I'm waiting on the dock

Trying to scope the mirage island

Amid the thickened fog.

But it just isn't there-

Not even the mossy rock she once sat on.

I think to myself, she doesn't love me…

But what about the magic we once held?

We were lovey-dovey, hand in fin,

so perfect, and cheery!

And now she's not coming back.

I remember the seashell clipped to her seaweed hair,

the way her scales glistened underneath the sun,

and the games we played.

We fished,

Partied beach volleyball,

And splashed each other like little kids.

Everything was perfect.

For years and years of my teenhood,

She drifted me away from loneliness.

But, times have changed

Years have come and gone.

And now I know

My love was nothing more than a myth.

As I sit on the dock, staring out at the ocean,

I know that the island will never again appear,

Leaving me lost in the bewilderment whence I came.

I can only sit back and dream of her jumping off the rock

And slapping her whale's tail as she dives into

the tears I now shed of her absence.