Amelia flopped onto her bed exhausted. Her cousins had endless energy. Well, until Jade fell over and broke her nose before dinnertime so she was taken home to rest up with her brother. Amelia then picked herself up and plonked herself in front of her desk. She took out a piece of A4 paper and started sketching a London view like any superhero opening. Of course, most stories take place in the capital city where the enemy can strike most of the human race. She carefully drew a sunrise with the Platinum Prince on top of one of the buildings in London. His hair was billowing in the wind and he was holding his upper arm, as if he had badly injured that spot. He was leaning against his leg as he watched the sun rise. She was shaken up as she heard his voice say:

"You are a very talented drawer," said the platinum part of the star.

Amelia felt her heart skip a beat as she dropped her pencil in the midst of adding a few more buildings.

"Sorry," continued the platinum piece "I didn't mean to startle you."

"Oh, no," said Amelia shaking her head "It's fine, I can let my mind wander when drawing. I usually get frights when someone talks to me."

Inside the star, the Prince nodded as he sat by the round table in the huge space that the star provided him and the girls. It had five doors, each leading to the room in which they rested. Chelsea and Selina decided to talk in Selina's room, Brenda was snoozing in her room while Gardenia decided to use her time studying her unfinished book and meditating in her own room. He glanced up where a diamond shaped screen showed what the middle of the star could see. And that was Amelia's drawing of him in London.

"So…" said Amelia's voice, filling the room "Brenda said you guys were exploring the universe. What is it like?"

The Prince frowned as he tried to remember the memories he had for the past few years.

"I may have lost most of my memories of the universe after we collided with the Earth…" he confessed.

Amelia hummed as her hand came into the picture, picked up her pencil and continued with her drawing. The Prince sighed quietly and rested his elbows on the table.

"I do remember that we nearly went a black hole though," he recalled.

Amelia's delicate chuckle rung clearly in the room.

"I would defiantly not forget an experience such as that!" she said.

The Prince smiled as Amelia signed her name in the corner of the sheet and pushed it aside.

"So," she said as her chair rocked backwards with a creak "Your name really is a mystery then?"

"Yes," replied the Prince "Not even the girls know it."

"You haven't forgotten it have you?"

The Prince paused as he racked through his brains.

"I probably have…" he said.

He snapped his head up as a crash was heard and Amelia was rolling around the floor, as the screen showed her beige carpet, with tears falling out of her eyes by the sound of it too.

"Are you OK?" he asked.

Amelia gasped for air then started laughing out loud again.

"You don't even know your own name!" she cried as she rolled onto her back, the screen showing the white ceiling, "Oh my gosh, that's just too funny!"

The Prince sighed, shook his head and smiled.

"You didn't know what to call me when you were drawing me," he said folding his arms.

Amelia sat up and cupped the star in her hands.

"Gardenia said she was trying to make a spell to make the human race know about you five," she said "It only affected me and if it did affect the whole human race then I think they wouldn't know what your name was."

A sigh was heard.

"You have a point…" blinked the platinum section.

Amelia smiled victoriously. Her door creaked open and she quickly tucked the necklace under her shirt. Her mother frowned as she saw her on the floor and the fallen chair.

"I could hear you laughing and shouting from downstairs," she said "Is everything alright?"

Amelia nodded as she got to her feet and dusted herself down. Her mother rolled her eyes and shook her head.

"What were you going on about?" she asked "Someone forgetting their name?"

Amelia giggled and nodded.

"This Manga I was reading," she said pulling out a book from her shelf "I just remembered part of it and started laughing. It is a comedy you know."

Her mother sighed.

"You and your Japanese obsession," she sighed.

"Mum!" argued Amelia "I am not obsessed! I just like this because it makes me laugh."

"Yeah, yeah," her mother said half closing the door "I'll be washing the car if you need me."

The door closed and Amelia breathed a sigh of relief.

"I haven't heard that much laughing for a while," blinked the copper section.

Amelia took out the star again.

"Also…" said the bronze section "It seems that the Prince and the human have gotten to a very good start…"

"Oooh…" went the silver section "Jealous, much?"

"You wish," scoffed the bronze section.

Amelia rolled her eyes and grabbed another piece of paper to start drawing on.