoulder. She had finished Chelsea the Copper Combatant.

Amelia made her hold her small sword up in her right hand with her petite shield on her left arm. As Lucy requested she had small ankle rollerblades and a copper coloured skirt with copper chain mail with a copper cuirass. Her arms were not protected but she had shoulder pads and a Roman-style helmet, covering most of her short copper hair. Her grin was wide and her eyes were round, life sparking in them. Amelia tilted it a bit and frowned. She lightly sketched Chelsea some bat wings that loomed over her, outstretched. Lucy frowned.

"Why the wings?" she asked.

"Their main mission is to get them back," replied Amelia as she looked at Lucy "A creature of darkness that threatened the galaxy came and sliced them off."

She dragged the rubber across the wings. It looked as if they were cut off.

"It was to stop them from following him into the space," she said.

"OK…" said Lucy tilting her head "How do they breath in space?"

"They're aliens," Amelia said dramatically as she stood up "They chased the creature here and crash landed with it. They fought it and its minions and had their wings chopped off. They need to grow their wings back before they lose track of the creature."

Lucy smiled.

"That imagination of yours will soon get you famous," she said as the bell rang.

Amelia smiled as she picked her bag up and rushed to ICT.


Amelia sighed as she flopped onto her bed after school. She looked at her notepad and smiled. She had finished another three characters.

Brenda the Bronze Battler was taller than Chelsea. Her bronze coloured hair trailed down to her waist as she held her bronze whip in her right hand. Her eyes were made narrow as a small smile graced her lips. She wore a tight bronze tank top with shorts covering her thighs. She had bronze boots that met her knees.

Selina the Silver Soldier was shorter than Brenda but still somewhat taller than Chelsea. Her silky silver hair reached her shoulders as her eyes were slightly wider than Brenda but narrower than Chelsea's. Her smile was closed as she held two daggers in a cross. She wore a long-sleeved soft silver shirt with matching leggings that reached her ankles. Silver plimsolls were snugly fitted on her petite feet.

Gardenia the Gold Guardian was taller than Selina but still didn't match Brenda's height. Her golden hair met the middle of her back. Her eyes were closed in concentration as a book hovered beside her and her arms were in a circular motion with golden aura surrounding her hands. Her mouth was drawn in a straight line due to the concentration. She wore a golden chakra in the middle of her forehead. She wore a sleeveless gold top with gold elbow length gloves. She wore a small gold mini-skirt that covered half her thighs. Her delicate feet had nothing to cover them

Amelia frowned as she placed the notepad on her bedside table. She was unsure on what the leader should look like. She racked her brains. Platinum was a good way to start. But what should it go with? Platinum Princess didn't work out that much… Platinum Pugilist? No, too vile. Platinum…Phantom? That sounded good but to make her look like a phantom…it would just be too dark…the Platinum Prince? No, this was supposed to be a girl…or maybe… Amelia looked up. She doesn't have to be a girl. She smiled as a picture formed in her head. The Platinum Prince. No name was needed. Another mystery to add to her comic. Who is the Platinum Prince? She reached for her notepad then hesitated. She then ran to her desk and pulled out a piece of A2 paper. She wanted to draw him in as much detail as possible. She brought out her pencil and sharpened it. She nodded as she placed it on the paper and started to draw.


Amelia shook her head in exhaustion half an hour later. She had been drawing a lot. The Prince's body was already sketched out. She smiled at her hard work. She ran a finger along the outline, making sure she made everything perfect. A good build in his torso muscles, strong platinum armour to protect him, a large sword made out of platinum in its platinum sheath. She turned her head as her grandmother called her for dinner. She left her pencil on her desk as she raced downstairs. As the pencil rolled over the image, a silvery white light glinted in the early starry sky.


Amelia breathed in her favourite meal. Roast pork with her mother's homemade gravy. She saw roast potatoes being laid on her plate with a big chunk of pork covered in gravy. Her mouth started to water. Her mother tittered as the three plates were set out in front of them.

"You may start," she said with that gentle smile.

Amelia wasted no time grabbing her cutlery and slicing the pork. Her grandmother chuckled.

"Now, now," she said "You eat it too quickly and it won't be as tasty!"

Amelia swallowed and nodded.

"Yes, Grandma," she said obediently.

She smiled and resumed eating in a slower pace.


Amelia plonked herself in front of the unfinished drawing of the Platinum Prince and switched on her desk lamp. She then started drawing his head. She drew fine, slender lips then went to a small accurate nose. An idea sparked in her head as she drew delicate pointed ears. She then started drawing his eyes. Strong, piercing blue eyes that bore into her own amber ones. She broke the stare by shaking her head and started to draw his hair. She let her pencil trail down to his knees and back up again. She then lifted her pencil to find a mass of hair trailing down to his knees. She tilted her head. He needed colour. She opened her draw full of coloured pencils. She picked out a light grey and started shading his armour. As soon as she was finished, she discarded it and made a grab for a light blue. She paused as she stopped in the middle of his hair. She blinked. She then finished off his hair and grabbed a lighter blue and shaded his skin in with it. Amelia then paused and dropped her pencil. She flexed her fingers and held her wrist. Her eyes took in his form. She smiled.

"Nearly perfect," she thought as she took a navy blue pencil.

She neatly shaded his eyes in and smiled.

"Now he's perfect…" she thought as her lips parted slightly.

His skin was shaded in a blue-grey colour as his hair was shaded in a dark teal. His sapphire eyes once again bore into her delicate amber orbs. She grinned at her hard work as her eyelids drooped. She yawned as she curled up on the desk, her hair trailing down her back in the same style as the Prince's. She smiled as she fell asleep.